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    shez — the same thing happened to me when my period returned 2 months ago – mine really dropped – I am only getting 2 or 3 oz. a day. As all of these wonderful ladies have reminded me – a little breastmilk is better than none, so I am keeping up the best I can and enjoying all of the moments that I have with my LO. I am not able to pump much at work anymore either, but I pump in the car on the way back and forth, and also twice after my LO goes to bed — I feed her 3 times – before work, after work, and before she goes to bed…


    Tried the bottle with my girl. What a mess! Breast milk everywhere it was a wide neck slow flow and she couldnt swallow fast enough. I need suggestions, I dont have enormous production so that 2 ounces took alot of work to get! Help! Im scared the mega flow from the bottle will turn her off of nursing.



    meganG22-My lo is 4 mths old and now I am pumping about 3-4 oz total each pump session. It used to be 4-6 oz each session. Even though pumped amounts have dipped a bit I don’t notice a difference when I am nursing my lo.



    Jerbear, That was what I wanted to do too.Wean her at 12 months old, and when I tried I learned very fast that she was not ready to be weaned..If you see my last post you will see that she is finaly not wanting it on her own.It started with night feedings she stoped waking up for it in the middle of the night about a week ago…Even kids that drink from a bottle dont get weaned from it till 1 year and a half…One thing that helped her go to sleep without it last night was being rocked to sleep by daddy..This did not work at 12 months when we tried it, but maybe it will help for you…..May I ask is there a mager reason that you want to wean the baby by 12 months?



    Mmmm, everyone nurses so different. You’d think after 12wks I’d be a ‘pro’ but I feel at times I still don’t know what the hell I’m doing. Yea, my boobs have always been huge, and I feel like I need to ‘lift them up’ sort or for him to nurse. Also I’m so nervous about him pulling away, and I feel like when I let go of my boob I feel pintching.



    Thanks ladies thats comforting to know its okay to nurse to sleep. I guess I had picked up advice somewhere saying not to so thats relieving. I do look forward to her learning to sleep on her own whenever that may be. Right now she just screams her head off if I put her down awake.



    the cut down on pregnant women eating peanuts has increased the amount of children with peanut allergies, it is now known that cutting peanuts out of your diet whilst pregnant can cause your child to have allergies later on in life, also moving your baby on to solids before 5/6 months can increase chance of baby having allergies,



    thank you bri im a SAHM too so I didn’t think I needed too but everyone keeps telling me I should always have atleast 150 to 200 oz in the freezer and some in the fridge I didn’t see a reason and thought it would just get wasted unless my husband wanted to give him a bottle then it wouldn’t ever get touched I really don’t have the room for it either………JESSICA mine do the same thing I over lactate and leak like crazy all the time and when he eats the other side will actually SPRAY milk everywhere about an ounce worth and then I will just drip like a faucet till he’s done feeding this is what works for me maybe it will help you too… at night before bed make sure he feeds on both sides and then if you feel like theres more in there pump it out so you feel ’empty’ ( I use a manual pump then I use my hand to express even more) also get a sleeping nursing bra and get the lansinoh breast pads that way only one boob at a time will be out and that brand nursing pad is the best for leaking in my opinion, otherwise you can take the palm of your hand and compress the nipple of the opposite breast that baby is feeding on ( or get lillypadz they do the same thing) and that will stop the leaking and keep the milk in but if your like me the moment you take them off or move your hand baby you and whatevers near you will get soaked I have got my husband in the face when he was sleeping a few times LOL but other than that there not much you can do besides pump in the middle of the night I do sometimes to prevent becoming engourged my sons 3 weeks and sleeps threw the night basiclly he wakes up 2 or 3 times to eat so Im not tired and have the energy to do it but if you want more details on what I do you can message me any time I have quite a few tricks that I do to prevent my over leakage I get at nighttime and some times durring the day hope that helps some


    didderty … my son was the same way, every time he was awake all he wanted to do was eat and if i didnt feed him he would rute around and cry. it dose get better i promise he still wants to eat like crazy every 2 hour and about 15-20 minutes on each side but he is also staying awake alot more with out needing to eat and jsut looking around. i think they are just going threw growth spells.



    babybellybliss, the oatmeal and fenugreek did nothing for me with my first baby. The fenugreek actually dried me up even more! I had the best luck with Mother’s Milk Tea. I had one cup of it before going to bed the first time I tried it, and I woke up engorged.



    I think it is down right awful/sinister not to alow/provide an area to nurse/pump FOOD for your child! I know all states are different. After giving birth to my son I got a brochure in the mail saying I have the right, in the state of CT, to nurse my child on my breaks. If nursing is not needed but pumping is then my employer HAS TO PROVIDE me with a designated/proper place to pump.. So sad that other states don’t follow suit. It is not asking much, I mean you’re giving up your lunch break to eat so your child can eat. It’s not like they are giving you exta time!



    thanks for the tip on the allergies. they are KILLING me!!! i hate hate hate taking anything so im gonna hold out a lil longer but i have a feeling at some pt ill needa take something. i spent most of today just on the couch or sleeping cause of whole head is hurting, eyes itchy, etc blah



    Is it safe to take all kinds of vitamins when you are breastfeeding? I know when you are pregnant you have to stick to pregnancy specific ones. I just wondered if it’s the same when feeding. Also, I am struggling with the feeding and the pain. I am sure my LO is ‘chomping’ when she shouldn’t and I find it hard to get her to open her mouth wide enough too. Any suggestions from experienced mums?



    styx – My son had the nystatin liquid and I was given a one time pill. It worked for me. But, I know it can be really hard to get rid of. Last time it was pretty similar but I had a compound ointment mixed for me too. Sterilize everything including clothes, toys, sheets, bottles, your pump. Anything and everything that may have come in contact with you and or your baby’s mouth. It can be a pain. Good Luck! I feel for you.



    ugh, i think we’ve hit a growth spurt! Braeden will be 4 months old tomorrow. Two days ago practically all he would do was sleep, and when I weighed him at my baby group he’d gained 12 oz in just one week… well apparently he’s not done yet, because today all he wants to do is nurse. He’s been on the boob basically since I woke up this morning, barely napped at all, and within 15 minutes of coming off he wants more! This is crazy! He didn’t nurse this much even when he was a newborn! I hope it doesn’t last too long, I think we’re in for a rough few days! At least he’s happy at the end of each nursing session. Once he’s decided he has enough, he smiles up at me around my nipple – he thinks he’s one funny baby! But I have no idea how I’m going to get dinner made tonight if he won’t go longer than 15 minutes off the boob. My husband is at school, so he can’t make dinner, and Braeden is far too big now for me to try to nurse him while I’m cooking. I might have attempted it when he was little, but he’s almost 17 lbs now! oh well, I’m enjoying the extra snuggles today 🙂

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