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    Hi ladies…my daughter just had her 4 month well baby visit. She is still SMALL (10 lbs 12 oz), but she is still growing between the 3rd & 5th percentile. The pediatrician said that I should start her on solids in about a month since she is so small, but will need the extra calories since she will be more active. Because she is small he said two great foods that would be good for her are avacado (either plain pureed or mixed in with rice cereal) and BUTTER! I’m all for the avacado, which is the first veggie I planned on giving her, but BUTTER?? Has anyone else heard of this? I’m all about fattening her up, but butter? Really?BTW, I’m still EBF…


    Beach~ My milk came in on day 3, and by day 6 I was feeling flat. However, Asher has still been having plenty of dirty and wet diapers and gained 14oz that week. So it turns out my milk supply just regulated really fast this time. Hope that is all you are going thru!



    2nd time,
    I’d take him off before he gets the opportunity to bite you. Even if he’s not 100% full, he’ll just eat a little earlier next time, sounds like he is playing! So I just heard my little satchels hr today, I’m 11 weeks and the hb was 179. Still nursing my little girl, we’re down to nights and early morning only. I don’t see her giving up the boob anytime soon. Should be interesting nursing two and trying to pump to build up my freezer supply for when I go back to work:)


    I decided not to take the baby. It will be the first time I’ll be away from her for more than a few hours 🙁 I really want to take her but I understand my husbands position. I just wish it was feasible for everyone to go . Its a 6 hour drive but only a 1 hour flight and flying everyone will be too much $. Clementine woke up this morning blowing raspberries, it’s so cute. She also is mastering her pincher grasp, unfortunately it’s on the back of my arm while nursing.


    ok ok so is anyone else practicing BLW? I’m going to do it with Clementine and wonder if anyone else in here is practicing it as well. I have been to plenty of websites but i would like to hear a few personal experiences on it



    I always miss chatter too. Anyhow the comment on the first weeks not getting out of pj’s. yeah well there were plenty of days I didn’t put on a shirt. We’ve all had our meltdowns and thoughts of not going to be able to do this and then the baby will give you just enough of break that you’ll feel sane again for about 5 minutes, but that’s enough to keep going and know it will be okay…one day. and that one day will hit a lot faster than you can believe right now while you’re struggling, but 6 weeks is nothing when you look back after a year.



    We like ‘Yardigins’ at our house, I like Sid the Science Kid too. Beyond that, we don’t watch tv, and if we do, its tv on DVD since we don’t get cable at all. 🙂 Ayden really likes his Wee Sing Videos and just got into Shirley Temple, so we have been watching some old Shirley Temple movies! 🙂



    Inlove- i agree with deeyore the poop sounds great kinda odd to say lol….
    Ben-a lot of books are aimed at formula fed babies bm is so good that they digest it better and more efficently the formula is nothing but fillers thats why they sleep longer…at 4 months my dd was still waking up 2-3 times a night and my ds will be 3 month next week and he wakes up i dunno about the same we co sleep so i am not really sure how many times he eats lately its a growth spurt so he wont sleep unless he is attached lol



    Do any of you feel the mothers milk tea is worth purchasing? I bought some fenugreek yesterday and they said a lot of mom’s also buy the tea but I wasn’t sure so I didn’t. Do you have to prepare it a certain way? How often do you drink it? If any of you think its worthwhile I may go back and buy some.



    Charmara, she b/f 3 or 4 times in the day and 3 or 4 at night… I have talked about trying to wean her and asked for advice on here befdore, but got a lot of comments on letting them self wean…I didn’t want to and still dont want to let her self wean, but I dont know how to wean her, and self wean seems to be the best thing for them as I hear…



    Lawsons- i’m sure you’ve tried it, (as you’ve tried everything) but Lawson won’t nuse even when she wakes in the middle of the night? =[ that is so sad.



    Bri, I don’t know. I don’t use places like that myself, but I think it’s nice for the girls who aren’t very comfortable NIP. Even if a place I’m at has a special room or whatever though, I don’t use it, and I’ve never been asked to move. I think they’re just trying to be accomodating.


    Think you have to be 14 to sit up front in the uk.



    Chris is my Angel Man. He changed my life. Alex is many things….Super Chunk, Linebacker and more recently Mogli. Super Chunk for the obvious reason…he’s HUGE! Linebacker cause he is just strong and thick. Yes he has rolls but he has muscles too. Mogli came about cause when learning to crawl he walks hands and feet like in the Jungle Book. HAHA!



    Thanks babybellybliss!

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