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    Thanks I am gotta do the binks I think thats about the only thing I havent done. i am going to call the dr tomorrow just to make sure there is nothing else I can do its not fun lol


    Hi everyone, I am new to this site and am not sure what to do here. I am 34 years old and am about 4 weeks pregnant with baby no. 6 and still breastfeeding my son who just turned one on the first. It is so great to see so many nrsing mommies!! oh, yeah, the U button on my computer doesn’t always work thank to that one year old. lol



    styx and bri: my LO is 5 weeks 4 days. she was 6.1 lbs at birth. she had jaundice and when we left the hospital she was down to 5.8 lbs. last week my husband got a weighing scale for babies because we are concerned about her gaining weight so we can monitor her weight also. we weigh her and she’s 7.10 lbs. the strike was all new and the fussiness as well. she gets mad when nursing i guess too lazy to suck the hind milk. and i havent called a consultant yet. on a good note she was better today than yesterday.



    I use bm for baby acne too never thought of a diaper rash but will now 🙂 we are amazing creatures to be able to produce amazing stuff 🙂 and I say go for it too


    From what I heard formula companies get the info from the hospital if you say your going to ff they only send coupons but if you say bf they actually send you the samples. Its funny cause emfamil sends me a lot of coupons and each time they are more $ off per can at first 5$ then 7.50 And the next 10… it keeps going up because I’m not actually using the coupons to buy their formula. I’m 100% positive that If I was the coupons would be doing down instead of up



    My 10 week old seems not to be feeding very much at the moment – should I be concerned? She’ll feed around every 3-4 hours during the day and as we’re in the middle of a heatwave she’s been sleeping lots too. I kind of thought it was to do with her shots, which she had on Tuesday but it’s been 3 days. When she eats she will feed for literally a few minutes and then pull off and be fussy – so I’ll offer her the second breast – same thing! As it’s so so hot this afternoon I’ve offered her more feeds like every 2 hours because I’m frightened she will get dehydrated. As for wet nappies – there are plenty but she’s only done 1 bm in the past 3 days. I’m a bit worried.



    tiffado – My lo went thru the same thing at exactly 8 wks. Its just their system working itself out. It gets better around 12 wks. Try to be patient and if you get tired try warm water with a lil bit of karo syrup. It works. If it doesn’t as a last case scenario try the glycerin suppositories. Watch out because it will come out immediately! LOL



    also i like this blog for co-sleeping instructions



    Does anyone have any experience with the new Infantino Baby Carrier – Ecosash its abolut 1/2 the price of the ergo and beco and d gets too hot in the sleepywrap and too wiggly so its time to upgrade



    What does it mean if you get your period while EBF? I’m only 6 weeks PP and thought I wouldt start for a while.



    By the way…I am not really pumping right now so I have no output to measure but I believe the fermented oatmeal is working for me. About a week ago Derek seemed really restless at the breast after feeding for awhile…like he wasn’t getting enough. I have been eating the oatmeal this week and he hasn’t done that once, he pulls off when HE seems ready rather than seeming frustrated that there isn’t enough milk. So, I have no scientific, measurable proof (yet) but judging by his behavior I think it may be working…THANK YOU!



    so I’m having issues…. with letting go! LOL Braeden will be 6 months on August 10th, and has been showing interest in food for a while now, but I just don’t feel ready to start him on solids yet. I know he’s ready, and I’ve given him a few tastes of things (so far he appears to LOVE blueberries and corn) But I’ve never given him more than about 1/8 of a teaspoon, so it’s really just tastes so far. I was planning starting him on solids on his half birthday, but I’m not ready! For one thing it’s just easier to EBF. I don’t have to worry about taking any food with me when I go out, if he gets hungry I just whip out a boob. Also, I don’t really know where to start. It’s been 9 years since I had a little one, and I don’t remember much about starting food. I know Damion started way too early (my mom convinced me to start cereal with him at 2.5 months, ugh!) I don’t know if I even want to do cereal this time at all, I figure with the right veggies he should get enough iron anyway. I wouldn’t eat rice cereal, why would I feed it to my baby? I think the main reason I’m not ready though, is that I’m not ready for my little man to be so big. I always wanted 4 kids, DH and I both do, but my marriage is in dire straits right now, and I’m afraid that if things don’t work out, I will never get more kids. I already have 2 by 2 different dads, and won’t consider having a third by another dad. So this could well be my last kid, and I don’t want him to grow up!!! Am I crazy? Did anyone else have issues with putting their baby on solids?



    What is this EASY routine I keep hearing about???



    I guess they probably have the best intentions but sometimes there are things behind those intentions as well. Kind of like the nice old lady that offers a mom a blanket. HAHA!



    In MI it is 20lb AND a year. My boys are never 20lb at a year and our seats aren’t licensed to be forward facing until the child is 30in and 22lb. Our seats when installed correctly give plenty of room for the legs. When installed with the base on the seat of the car, there is no room, but if you look for the ‘make level to ground’ line, and install it on an angle like it is supposed to be it opens up at least 6in more. We use a rolled up towel to fill the gap between the seat and car seat to keep it secure in that position. Ayden at 36in can still rear-face comfortably. When their legs get too long, they just criss-cross them.

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