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    jacquemsu – Good for you!! I wish I could be that carefree about it. But I think I’m just not wearing the right clothes to make it comfortable. Maybe if I try a nursing tank too that would help. I’m just loving being able to wear whatever I want that I don’t want to wear one of those not so cute nursing tanks! lol I’m going out for coffee with one of my girlfriends tonight (hot chocolate for me!) and I’m going to try to relax and nurse. I hate using up my freezer supply especially since I’m going to need every drop when I go back to work in less than 2 weeks. With my first I had to start supplementing with formula at 3 months because I couldn’t pump enough. Wish me luck to night!! 🙂



    Hey ladies! We just had a baby Sept 09.. That’s right.. just 5 months ago. And because I’m nursing it’s been over a year now since I’ve had a period. My husband and I are not on bc because we want to be open to what God has planned for us. I’ve been super tired the last few days.. and not just new mommy tired. But it could be that I’m about to get my period. I guess if I don’t start next week I’ll take a test!


    i use the lansinoh disposable breastpads and johnson & johnson…i’m not crazy about the J&J because they aren’t overly absorbant and don’t have a stick back (which i prefer)…i really like the lansinoh…i also leak like crazy!!!!!!!!



    jessicalynn21 – Leaking happens and may continue until your supply adjusts and sometimes longer. Wearing breast pads is the best solution. Or you can have a towel handy and just cover it with a little pressure with the towel. It should help stop it or at least stop the mess. If you leak a lot then you can try and save the milk by attaching the pump or just have a bottle handy but that could be a lot of work. In the end, it’s not a big deal just to cover it with something so you aren’t smelling like spoiled milk.



    Please help 🙁 I have a baby boy who is 11 months old. He has been exclusively breastfed since birth. At present he still wakes up thro the night, most nights on more than one occasion, to feed. I have been discussing this with the health visitors for what seems like forever. They are telling me that my boy should be able to sleep thro the night by now, and that I’ve to stop feeding him. If only!! If I try not to feed him all he’ll breaks loose and he screams the place down, clawing at my chest etc. This can go on for over two hours on the worst nights. I have taken advice and tried controlled crying which improved things a wee bit, but he still never slept by 5am, he always woke up at this time. I began to think that that was as good as he was going to manage and started feeding him at 5am and unfortunately we have slipped back to more wakenings in the night. I do want to sort this but I feel very very sad and unhappy that I have to ‘fight’ with him every night to get him to go back to sleep without feeding him first. Is anyone else still feeding thro the night at this sort of age group? My husband and I are absolutely done in and I’ve had to return to work this week. Most nights I get around five hours sleep and I feel I’m beginning to slowly die…. Lol x Ps if I do bring him into our bed and feed him I feel like he then just feeds constantly for the rest of the night. This probably isn’t true but I can often have sore nips in the morning because he has been feeding a night. I’d appreciate as much advice as you can re this. Thanks very much xx



    on the topic of fermented oatmeal…i loved it haha, i hate regular oatmeal but i found letting it set all day gave it a different texture, i added a little brown sugar and some butter….unfortunately it did nothing for my milk supply, neither did fenugreek. i have a couple questions, how do i tell if you daughter is getting enough hindmilk? she nurses for 10-15 mins on one side until there is nothing left coming out and then i switch to the other side for 10-15 mins. also, has anyone experienced getting something like a callas on your nipple? for the last 2 weeks i have had one nipple that stays hard and it hurts a little, any idea what that could be?



    Hey ladies… Like the rest of you, I feel bad for lawson’smom… Unfortunately, in her state, as is mine, there are no laws requiring her employer to be accomodating to her nursing needs… They are actually doing more than they had to by providing her with the ‘supply room.’ Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that they are right in the actions they’ve taken, but unfortunately she has no legal rights in the workplace… Pathetic, huh?



    i talked to the pharmist about otc meds for allergies. she said both claritin and zyrtec were class b which are safe. she did say that if there was a decongestant added clartin d or zyrtec d that moved them into a class c which she wouldn’t recommend and i’d need to talk to my dr before taking. anytime i take zyrtec i just up my water intake b/c it makes me cotton mouth and i don’t want to chance my supply.



    Zoey is a side sleeper…but I think it’s from the cosleeping/night breastfeeding.

    And, whew to those early days. I’d blocked those memories like a bad nightmare. Things got better around week 4 or 5 for me…but I used to look at my boyfriend sitting across the room, watching tv, and just cry and be bitter about the freedom he had. Zoey still uses me as a pacifier to take a nap sometimes (she refuses actual pacifiers) but … I like naps too so it works! I’m sure I could break her of it but there’s no need to right now. She’s happy. I’m happy. Why mess a good thing up/?



    styx- are you giving baby anything for the trush?



    Talking about sun breaks! Ahhh! So so nice! Too bad Chris is still down for nap. Gotta get the boys outside when I can


    lauraoct – i am 6 weeks PP and other than the bleeding and very light spotting since after birth i have not had a period yet..i bled for about 3 weeks straight and have had very light spotting randomly since..nothing enough for protection tho..good luck!



    kinder- i never woke ella, just me, though.



    My 5 1/2 week old is ebf and I was wondering about his poop. He doesn’t have that ‘seedy’ look. It’s mostly liquid sometimes a little consistency. Is it ok not to have the ‘seedy’ look? Also, today he had one that looked like it had almost stringy (sort of hard to describe) consistency…



    That’s a tough one, but I probably would take her if that’s what I wanted to do. She may be some comfort for you during this difficult time. As fas getting her sick, I’d just make sure I washed mine and her hands as much as possible. That’s about all you can do anyways.

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