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    Ninjen- Samething happened to me. Boooo My son is 5 months and I’ve had my period EVERY MONTH plus something I’ll spot inbetween. I really was hoping I owuld be like most Bf women and go without AF for 8 months



    Maddux, I wouldn’t have been able to continue pumping for my first son without Mother’s Milk tea. I was pumping about 4oz a day when I started taking fenugreek and I watched my output drop to 1oz over the following days. I stopped the fenugreek and started the mother’s milk tea and woke up engorged the morning after my first cup before bed! I kept up with the tea, drinking it about 3 times a day and built my supply back up with the tea. So, to answer your question, I do find MMT TOTALLY worth the purchase!



    Lilmam: in order for us to do laundry every other day we had to have 20 flip inserts,and 5 covers. Now I should only have to do laundry 3 times every 2 weeks. It’s just easier because it takes a while to properly wash them. I actually cut up flannel receiving blankets for wipes. Worked great, and we had tons of receiving blankets laying around.



    JEPICA- My son wakes up at the same times 2,4,6 am and usually awake at 6 for at least an hr.

    I have been exclusivly BF and sometimes Kayden will route for the boob but wont latch and scream at it yet he is opening his mouth. Its very difficult because I dont know what that means. Anyone have any advice?


    mothercare sell them in the UK not sure if you have that over there.



    EllasMommy23 – Thanks! I will look into those.



    On nicknames, i call her Ella Bella, Ella Bella (pronounced Eya Beya) because we are Colombian, Nina, Ninita (these i actually pronounce them the way they look making fun of the spanish version), and my favorite Boo Boo Bear which Daddy came up with because she is always running around hurting herself.



    It didn’t give me the option of typing anything with my fb request…..I did request to join though.


    Lawsons mom when I introduced James to cows milk, I first did it warmed up on his weetabix for breakfast. Then I introduced it warmed up as a drink. He now will drink it cold.



    chellebob – I wouldn’t suppliment. I know you think it’s not taking away from a feed but by doing so it sits in your baby’s tummy and pushes back a feed that she normally would have had. It is part of ramping up your supply to feed often. My first son would always fall asleep at the breast. The second was completley opposite. He hardly ever actually falls asleep at the breast. He’ll eat until he’s done and then wants to continue to suck but not feed. So, I do offer a pacifier. He’ll take it and roll over and go to sleep. That’s just how he is. You might want to try a pacifier. If your baby is actually hungry she’ll spit it out and want you. Good Luck!



    Scarlet she is adorable!!!!


    How long does it take for your lo’s to eat food or start to like it? I’ve been trying with John but he doesn’t seem to care for it. I can get probably 3 bites in before he’ll stop opening his mouth. He always does the yuck face n makes the sounds like an adult takinga shot! lol



    i agree that it’s not offensive…for what it’s worth



    Does anyone know whether fenugreek helps produce more foremilk than hind?



    I was going to say many states have mandate for pumping moms at work to provide a clean, private place and the time to pump. Check your state laws…I suggest calling an lc or the health department if you are unsure what your rights are.

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