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    kym22 ~ I bought the same pump and LOVE it!! My milk supply went up VERY quickly after I started using it. Now it is nothing to pump out 6-8oz during a normal pump and 10-13oz if she has not fed in awhile. I love that it came with the pack and ice pack, for pumping on the go (that is so great!!)



    If i was able to feed twins and a 13 month old i would buy myself a huge trophy! WOW!



    None of my kids have ever taken a pacifier (yet I’ve always bought them one), and sucking on hands does not mean they’re hungry. Babies naturally explore things according to how it feels in their mouth and how it tastes. My LO tries to put my face in her mouth even; LOL. Kym, that’s great! Especially that you’re not stressing either way! 😛



    quick question — does anyone know if you can feed the baby and pump on the other side at the same time? I’ve read baby should eat from both sides, but some don’t, so i wasn’t sure if I could pump from the side he isn’t eating from so that i keep up w/ production and multi-task at the same time 🙂



    2babys-under2 : The best thing to do if you want to be able to successfully breastfeed is to educate yourself about it. All breasts are different shapes adn sizes and while having small nipples may make it harder for your baby at first ( not sure if thats the case though) im pretty sure your breasts are designed to feed your baby just the way they are. It takes a little while for your nipples to pull out ( hence the pain in initial latching) and if your breasts are full of milk and your baby cant latch then express a little milk to soften the breast before you feed. This shouldnt be needed in the first few days until your milk comes in. When your in hospital ask to see a lactation consultant for your first feed and ever feed while your needing help. My baby would not latch at all until the 2nd day and it was because of a fabulous midwife who spent an hour with me showing me what to do. My colostrum was in hard little crystals under my nipple and just my spending a few minutes massaging it before i fed made my baby latch on. Good luck with feeding and if you have any questions or concerns come back and ask as all the mums on this forum are invaluable on your path to breastfeeding. It is such an amaxing experience and i hope your able to get there 🙂


    1byfaith that used to happen to us all the time and by 2 or 3 months old Griffin adjusted and stopped choking on my milk 🙂 Kebler- if your not ready then don’t stop because it sounds like your little guy is still enjoying too. I nursed my first until 18 months and I stopped because I was just done with being touched! (it didn’t help that he was comfort nursing every 1 1/2 hrs through the night until we stopped) He had a hard time with it but he got over it. I think after a year is when nursing is the easiest, I just always made the rule of only at home or if he desperatly needed comfort. So really for the last 6 months we were only nursing 2 or 3 times, he would occasionally do the cuddly nursing when he woke up in am but mostly to nap and to go to bed if I was home, otherwise my husband would cuddle him to sleep. If you want to stop then just replace the nursing with cuddle time, he’ll still enjoy it I’m sure 🙂



    Bri & momof3krazyboys – thanks for the suggestions! You know I did try a nipple shield but it was avent and he hated it. It’s not like the medela at all which I tried a few times in the hospital. I can’t find the medela one in any stores! I live in Canada, so if anyone has seen one let me know. I don’t have a credit card so I can’t order online 🙁



    jmwolf – I started my son on the sippy cup with water at 9 months and never put milk in it because I was afraid of the waste. I started putting milk in it at 11 months but took him awhile to adjust because he was so used to water. He would actually scrunch up his face and spit the milk out! Would take it immediately from a bottle though so my advice is start milk in the sippy cup as practice earlier rather than later. It doesnt have to be a whole feeding, maybe just a little here and there. I found it helped to just unscrew the sippy part and help him drink as an actual cup. Got him used to the concept of milk outside a bottle. I also started with Nuk sippys because he wanted nothing to do with the other ones. They were a good transition because now (at 12 months) he will take anything.



    just wondering how long most of you would like to EBF? 6 mos? 1 year? leave it up to baby to decide?



    I lovw medela pump n style.. Use it everyday.. yeah it’s totally worth it



    Megan- I used to pump 4-6 oz but when I started feeding LO oatmeal my supply dipped even though I still pumped. Might just be a four month mark thing..



    @ Luv2Bamama… Thank you for your advice I will try your suggestions. 🙂



    One nurse at the hospital told me not to hold my breast away from her nose because it interferes with milk production, but another nurse told me to do it as a precaution, because my boobs are MASSIVE. I’m constantly engorged, and my daughter gained 6 oz in 7-days (babies shouldn’t be above their birth weight, or even AT their birth weight, until 10-days, the midwife told me), so I must be doing something right. By day-10, she was 8 oz above her birth weight, she sucks on a dummy ’cause it eases her ‘colicky’ episodes, and I express breast milk to bottle-feed her at night (occasionally). She is now 12-days-old. Lol. I’d say — do what suits you/feels right. Most of the time, ‘professionals’ don’t know what they’re talking about. 😀


    mrsmom – my lo wanted to nurse all the time too until about 7 weeks or so. I hate when people make comments like you’re getting. Newborns need to be comforted and fed when they want. The every two-three hour rule doesn’t really apply to breastfed newborns! She will eventually grow out of it and create more of a scheduled feeding. As for pacifiers, mine likes hers. She would just pacify herself on the boob, but I have a toddler as well, so that wasn’t feasible for us. She would start sticking her little tongue out and whimpering. If I tried to nurse her then she would just ‘hang out’ and not really eat. Then I’d usually use the pacifier. But I didn’t us it until 4 weeks. Babies are a whole lot of trial and error, that’s for sure!


    excited- I’m waiting until 6 months too. 🙂

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