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    Is it possible for a baby to be allergic to its mothers milk?
    Can you be lactose intolerant of breast milk?


    thanks for your advice from last night ladies! i feel much better! i’m still nursing around the clock (even though he is 7 months old) he still wakes up 2x a night to feed (sometimes 3x)…i guess that’s how you end up with a 21 pound baby at 7 months of age! oh well, i’m not ready to be pregnant again but if it happens it happens!



    oh my god that just kills me to hear that story about the childcare worker abusing that poor baby!!:( makes me sick to my stomach and makes me want to beat the hell out of that lady. i hate people that abuse innocent children and animals- ughh sick sick sick



    Hey ladies! I need some advice. My dd has started pinching me when she’s nursing. She’s pinching hard enough to leave bruises, and it hurts! She looks like a cat kneading their claws. I’ve tried telling her no and moving her hand, but she doesn’t seem to get it! Advice please?



    phatbaby – Where is the Earthfare in Knoxville? I don’t know that I’ve ever seen it but would love to start Zoey out on organic foods



    I do not do well with 5:30 wake up calls! I’m so damn tired. So ready for the weekend.



    kyanaandmalachismom-is there any other room besides a bathroom at your work ie a manager’s office. I know either one of my managers would have given up their office for ten minutes while I pumped if I had asked. But they’re both good that way.


    Bri- I haven’t shopped without him but I need to. hes with me all the time but I really need to just go out and get this dress shopping done! I’m the most at the mall I have to go to all the stores see what they have compare prices then go try on n buy. I’ve been able with him to get 3 stores out the way now i need to try them on and buy! lol Plus I really miss shopping without a stroller. These department stores need to be more stroller friendly



    scarlet – Congrats on nursing and working for so long! Jazz will be 6 mos on Fri and I am still pumping and working. My goal was 3 mos, then 6 mos and now I have set a new goal for 9 mos. Its easier for me to take it in short intervals. To say a year or two is just too daunting for me. LOL. Ne way congrats working and pumping mom!


    Hate that there has to be an argument between ff and bf, think the argument will go on forever. I EBF and thats my choice.


    Jessica – I echo what benbubby said.. you are a beautiful woman. At the same time, I don’t think you’re necessarily ‘worried’ that you aren’t or that your husband thinks you’re not because I’m sure he does… but his blatant disregard for you or your feelings is what triggers these types of emotions – IMHO. It’s not always about being made to feel beautiful, but being made to feel valued. What he did was rude (it doesn’t matter that you’re beautiful) and it shouldn’t have happened.



    Fenugreek – No side effects to speak of, except some rare gastrointestinal problems in little ones (but usually mild). Dosage? Till you smell like maple syrup! LOL. 4 pills 4 times a day is what it takes me, but I’m on the heavier side. Not sure if that has anything to do with it. Good luck!



    I think when you are doing belly massage you have to clockwise, otherwise you will make him more constipated.. thought I would mention it as I saw someone said right to left… but I am sure it is clockwise..



    alma-i did it until isaac was about 12.5 months old. it can be done!


    I’m having such a rough day/morning with Alyssa today. Morning started out great. Then at about 9:45am when she normally goes down for her first nap she just wasn’t tired. By 10:30am I tried to put her back to sleep and she just wasn’t having it unless I cradled her but as soon as I laid her down she was back up trying to climb out of the crib. Then she fell in her crib and bonked her head. Finally at 10:40am I gave up and started feeding her at 11am which at that point she just zonked out of course but didn’t eat very well. I tried everything to wake her back up but she was just out. Now our whole routine is so off and I’m afraid we’ll have a terrible afternoon of no eating, no sleeping, crankiness and that’ll lead into the evening and night. Ugh! I hate being all alone here on Saturdays!

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