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    Hi Ladies—-I just found this on some blog & thought i’d share:

    If a woman breastfeeds with her whole breast out of the shirt, there’s someone in the room wishing she would pull the shirt down a little more.

    If she pulls her shirt down a little more, there’s someone in the room wishing she would put a blanket over her side boob, or cleavage.

    If she blankets her boob, there’s someone wishing she would put the blanket over the baby’s head.

    If she blankets her baby, there’s someone wishing she was in the corner.

    If she moves to the corner, there’s someone wishing she would face the wall.

    If she faces the wall, there’s someone wishing she would leave the room.

    Can’t please ‘em all, so do what feels right to YOU, I say. But regardless of how you do it, keep nursing, ladies



    I’m glad to hear I am not the only one that has been barged in on lately – I have a big note on the supply closet door saying ‘in use, do not enter’… but of course twice in the past week people have tried to come in. Luckily, I sit with my chair right up against the door and yelled. The one guy stood outside for about 10 minutes, and then I felt obligated to tell him what I was doing in the room, and he hasn’t been able to look me in the eye sense… too funny. Now, I started putting up my sign, and putting a post-it note over the lock to slow people down!



    Brandon had his 2 month check up yesterday and his shots. He weighs 13 pds 6 oz 22 1/2 inches long!!! He is so cute and chunky. I am so excited. I have been EBF him since birth and I know that he is only 2 months old but I never even thought that we could go this long without any formula. I pray that we can keep this up, with our older son and daughter I ended up supplementing with formula mainly because I was uneducated about bf’ing. This time I did alot of research and I am hoping to continue at least till he is 12 months. Anyway, he slept for 10 1/2 hrs last night and I was able to get some much needed rest.



    my lil man has always pooped 3-4 times a day and since i started giving him cereal/oatmeal he has been extremely constipated and after a few days has a huge blow out. im wondering if his digestive tract is not ready just yet. he is 5 months 3 weeks. somtimes he really likes to eat and other times he is not interested at all. so im going to cut out the cereal/oatmeal and just give him fruits/veggies, he really likes sweet potatoes



    1byfaith- is this after you have breastfed then pump?


    babyblue1 – could you be pregnant? lol 🙂 Has your period come back yet? I know with my first I didn’t get mine back for months and when it did I was an emotional wreck! Other than that, I’m not too sure.


    Expecting: Yeah, he’s WAY too heavy! There’s no way I could walk around with him or not support my arm. I’ve tried laying down, but it just doesn’t work for us. I think because my boobs are soooo big it’s just impossible. I have to support my breast with my free hand or his nose is commpletely covered. Soon he’ll be able to manipulate the breast himself with his hands, but I have to wait until he realizes he has hands. 🙂 It’s the couch arm until then!



    Okay you all, questions–I had twins last time and mostly pumped to make it work and they were in the NICU for 3 weeks, so I am wondering if that made it so they were okay with me putting them in a glider or the bouncy. This baby, now five weeks old, will not let me put her any place and wants ONLY me. Is this because I nurse exclusively? her personality? because most babies are like this but my experience was different because the twin scenario and them being weeks early? Also, it seems like she wants to eat EVERY time she wants to nap, which is like every hour. People around me are making comments about how they never get to hold her but I already know if I pass her and she is not in a ‘wakeful’ mood, she will instantly wake up, cry, and want to be back on my breast again to eat herself to sleep. Is this normal? I am allowing it. Last question. Pacifiers. I am SO NOT against using them, but it seems like this one does not want one. with my twins, they had to have one to learn how to suck (if I wanted them home sooner), so I am not really sure how to ‘tell’ if she wants or needs one. She seems to ‘pacify’ herself on my breast–is this normal? How many of you are using pacifiers with breastfed babies and how do I tell if she needs more sucking? I read that one should always offer the food before a pacifier, so that means she is always asleep and doesn’t need one since she falls asleep eating. I know I have lots of questions, but I would truly appreciate anything any answers/advice/comments.


    my doctor suggested putting samuel on cereal at4 months…but i’ve been reading articles that introducing foods prior to 6 months can cause obesity and allergies…is anyone waiting until 6 months to do cereal???? i can’t decide!



    Yeah, some people think you need milk just in case. But honestly unless it’s a life or death situation I’ll be nursing him. I suppose if I was diagnosed with something awful and couldn’t feed then I would need it but for the random nights out it’s not a problem for me. We just don’t go anywhere that our boys can’t go. I know I’m lame. No partying for me. HAHA!



    thank you so much!! i just needed to hear that it will get better!! 🙂



    Fermented oatmeal is the worst texture ever, lol. But I’m willing to do anything, including smell like maple syrup and gag a little at every spoon of oatmeal. I would recommend something plain, as far as the ice cream goes. I think I’d like it better if the ice cream to oatmeal ratio were like 4:1 but I can’t bring myself to eat a ton of ice cream. I’m thinking about eating 1/3 cup 3 times a day instead of 1/2 twice. I’m okay until those last 10 bites or so….so maybe I would do better with more often but smaller portions. We’ll see! I’m going to give it a couple days to get used to before I go changing up anything.



    DJ had his 6mon doc visit today. The pedi actually told me to put juice in a sippy cup and let him ‘have at it’!!! Wha tdo you ladies think? I NEVER thought juice till, I don’t know toddler! Not my 6mon old! If I were to give a sippy cup it would not be filled with juice, but with breastmilk… am I right or no??? When do babies start to drink juice??? I’m going back to work on Monday, part-time. My Mom is going to watch him while at work. She was with me today at the appointment and I want things to be set and straight. Advice ladies????



    what does it mean about ur breastmilk if its very very white?



    pinkish, breast feeding doesn’t = chubby OR skinny baby. Baby’s genetics make up chubby or skinny baby. It is all dependent on the individual baby. Not to say that over fed formula babies don’t get chubby, but there are really skinny and really chubby babies with both feeding methods. My MIL desperately wanted a chubby baby when our first was born. Kept riding me to ‘feed that baby!’ and told us to give formula. At one point, I was wondering if she was giving him formula! Now that he is older she is realizing that that is his body make up. He is 27mo and has held steady at the 22/23lb mark for the past 15mo. Our 9mo old on the other hand is our chubby baby! He has the rolls down his legs and my MIL is in heaven! She also now knows the bennies of breast feeding and is as against formula for my babies as I am!

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