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    vikingbabies: maybe its time to start solids? Have you talked to your doctor about that yet?



    incrediblelinda: Oh please be careful stopping fast. It is not recommended for the mother or baby. I went cold turkey a few weeks ago and i got VERY depressed as the hormones drop so fast. Also my little girl got very unsettled. It has taken me 2 weeks to get my supply back. I woulds recommend stopping over a few weeks and dropping one feed at a time so you dont get too down ( its the worst feeling ever) and your supply reduces naturally then stop over a few weeks. You could start now if you wanted to wean by 12 months. There is also tablets your Dr can prescribe but they can have nasty side effects. Good luck.



    Okay, some advice is needed!! I am the matron of honor in my sister’s wedding on May 2. I will still be nursing my daughter who will be 3 months old at the time. I’m wearing a strapless bridesmaid dress. Any suggestions on a strapless bra? I’m not sure I necessarily need a nursing bra or if they even make a strapless nursing bra.

    My other question is about what to wear under the dress to ‘suck in’ the extra baby weight I’m sure I’ll still have. Any suggestions? I’ve heard of Spanx but have never used it….



    karrieanne- Adkins is the only thing that works for me too! I dont eat red meat or pork at all so i am always limited to turkey & chicken which I know Trynity needs more than just that. So I guess I’ll just suck it up and stop worrying about being 140 pounds & 5’3 inches tall in a dang size 12 when i was in a size 6 pre preggo! I had to buy new clothes when i started back to work because nothing fit me. uggghhhh. I am so hungry all the time. At least baby is healthy. Antoher frustration. My miulk supply. I just pumped both side and got a whole 3.5 oz. Some days I get a ton other days not enough for one feeding. This is my third week back at work & so far i have been able to provide breastmilk everyday. I think tomorrow will be a different story & my baby will have to eat that horrible formula. Has anyone ever tried formula? NASTY



    when my son was that age he’d have about 3-4oz per feeding when i used expressed milk. when ever i send him to daycare i make sure to leave extra just in case. it’s actually a very good idea if you’re planning on introducing bottles to have someone else give it to him. my grandma fed my son an expressed bottle about 1-2 times a week when he was 3-4 weeks old and now he doesn’t care if he has bottle or nurses.



    Hey ladies! I wrote a blog called ‘Things I’ve learned about breastfeeding’. Any of you having supply issues might want to check it out. I tried to compile info that everyone has been suggesting. Your comments would be appreciated! You can check it out on my profile. Happy breastfeeding!



    Ok, ladies…I haven’t been here before, but I posted this in the 1 month page and decided here was probably a good place to post, too…Mommies that are breastfeeding…I need help/advice…Blake has been feeding fine, but last couple of days my left nipple is really sore…hurts when he latches on, tingles and gets hard a LOT (as opposed to the right breast/nipple) all throughout the day. It’s not completely unbearable, but is really uncomfortable and does hurt. I looked in the mirror and I don’t think my breasts look any different from each other (comparing it to the right one since it feels normal), if anything, the left actual end part of my nipple may be a tad red/swollen…it isn’t visably cracked or bleeding or anything like that (though I don’t know if little cracks could be there or not?) Are ANY of you experiencing/have experienced something similar?



    If you want to kill 2 birds with one stone you can try the carnation instant breakfast choco malt.



    Wow, lovebaby, that’s pretty impressive. My mum had me and my sister (twins) at 42; I thought that pretty amazing. My brother was only 13 months old when we were born, too.She breastfed all of us.



    Short of perscription drugs I have tried everything. No stressing over pumping, I was actually drinking so much water that my lactaction consultant told me to slow down that I was drinking to much. When I nurse my son he is happy with what he gets, when he gets a bottle of bm he is happy with 4 oz. He has 3-4 bottles at daycare, yet at work I can only pump 6.5-7.5 oz. So I can’t even provide him with 2 full bottles. A few months ago someone made a comment that some women are not good pumpers. I feel that I fall in that category. I am fine supplementing formula 4 days a week while I am at work. Then again my little guy is only 18#’s 4.8 oz at 10 months so maybe he isn’t getting enough at the breast but knows that is all he will get?? But the doctor is not concerned with his weight as he is hitting all the mildstones either before or right on target. I think that each case for each mother is different. I wish there was an easy answer for us that struggle, but I have come to terms with I can give him as much as I can and he is pretty healthy. Only had to go to the dr 2 times so far for anything other than shots.



    momtoallboys- I just did some research really quick and they do not advise you take alfalfa while pregnant as it can cause the uterus to contract and induce early labor. I did not have a problem with the fat content of my milk, so I never used the alfalfa. When I wrote my blogs, I tried to include any suggestions that women had made on the forum. That was one that someone had tried and recommended. Also, the fermented oats is just old fashioned oatmeal and water (equal amounts) soaked on the counter for at least 8 hours…then just pop it in the microwave for a couple minutes and voila. I had some MAJOR supply issues for a few months and the oatmeal and malt got me through it. Just ask if you have any other (?)…There are no stupid questions!!


    ennazus–You are right that nursing first followed by the bottle will help your supply. But, honestly, IFyou want to get rid of the formula, you need to do some marathon feeding. Set yourself up on the couch with pillows, snacks, lots of water, and the remote and nurse. Anytime your baby opens their eyes, put your boobie in their mouth and let them suck. Spend a couple of days doing this, and your supply will be back. I know it’s a lot–I had to do it a couple of times, but it works. My baby and I didn’t really get our nursing groove together until he was about 8 weeks. You can do it!



    When I started food at about 5.5 months I gave my son a sippy cup to play with at meal time. I did the same with my daughter. They get the hang of it eventually. I have never been a fan of anything besides milk in a bottle…unless they’re sick and dehyrated or something of course and need the fluids. Don’t rush it.



    MiamiMom2b – For the first 4 months my LO was a great sleeper! After 2 weeks when she was gaining weight steadily I didn’t wake her…but be prepared for a very hungry baby when he finally does wake up! But as long as your LO is gaining weight and having plenty of wet/poopy diapers then I would just wait for him to wake on his own.



    My son is ten months in a few days, and uses a sippy cup for most his milk (expressed) while I at work, and nurseswhenever I am home. He finally doesn’t want to nurse every hour, more like every three during the day, but is back to nursing in the middle of the night too ( I think its because he is teething like crazy). Sometimes on the weekends he doesn’t have much interest in nursing for four or more hours now, but my supply always seems to be fine when he wants it.
    I would just follow your LOs lead….your supply will adjust. Its an odd thing to say, after me being worried about my supply for months and months, but now, the stress is off. He is big, eating good, and nursing several times a day, and seems to be doing fine. I still pump at work, and get about 10-12 oz total now, but that is usually all he drinks. If he ever needs more, I use frozen.

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