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    I have a little problem. Everyone is telling me not to breastfeed because it’s very painfull and also that the baby won’t bond with my BF.
    I don’t know what to do. I really wanna breastfeed but I want my BF to be able to feed him/her as well.



    thanks malachismom!!! great info!



    anne14marie – I know your pain! I am finally getting my wish and next week is my last week working…ever! YAY! But, my son will be 16months when I quit. Oh well. For your question, supply typically is highest in the morning because you aren’t feeding all night and your body has a chance to rest and produce but if your baby isn’t a big morning feeder then your body won’t make as much in the morning. Your body gets used to your baby’s wants and needs which is nice that once babies start sleeping through the night we don’t have to worry about supply going down all the way around the board. I hated pumping and only have a few more days of it. Thank God! Pumping is the biggest stress when breastfeeding. Once you get the hang of breastfeeding then you don’t have to worry about supply or how things work but if you go back to work then you need to pump X amount every day. It’s stressful and I hated every minute. But, it can be done. I went back to work when Kekoa was 3months old so I’ve been pumping over a year and working full time. It can be done!



    Hi ladies! I have two questions! My LO is 10 weeks & is EBF. He has slept through the night since he was 2 weeks old!!! He is in the 90th percentile for weight so I know he is healthy & happy. My question is about green poop! He has lots of green poops (like 3 a day) and the consistency of all his poops is VERY watery…i would say the consistency of melted jello. He is not gassy or fussy. He also has yellow poops but they are generally watery too. I know BF babies have loose stools but this seems excessivly loose. Another question is if I eat something that upsets my stomach & makes me gassy do you all think that BF at that time produces milk that will also give the baby the same symptoms? Just curious.



    babydoll76- i am afraid that may happen to me too. i know if she does it hard enough i’ll jump and scream which will scare her. if that happens i may just end up pumping and not nursing for both of our safety!



    My son has gone 8pm to 5:30am with a dry diaper once or twice. But the 7:00am diaper was loaded! He was perfectly fine, not sick or anything so it happens.



    katiebickell: Congrats on having your body back already… I just spent the morning at teh gym doing a boxing class.. I havent found my pre preg body yet!!!
    I read that babies tummys cant break down cows milk until they are 12 months thats why they shouldnt have it in large amounts as it can cause problems for them. Just wait till 9 months and see if you think you can make it a year. Im at 10 months and it has gone so fast so that last few months will be a breeze. I cant believe your ped told you it was ok….. Strange
    I have been pumping and my little girl has pnly been taking about 2 ounces per feed. But she has been teething so im not sure of thats the normal amount they take?



    That’s good brie. That method does sound painful though. HAHA! I’m glad it worked and your pain was immediately relieved! I’m glad you will still be able to continue!



    tquinn–I would say that if you’re still smoking, I wouldn’t breastfeed. The nicotine will be in your breastmilk. I would strongly suggest quitting smoking not just for your health but so you can provide breastmilk for your baby. My friend quit just to breastfeed for a few months and she said it was the best thing she ever did. Although she wished she could have continued to quit the habit…she was glad she was able to for as long as she did. Good luck


    kym: thats odd. my dr told me vitamin d doesnt pass through breastmilk so well, and to make sure i give it to him. i havent given it to him in awhile, seeing as how hes on table foods, and can get it from that.



    Hi Ladies! I need some advice. I am back to work full time and have lost some of my milk so I supplement 1 bottle a day with formula. I am really getting unhappy with the condition of my tummy. I am doing sit ups but need to do cardio to lose the jiggle. Last time I started doing cardio my milk supply dropped. I am not ready to be done breastfeeding but HAVE to do something about my body becasue I’m really depressed when I look in the mirror. I don’t even like DH seeing me naked anymore. Any suggestions?



    campimama-thanx for your suppport. i went (for the 3rd time) to the drs today and my mastitis is getting better. i have even put him back on my breast, even tho i had to use the shield again, it did feel better. Yes i have been to the LC twice and both real informative, altho it hasnt helped with the pain. They said the latch began badly hence the pain, but i really feel as tho its sthing like vaso spasm, but cant be sure. anyway im sticking with it, just using formula to top bubs up…thanx again for your suggestion.



    felicia – Thats a tough situation. At 11 months she doesnt necessarily need the milk at night just the comfort. Maybe make sure you leave a blanket, shirt, or something smelling like you with your husband to use if he is going to rock her to sleep. Thats a long period but maybe its the time away needed to get her to comfort herself through the night without you? Shes not going to have any other choice, you can only do what you can do. Use this time to get some much needed rest! Youll get to sleep through the night for the first time in how long???



    mountainmama – Thanks, I was a little anxious writing it because I know how defensive people get. Also, I love the article. The only problem I found was that the WHO recommends breastfeeding until 2yrs of age, and six months without solids. It was a little fuzzy in that respect. It came off like they didn’t recommend it past six months. Even the APA recommends at least a year in the US. But I love seeing these articles. It supports our cause!



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