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Mine was AWFUL 🙁 I bled so heavily I soaked through my clothes more then once and wasnt able to leave the house. Took about two days to slow enough so I could go out. Doc consulted with me and said it was normal, some are worse then others. I was just sure to kee taking my vits to prevent anemia ~ (((())))



Hi Ladies
I have a 15 month old daughter who is still occasionally nursing. My husband and I just found out 2 weeks ago that we are expecting again! I would really like to have my daughter weaned before the next baby comes (February) but she is very attached to nursing and I am not even really sure where to begin.. has anyone else gone through a similar situation? thanks!



Seems like alot of people are on looking around tonight so I thought I would ask what is the deal is with sticky rice? And how do you make it?



hey ladies, i have a question, if you are pumping your milk and feeding it to your babies, which birth control are you using? is anyone using the IUD or The Shot?
i need to get back on something but im not sure what is safe since im pumping my milk and giving it to Bo.



Hello ladies, can anyone please tell me how much milk I would need to express for a single feed. My little one is 9 weeks old and I am not sure how much breast milk to express for him and put in a bottle. I want to get my mum to baby sit for an evening. I assume 100mls is enough?? Im not sure. Advice would be appreciated. He is currently getting 7 to 8 feeds a day.



ive only been on them for a week. and i dont have co pay i am 100% covered for my prescriptions through my work insurance. i have to pay $60/month to my work to keep my benefits active while i am on mat leave but i can submit all my reciepts as often as i like and i get a cheque back for the full amount. i am going to submit 2 months worth so i get back about $90 at a time. i am going to the doctors again on wednesday for a weight check so i have to ask for another prescription because im going to run out half way through my vacation and from what i read you cant get domperidone in the states so i deffinitly dont want to run out while im away and dry up while i am gone…



tan- my son is 3.5 mo and still nurses every 2 hrs. minus night time. The more chances you have to pump the more your breasts will learn the pump. Even if you get just a tad out after each feed for a few days they will learn and that tad will add up. I only average an ounce a hr with the pump. Hang in there!



i must admit when i was in the hospital the nurse showing me how to bf said give them the both boobs. it toke ages to feed nathan as when they are young they fed slower. but i spoke to a friend who breast fed her 3 kids and said empty one boob before you offer the other. most of the time i ended up just feeding one boob per 4 hrs bc he was full after one. i understand why the nurse told me to give 10 mins on each boobs bc she wanted to up my milk supply before i set a routine.



I agree! If your hubby has a problem with how your baby will get his food then he doesn’t have to watch baby eat! I have a habit of telling people who have a problem with it that they did it when they were a baby so why shouldn’t mine! Of course it is your choice but I say if you want to feed baby ‘straight from the tap’ then you should, and if hubby talks you into pumping right off the bat then let him take care of the screaming baby while you pump the milk for him, he might change his mind after that! I know my hubby hates that when Ethan is screaming his head off and unconsolable until he gets what he wants! Maybe you can ask him why he thinks it’s so freaky/creepy and you can work from that angle. Best of luck!



Does anyone have any ideas on getting their babies to eat longer. Mine wants to eat all the time but falls asleep so I don’t think he is actually eating that much when he is on my breast therefore he wants to eat every hour or every hour and half. How do you get them to stay awake while eating???



NYMom- that article is interesting. My OBGYN specifically told me to take it. My little one is not fussy at all so I do not suppose it effects her negatively. Maybe I will try just taking the blessed thistle with my Reglan and see how that does. Its wierd becasue my bottle says it is used to soothe the stomach and it only specifies not to take during pregnancy. Can’t hurt to try to lay off of it though huh!



jpatterson7 hands in the mouth doesn’t necessarily mean she is hungry. My son keeps his hands in his mouth. He just likes sucking on them. But if you think you need a little help you can try soaked old fashion oat meal. That is equal portions oats to water and soak over night. Then heat and eat to your liking. I put brown sugar in mine. If you LO lets you, you can try whats called a power pump. That is watching a 1 hr show in the evening and pump during the show and pause during the commercials. As long as she is giving 5-6 wet diapers a day she is getting plenty ( 3 tablespoons of water in her diaper will show you a full diaper) and it is way to early to introduce cereal. The gut is still open and can cause more problems introducing food this early in a lot of babies. The APA recommends waiting until baby is 6 months to introduce food even cereal. Breastfed babies are different then formula fed as their guts are referred to as virgin guts. When a baby is formula fed the gut handles baby food different because although the formula is more important then food the food is actually easier digested. If the oatmeal doesn’t work then there are some herbs you can take. Just let me know if you are interested. Your LO is also almost 2 months old so she could have been going through a growth spurt and or coming up on one. A lot of babies have one every 4-6 weeks.



ozbaby.. I go back and forth too. For the last two months actually. My son is 6 months old now and he’s a great nurser except for the fact that he’s impatient so sometimes my milk won’t let down quick enough and then it’s a scream fest to try to continue or I give in and make him a bottle of formula. I really hate giving him formula too. Right now he feeds 5 times a day with 2 solids in between.. he nurses for 4 of those feeds (normally) and then I give him a bottle at night before bed.. sometimes it’s half BM, half formula or just all formula. Depends if I was able to get anything out with a pump the night before. Every month I contimplate whether I’m going to continue… I think I get what’s called ‘phantom periods’… it’s supposedly all the regular symptoms of AF but no physical evidence. I feel my milk supply dip way down during the same week of each month.. starting at 3 months and that’s exactly the time I almost through in the towel. I have to take 12-15 fenugreek a day + oatmeal + tons of water to keep up with my little guy. It gets really tiring to constantly think about my milk but I hate giving formula after so much hard work. My son doesn’t seem to care either way but I’m not ready to stop. Good luck to you.. hope you are able to get back to BFing 100%.. I would assume it would take 7-10 days to fully get your supply up but that’s just a guess.



JESS: If you have a double door fridge your milk will last 3 months in the freezer and 6mths in a deep freezer!

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