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    HannahKay – It can have a range from white to clear to even blue. Usually I’ve noticed that the whiter it is the thicker it is so it contains more hindmilk but that’s probably not always the case. It could just be how your milk is suppose to be.



    pinkish- as the other ladies said, weight doesn’t really go by formula or breastfeeding, but just letting you know that i had one rolly polly baby. she is now 10 months and she still has roll after roll. She’s our little michelin man. And she’s been like this since she started putting weight on. All breastmilk, baby! haha so don’t let her tell you to do formula because of that.



    styx, we have been fighting thrush since Braeden was 2 weeks old. He’s almost 4 months now, and he still has it. I know some strains can be resistant to nystatin (the liquid) and I suspect Braeden’s is, but the doctor just keeps giving him the same thing. I’m about at the end of my rope! After we finish the current round of nystatin (I think we’ll run out tonight) I’m going to give him gentian violet, and hope that makes it go away! We’ve done the GV before, but not right after the nystatin, so hopefully that makes the difference. His thrush is definitely less now than when we started this round, but it’s still pretty thick on his tongue, so I know if I don’t give him the GV within a week it will be all over his lips and cheeks again :/


    I also took Fengreek for my milk supply, but cannot anymore. I thought it worked wonderful, bt tasted awful!!



    styx: she hates the pacifier, we tried giving her different kinds. as well as bottles.



    kinder-i remember the nurses at the hospital putting SO much pressure on me to feed caroline every 2-3 hours 20 minutes on each breast at each feeding. by the time i left the hospital i was so stressed that first night because she had went like 4 hours without eating and i just knew she was starving. now i realize the reason they were telling me that was so that my milk supply would increase. it makes total sense now….i wish i hadn’t stressed so much about it. ends up i didn’t really have to worry about it because the first 4-6 weeks she ate like every 30 minutes.

    ok so i have a question……when i breastfed caroline last night she was fine. ate good and everything. when it was my husband’s turn to get up with her (she normally wakes 2 times at night) he tried giving her a bottle and she screamed and cried…..she only ate 1 oz and starting screaming again. she was acting really finicky yesterday when eating. i know it wasn’t a stomach ache. not the right cry. she has been sick with a cold this weekend. the doctor also said her bottom gums were swollen. how do i tell whether she is having an ear ache or teething? she is only three months old (my mom said i got my first tooth when i was 3 months). i know not bf related but just wondering?!? thanks!

    oh yeah………also the daycare worker just went on and on on friday about how caroline eats every two hours and the other day she screamed when the bottle was empty. i told her that i had talked to her doctor about her needing to eat so close together and he said it was due to her acid reflux and that we are trying different meds to fix it. the other girl said i’m not trying to butt in but i didn’t listen to my son’s dr….i just gave him more. caroline is currently getting 4 oz of breastmilk in a bottle…she goes anywhere between 2-3 hours in between feedings. if she is spitting up SOOOO much it doesn’t make sense to me to feed her more. apparently her belly can’t handle the 4 oz she is getting. i know i have read here that bf babies need 1-1.5 oz / hr…….but caroline will literally scream until the windows in the house break if she doesn’t get her bottle every two hours. if the meds don’t kick in by wednesday my dr said to call again and he will try her on some nexium. she has been spitting up so much this weekend. i hate it for her! she is gaining weight though so that is good. she just isn’t a super chubby baby……..the girl at the daycare also pointed at the other chubby baby there and said i mean look at her………..(what was that supposed to mean?!?) just because my baby isn’t chubby doesn’t mean she isn’t being fed enough. she actually eats too much! i don’t know why but i took offense. oh well 🙂



    Doublemama- Thank you so much for the reply:) I am so relieved to find information on it, it was such a strange feeling and very hard to explain. I looked it up on the net and it seems a lot more studies are needed to understand it better.



    please give your advice!!! Justin is 15 weeks old. I breastfeed him with the odd bottle of expressed milk or formula (once a week maybe that). He weighs 19 lbs. He is still waking up every 2 hrs at night to feed. I tried giving him a pacifier to see if he just needs to be soothed back to sleep but he FREAKS OUT if he doesn’t get the boobie. I am soo freakin tired. i am not sure if it is normal for babies to still be doing this. He will not go to sleep in his crib or pack n play unless he is already asleep from me nursing him. I have tried leaving him in there and going back in when he cries to rub his tummy etc, but it escalates to absolute terror. I have tried swaddling him and all the ideas from the happiest baby on the block and NOTHING works. i am NOT willing to let him cry it out at this point. If I continue to let him nurse every 2 hrs at night do you think that he will do this forever? Right now i put him in his swing at night so he falls asleep and then i switch him over to the pack n play after his 2 nd feeding during the night. I do not want him to develop sleep issues if he already hasn’t. Also, he wakes up about 4 am with terrible gas pains almost every morning. i am getting so frustrated. Should I start giving him some rice cereal in the day or should I start giving him formula at night? Expressed milk in a bottle does not make him sleep longer either. All my friends who have formula fed babies seem so much happier and sleep longer, I am tempted to give up. i also have oversupply issues, and have tried block feeding but he still ends up with the occasional green poop. My mil thinks he is just hungry and others think I am over feeding him. Please help me!!!
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    noah colts mommy ~ My 4 week old baby girl is doing the same thing. I found a lactation consultant (free!) that has group meetings every Wednesday. I went because I was really worried about it and they have a baby scale. She was weighed before I bf her and after. In 5 minutes she sucked 1.8oz. Maybe you can find a place that has a baby scale or rent one…



    and lastly i read the anti-bfing article before. she’s a moron.



    I haven’t a clue. I have my Ergo but I am tempted to get a Mama’s milk wrap because they have ones that you can wear in the water!! That would be nice. Then I can take the boys to the pool by myself. Of course I don’t go under cause the pool is only a few feet but they I can have my hands free while playing with Chris in the water.


    How many naps does your lo’s take? It’s 4:30pm and John is on his 3rd nap. He’ll probably take 2 more before bed.



    I am trying to flavor my fermented oatmeal to taste like the oatmeal chocolate no bake cookies, so far I don’t have it quite right, but it doesn’t taste too terrible. I haven’t seen an increase in my supply, but I don’t want it to decrease either. Right now I am drinking fresh herb mother’s milk tea, and eating the oatmeal twice a day. Has anyone heard of Shatavari? I read about it on, I ordered it and can’t wait to try it. I really hope it helps.



    illy- She is 5.5 weeks =]



    EASY stands for Eat, Activity, Sleep, Your time. Basically, if I understand correctly what my FIL told me, every time baby wakes up you feed him/her. In this way, they don’t become dependent on nursing/bottle to fall asleep, and many babies do really well on this routine. I can’t bring myself to do it though, because Braeden doesn’t usually go more than 3 hours between feeds, and I know if he ate 2.5 hours ago, and is tired now, if he doesn’t eat again before he sleeps, he won’t sleep for long. So I tend to feed him before he goes to sleep instead. I tell myself that since he doesn’t actually nurse to sleep, it’s not a problem…. of course, my baby isn’t a good sleeper either though!

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