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    ok so earlier my baby woke up with gargling noises and wheezing…we used the syringe and got some stuff out. She seems to drool a lot and there are always little bubbles around her mouth. Just a few minutes ago we noticed that she spit up a brown color! I really don’t know what that means…if anyone has ANY ideas please let me know! I fed her and she is sleeping now. We don’t go to the doctor until the morning :/



    mrsofficer i had the same thought but it feels completly different at first it feels almost like pinching or stinging but after a week or two that will go away and now for me anyways if my husband even trys to tounch my boobs i cant stand it the feeling of arousle from that is completly gone for me. that and right after i gave birth i was pretty sore down there and that was the last thing on my mind …..its just a much different feeling but its awesome looking down at your lilttle one as they feed ahh its just a great experience


    I eat nuts all the time and there’s been no ill effect on my baby.



    Just wanted to say my LO is six months old today, and we are still going strong! He has never had formula. Not that there is anything wrong with supplementing if you need to/wish to, but I am still pround of my accomplishment, escpecially since I’ve worked full time since he was six weeks old.
    I can’t believe I originally thought I would wean at six months…I can’t imagine stopping now!


    im so glad to c the post by aidensmommy. my little girl does this too and i couldnt work out what it was…i think it is also when she needs to do a big poo!



    hi ladies,im bf my 7 month old and am 6 weeks pregnant. my son is allergic to milk,(but is going to ped next week to see what he is excatly allergic to) so my doc told me to bf until he is one. im suffering from morning sickness(all day) at the mo and cant get the right foods (fruit & veg) down. so i told my doc that il have to find a formula for Nathan bc my milk supply is goin to suffer. he told me all you have to do is drink plenty of liquids,….. is that right?
    he also said stay bf, i really dont want to bf towards the end of preg and def not feed 2 babies……. is it so bad to feel that way?



    lilliesmom, any kind of body shaper under your dress would probably work fine. i dont know about strapless nursing bras but im sure for one day youd be okay with a regular bra.



    ilandra- yes you can take fenugreek while nursing. i have issues with my supply and my ob told me to take the fenugreek. blessed thistle is also good for increasing milk supply. i take both these & reglan (a Rx) to keep my supply up.



    I’m still breastfeeding while at home and pumping at work. My baby never seems satisfied after feeding. I’m giving her 4oz per feeding during the day while I’m at work and then of course feeding her by breast when at home. She continues to put her hands in her mouth and suck. How can I increase my milk supply OR is it okay to put a little rice cereal in her bottles during the day? Please help! Oh and my baby is now 2 months old…I know that will make a difference in any advice you may be able to give me.



    Thanks Bri. I have a belly full of breastfeeding tea, malted milk, motilium and have traditional oats soaking on the bench….. ALl my instincts said i should be feeding her so im listening to them. Ill give it a day or two of pumping and giving her the milk before i try and put her on as if there is not enough milk she will refuse to go on…. Hope it works…. And suddenly i have a spring in my step again….



    sherB-your LO could still be getting the same amount but might be more of a veteran at breastfeeding now. my son went from 20 min nursing session to 10min or less….on both sides! i was the same way you were concerned he wasn’t getting enough but after talking with other mom’s who are nursing some of them said the same thing as me. my son still nurses for maybe 5-7 min and is done. the only session that’s longer is when he wakes up in the morning.



    Bri and secondstar – my little (or not so little) Savannah was around the same at 2 months too – 16 lbs 5 oz! At 3 and a half months she was 20 lbs 5 oz, at 6 months she was 24 lbs 7 oz and now at just about 9 months, she is 29 lbs and is over 31 inches! We don’t know where she is getting this size as I am only 5’4 and 112 lbs and her dad is 6 feet, 210 lbs – we’re not exactly giants, lol! I swear I have hundreds of dollars worth of clothes that she never even wore – skipped right over them! I am now buying 3T for her at 9 months! And this is a baby that will BARELY eat any solids yet, I can just get her to eat a couple of bites of pureed pees or sweet potatoes… She loves her breastmilk! I do wonder if she will begin to thin out as she is now crawling fast and standing and will probably be walking very soon…



    oh lol ok thanks (like i said new at this!)



    kebler-As long as dr isn’t concerned, and bub is acting satisfied, I wouldn’t be worried. You are doing awesome providing as much bm as you can.
    kym- yay 9 oz! I’m sure the beer last night helped and not being sick anymore, and not stressing about it. I have a beer or two every evening just to be on the safe side (and I love me a beer :P)
    Dulciana- my son sucks on his hands all the time, and he ain’t hungry! He’s a little chunker =) I used a pacifier for the first month but he didn’t like it…he’d only use it if he really really wanted to suck. As soon as he could keep his hand in his mouth he refused the passie.



    well my son is almost 9 months and we’re still exclusively breast feeding! everytime i try to go to bottle only with expressed milk i can’t do it. i think we’re still doing well and we go in for another weight check on thursday. i’m hoping he’s gained enough weight so that the dr will drop the whole weight issue. hoping that i won’t be disappointed!

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