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    I mgibson what kind of oil?



    i have a question…..saying i am going somewhere so i want to bring a bottle of my breastmilk… i heat it up before i go? do i keep it cold? (going to the store or something somewhere where u dont have a place to heat up the milk) i am confused about this. and then if she doesnt end up using it can i just put it back in the fridge? how does this work? i could really use some input on this



    I haven’t been able to find them in any stores but Amazon carries them.



    I have Elia facing front she loves it she can see everything….She is almost 11 months old and 22 lbs….Anyway I have a question about breastfeeding…I have a huge bump i guess it could kinda be like a blister on my nipple, and it hurts like heck to bf on this side…..Anyway its been here for a few weeks , and its not getting anybetter…Any advice?



    Ok that’s funny! Chris can’t pronounce his full middle name and it’s funny watching him try. HAHA!



    I second that! We aren’t an EBF support group, but a BF support group. Ideally everyone would be able to EBF but people that have to or choose to supplement still face challenges of breastfeeding and should feel welcome to come ask questions and seek support! I wish there was a way to ban this argument from this page. I know we all feel strongly about breastfeeding but I worry that we’ll push some women who need help away sometimes. Ultimately, I hope everyone that needs support or has a question about breastfeeding feels comfortable enough to post here.


    I want to be pregnant so bad that I wanted it for you,for me! lol I want a summer baby so I need to wait a little bit longer. I always have them early so my best time is Oct/Nov.



    Can you give me any advice? I am breastfeeding my 2 week old and most of the time it works well – she feeds off both sides and then is content for an hour or two (more if I am lucky). But last thing before bedtime – at around 11pm and in the early hours it doesn’t seem to matter how much I feed her she never settles to sleep. I always have to give her 1-2oz of formula and then she goes straight off. I always do this after I have fed her 3 tines from each side, which is about 2 hours of feeding when my nipples are ready to fall off. Do you think I am just running out of milk? Do you think I should try her with a dummy? I don’t really mind supplementing her with this little bit of formula as it is such a small amount and it’s not like I am replacing any feeds, just adding a bit of a top up, but I am curious as to why it happens. Also, how long is it before my boobs stop being so sore? They are not too bad and my nipples are in fairly good condition, just a bit damaged, but when I feel cold my boobs kill and picking up my 19month old hurts them too.



    well i figured it…just forgot to resize, so here is Delaney nursing (up close and personal haha)


    Bri – exactly… this is why I’m a little confused as to what to do. Part of me thinks she just doesn’t want to sit still and be reclined or laying down because she wants to move around so much. When we feed her solids she’s sitting up and I think that’s why she will still tolerate the solids. I figure if I cut back on solids she’ll have to nurse because she’s hungry… but I’m not sure if that’s the best solution? If it is teething then maybe nursing is uncomfortable but eating solids isn’t? I’ve started to bottle feed her at night 4oz just to make sure she’s getting some BM at night and I can actually see how much she’s getting. I also started to add more BM to her solids to increase her intake of BM. I’m wondering if I should start using a sippy cup with BM, but I haven’t done this because that’s just more nursing I’m removing from her day and I don’t want her to wean off the breast. =\



    maybe we can ask for this forum to be taken off the comment spy so as not to shame or embarass anyone. i know it isn’t either but some do think so and really do we want those people lurking over our every comment and picture?



    smidge7173 – Have you tried fermented oatmeal to increase your milk supply? Buy old fashion oatmeal (not instant) and mix 1 cup with 1 cup of water. Let it sit for 7 hours, add flavoring, heat and eat. I add peanut butter, milk, and hershey’s almond kisses. You can add ice-cream, honey, syrup, cinnamon, etc. Also, you can drink mother’s milk tea.


    mom1973- babies have very small stomachs at this point. That is all you need right now. Keep pumping (usually 15-20 mins) and the supply will go up. Don’t stress out over it. There stomach walls don’t stretch at that age so they eat very little.

    For those pumping at work, are you in the US? If you are, they are not able to legally ask you to pump in the bathroom. Anywhere that you can legally have baby, you are able to BF or pump. If you are in a larger business (50+ employees) they have passed new laws mandating them to provide a place for you to pump that is NOT a bathroom. i would look into it if I were you. I am fortunate that my office is above a BF friendly childcare center. Even though my child is not in child care, they let me use their BF room to pump each day.



    For those of you mommies that haven’t introduced solids with all of this discussion I wanted to inform you that the AAP and the WHO recommend delaying solids until at least 6 months and only EBF until then. THe reason is b/c of an immature, open gut. Starting early can cause a lot of potential side effects not that they always appear just that it could happen.



    Also my frozen breast milk looks very yellow, is this common?

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