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    Got 7oz from my afternoon pump. hmmmm total today 18.. hmmm it must be the stress or something… I feel some cramps like AF might be coming too. Haven’t seen her since Feb 2008!



    Mix away. You can safely store breastmilk in the fridge for up to seven days. Sadie falls asleep in her own bed, and then when she wakes to nurse spends the rest of the night in bed with me. When she sleeps consistently through the night we will put her in her own room. Question though, I have two cats. Right now I shut my bedroom door so it’s not an issue when we’re sleeping, but I didn’t want to have to close her door to her room. What are you all doing about the kitties? I’m afraid they’ll try to sleep on her or something, they try to jump in her crib all the time!!



    I have been in bed all day watching Lifetime and ‘feeding on demand’. It is such a wonderful bonding experience. This way I can recover (I had a c-section) and just nurse, nurse, nurse!!! I swear he BF’s about every 1/2-1 hr. and we nap in between but I am loving every moment of it!!!!!!



    frenchie-been there done that! You just need to be more stubborn than your lo. I know that sounds mean but thats really the only way you will get back to breast. My 7 month old is at daycare during the day-so when i get home and instantly wants to nurse and its a struggle for a few minutes as she wants the faster flow and mamas boobies don’t do a fast flow! Hang in there and stay calm and you will get back.


    Natasha, maybe you could try a large sheild over your nipple (Medela makes them) it makes latching on more like a bottle, once she gets used to that, when you have letdown try slipping it off. I had latch problems with all of my kids and this was how I taught them to nurse,. It may seem silly at 6 months but it’s worth a shot!



    My LO will be 10mths this Sunday and he uses his sippy cup once a day at daycare for juice during snack time. When should I try to use it for expressed milk? He’s doing pretty good with the juice but still has some trouble drinking from it. I use the NUK one. I just don’t want to waste any of the expressed milk b/c I don’t have much of a freezer supply and I pump exactly what he needs each day. I tried the other day to see if he would like formula just in case I needed to use it if I ran out of my freezer supply. He pushed the bottle away both times! I can’t say that I blame him b/c I smelled it and formula stinks! Any suggestions on the sippy cup? Are they suppose to be getting their feedings from sippy cups at this point? He has 3 bottles at daycare, 1 nursing before dinner, and 1 bottle before bed.



    For all you moms BF, how much did your little one weigh at 4 weeks?? My LO weighed 8#3ozs at birth and at his 1 month checkup last week he had gained almost 3#- He weighed 11# 2 oz… I am afraid he is gaining weight too fast.. My doctor didn’t seem concerned- should I be though?



    LEAKING ISSUE! I just started back at classes, which run 4.5 hours per night and i have such issues with leaking through my pads, i even bring a back up supply. Also, it is just ONE boob that is leaking profusely. What’s with that? I plan to pump when going back to work, but worry about if an appointment runs late or something and i work for 8 hours. Any advice on that? I’m thinking about even bringing extra clothes to work, just in case! Maybe i shouldn’t be complaining about OVER supply! lol.



    mountainmama- That’s what I was thinking.. I just don’t know how to curb it.
    lilli- he will eat around four minutes on one side before passing out again. So it is not a full feeding at all. I have offered a paci and he will fall back asleep but will wake up again within the hour. I have given him sips of water too but he wakes up again within an hour after water also. Maybe I will try some food.. I just don’t want him getting into a habit of needing food in the middle of the night. From what everyone has been telling me, they say if he is getting enough during the day he wouldn’t wake during the night for it. I just don’t know what else to give him during the day. He would eat all day if I let him!
    I don’t pump anymore. From the beginning he wouldn’t take a bottle so pumping wasn’t really working for me.


    jac…I think, it’s great! If it works for you, and you’re being as responsible as possible, go for it! Yes, co-sleeping has caused some unfortunate accidents. But, so has driving a car, walking to work, drinking a glass of milk, etc. There are risks to just about everything we do. If you have figured out a way to have some sanity in these first few weeks of craziness, then everyone else can just put it in their pipe and smoke it! 🙂



    hahaha i have big boobs, too. i also always worried about suffocating my daughter. I’m way more comfortable now, but it’s hard for me to nurse anywhere else but my couch too! I could probably do it anywhere with my bobby, though. I really think i have so much trouble because they’re so big!



    lckyladyl – Riders with infants can take liquids on board. This means formula powder, water, juice and breastmilk. But, to be honest, if you can feed your baby I would do that rather then bring a bottle. I know the cramped conditions can be iffy but it’s easier on you, Baby and the rest of the riders. Breastfeeding during take off and landing helps to clear their ears. When they are fussy on board breastfeeding helps with that too. Much better then a crying baby.



    excited- exactly like Bri said. I waited until six months even though my pediatrician told me at 3 months (!) that i could start with cereal because she was a big baby. I didn’t and she was totally fine waiting.



    Becareful to watch for dates, even frozen milk only lasts so long!



    Didderty-what you’re going through is completely
    normal…they are growth spurts that all babies go through around 7-10 days and at 4, 6 & 8 weeks I believe…just bear through it, it gets better!! I would apply some lanolin to help with the soreness…it’s a little pricey but well worth it…

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