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    cheysim- Ella is 11 months old and has only bit me once or twice. I screamed (on accident) the first time it happened and it made her cry. But she did realize that it was something not to do. The next time she did it i (Bri’s advice, i think) told her no and put her down. They are not actively eating if they are biting, so i didn’t feel that bad. She understood that she couldn’t bite mommy.



    Lil: I would take her, but I also vaccinate, so that changes things a little. I would just say do whatever you feel most comfortable with.


    for those nursing laying down I have read that this is a good position if you have an over active let down cause the baby can let the milk flow out the side of her mouth so she won’t choke.


    so do you not wear a nursing bra for bed? Clever baby getting the other boob!



    Sunny side up = occiput posterior, or posterior for short. 🙂 Zach was posterior for most of his labor and finally turned when they broke my water. I was ready to deliver at that point, so he rode the wave out and flipped while doing so.



    So basically every book I have read says by 4 motnhs they should be sleeping through the night (8hrs). I guess every book means formula fed babies then.



    cephalexin is a class B drug and safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding according to the drug site I was just on. Several moms I just read have taken it for yeast infections and such.



    To the oatmeal, I add cinnamon, vanilla, flaxseed meal, wheat germ, walnuts, brown sugar and milk. Then on top I add either banana, strawberries, or blueberries. It’s really good and healthy.
    I’ve been doing the fermented oatmeal for almost a week now, but not sure I’m seeing an improvement. It’s really hard to tell since I’m not pumping, but my DD still nurses for over an hour in the evening, and I still don’t feel any ‘fuller’ in the evening. I’ll keep eating the oatmeal though, since I always eat oatmeal anyway. Fermenting it is easy enough, so I’ll keep trying.



    Jenniwren ~ my lo gained about 5.5 lb’s in her first 2 months. How’s your lo getting along?



    But don’t you think that when they make a place like that that they are trying to send you elsewhere and hide you? I think it’s better then telling people to leave but I for one need to be where I can see my other child. He’s not one to just wait for me to nurse while there is fun things to do.


    seuban just been checking james’s head was 40 cm at birth!



    petskies – My OB is on the board in Seattle and she said it was HEALTHY for me to continue to breastfeed when I was pregnant. Your mom has no idea what she’s talking about. Also, my milk went back to colostrom at birth. I was still producing a lot right before birth.



    Thanks babybellybliss!


    John will be 6 months in justa few days. I’m heart broken. Aunt flo has really made my supply dip this month more than I would like so I’m going to give the oats a try. I’m over takingp ills and I’ve been drinking mothers milk which worked the first night and since hasn’t done much.



    Thanks for the pumping help ladies, I will take your advice 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 3,076 through 3,090 (of 15,860 total)

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