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    I have an almost 20 month old son who shows no signs of wanting to wean. In fact, he would BF more if I let him. As it is, he gets milk in the morning, before nap, at about 6pm, to go to sleep, and however many times he (still) wakes up during the night. I’m fine with going until he’s about 2, but that means gradual weaning starting now. How do I do that, when he wants milk all the time? I’ve been working from home since he was born, so this schedule was fine for us, but may have to take a job outside the home this summer, so worried about how that’s going to work. Any suggestions would be appreciated. He eats solids 2-3 times a day of all sorts, and snacks, and is finally starting to like moo milk a little, but doesn’t drink much of it.



    Anyone knows what cold medicines are safe for breastfeeding? I have terrible cold/sinus infection and veramyst doesn’t work anymore for my nose.


    lilymae: we use the avent tempo. it is the ONLY bottle he will drink from. after spending over 50 bucks on bottles, i was willing to try anything. they’re pricey, 10 bucks a bottle, plus liners



    What foods will cause the baby to have gas? What food should i stay away from while breastfeeding?


    DeeRod–if I remember right, our babies are similar in age (8 months or so?). Anyway, Max is behaving the same way Evin does. He sucks, sucks, rolls off my lap and tries to do 15 other things and then I reposition him to come back for a sip before it starts all over again. I’m like you, I think he’s self-weaning but I just keep at it so he doesn’t have a choice. It’s kind of a pain in the rear but I know my milk is best for him. I did wean down to 5 times a day (along with 2-3 food feedings). I think I’m going to begin to wean him from 1 feeding a month from here on out so that he’ll only have 1 feeding left by the time he’s 12 months. But, I haven’t talked to the doctor about that yet so I don’t know if it’s a good idea or not.



    girls please help im gonna go crazy. My son is 9 weeks and still wants to feed from me every 2 hours is this normal?

    Its really getting me down. Im rubbish on the pump and i hardly get any out so i cant express and get someone else to give it to him to give me a break. he is putting on weight fine.

    Im going out of my mind.



    was wondering if you could help me. My m/w and breastfeeding helper at my clinic has been teeling me to offer both breasts at each feeding. But now im reading a book that is telling me to offer only one breast as that way i know my baby is getting the hind milk, Im sooo confused!



    hi ladies,im bf my 7 month old and am 6 weeks pregnant. my son is allergic to milk,(but is going to ped next week to see what he is excatly allergic to) so my doc told me to bf until he is one. im suffering from morning sickness(all day) at the mo and cant get the right foods (fruit & veg) down. so i told my doc that il have to find a formula for Nathan bc my milk supply is goin to suffer. he told me all you have to do is drink plenty of liquids,….. is that right?
    he also said stay bf, i really dont want to bf towards the end of preg and def not feed 2 babies……. is it so bad to feel that way?



    For anyone that takes Motilium or domperidone where do you get it from?



    NYMom- Tyrn will take the formula. She makes an aweful face when she first starts eating it but then she will gulp it down. It tastes so bad!!! I also tried giving her some bananas but that she rejected totally. She is not ready for the baby food yet. Maybe at 4 mos she will be.



    jpatterson7- my LO is 4 months and gets 4 to 5 oz per feeding when i am at work. She sucks on her hands ALL the time but its not becasue she is hungry. Its the teeth moving around in her mouth. That may be the same thing with your LO.



    katjac7- i plan to nurse again today, i just hope my boobs gets better sooo painful i m dreading it but im determined not to let anything beat me…as for the food in australia paed are puishing so much for waiting til 6 months until commencement, i know everyone has a view on this and i suppose your bubs will let yoiuo know if he is ready, but starting too soon ive been told may lead to allergies and obesity….im intereted to know what others may think



    oz- it was all about the relaxing… I am not taking anything right now as nothing was helping so I stopped and just took a breath and RELAXED about it. (I hate not having control so this was hard).. BUT I am on target for another 8-8.5 oz day. I already have about 5.5 oz combined from my first 2 pumps and my 4:30 pump usually yeilds 3 oz. I guess I am just one of the women that no amount of herbs, malt, yeast, and so on will help. To all the ladies struggling, please don’t give up. Each week I would say ok one more week and I have made it to 8 months. There were a lot of nights I cried while my hubby gave RJ a bottle of formula, but here I am 6 1/2 months after I darn near lost my supply and we are going strong. I will make it to a year. I know I can. Then I think I might slowly get rid of day time nursing and keep his night time nurses. (I don’t know though. I really enjoy nursing even with all the struggle to get here. LOL)



    my dh drinks the carnation instant breakfast in the am and I just find it to be too thick for my taste but I did just drink the malted milk and I really like the flavor of it! (yeah, I’m a weirdo!) I was expecting it to be nasty but I do like it! lol



    wow! Twins at 42 WITH a 13 month old… Amazing! Your mum should be very proud, Judi… My mum also breastfed us, there are 7 of us so I always look to my mum as my example and guiding light.! You’re probably the same! Mums are priceless… 🙂

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