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    my baby is 4 months and i started putting cereal in her bottel about a month ago shes been sleeping at night since 2 and a half months but she wasnt ganing weight like she was supostue but since i started giving her a night bottel with 1 tbsp of cereal her weight gain has been good so its not always a bad thing to add cereal



    leagia- I think it was about 2 or 2 1/2 months before my nipples stopped hurting all the time, although as time went on the pain got less and less, now its almost been 5 months no big deal, once in awhile they will get a little sore if shes been nursing on the same side a lot, and she likes to pull off and look at everything now soo sometimes that hurts! using nipple butter really works i recommend it if your not already using some. and milk looking yellow when in freezer is normal. and you may notice too when you put it in the fridge the cream will separate and it will look kinda gross, but its normal, when it warms up just twirl the bottle to mix it back up.




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Okay, my little one will be 7 months on Nov. 22, so in 3 days. I still haven’t had a period. I’m on the mini pill, and the only other strange thing is I cant seem to loose weight. I’ve jogged since she was 4 weeks old till mid October and lost nothing. So I quit (Hubby was in bad wreck) and I when weighed myself the other day I hadn’t gained anything either. I expected to have gained some weight. Anyone else workout and have this issue? I’m not as worried about the lack of period now that I’ve read some of you haven’t had yours in a year. Please leave comments on my page. Thanks


anyone have any idea if weaning twins will take longer? im due back to work in early oct and was planning on strting about a month before hand, is this long enough?



Yay Bri! Congrats!!!! Good job and thank you from all of us on this board… I have been reading your advice and your stories since my boy was about 2 months! He just turned 9 months! Congrats again!



Cherub: I voted for you. Hope you win 🙂


keter i seen your post and truthfully people just dont make up excusses trust me i tried to breastfeed both of my children from the day they were born til my milk dried out i tried with my second my milk came in but would not come out i became engourged and got a small case of mastitis but it never came out with my first it came out all bloody i trird for 2 weeks to express out good milk but never happen i had a reason and i wish i would have suceeded



Hi JenWVU you poor thing. I have had blocked milk ducts 3 times now and have been BF for 5 months now. I have found that the best thing to do for me is to get some baby massage oil or even vegetable oil and massage the lump towards the nipple while the baby is feeding. They suck much harder than a breast pump, and I’ve found that the combination of massaging the area and the baby sucking works within minutes. If it doesn’t go within a day you might need to go to the doctors or at least ring a healthline of some sort before it turns into mastitis and you have to go on antibiotics. Good luck!



taniar- my daughter is almost 4 months and still nurses every 2 hours on the dot. you can pump a little after each feeding to accumulate enough to have someone else do one feeding, but then you’d have to pump during that feeding anyway, to keep your supply up. view nursing time as time for you to put your feet up and relax. you’re doing what’s best for your baby! 🙂


tanier–It is confusing but please know that there is not one right answer. I feed my baby both breasts at each feeding but I have a friend whose baby is just 4 days younger than mine and her baby only eats on one side at each feeding. It will take a while to figure out your body’s messages, but the one thing you want to do is make sure that your baby ’empties’ your breast each time you offer it. This is a little misleading since your breasts are never ’empty’. However, your breast will feel much softer once your baby has taken most of the built up milk that your body has made. The other thing to remember is to nurse often in the beginning to build up your supply–it takes work, and time, and WORK 🙂 but you can do it!



hmm saw ur comment abt the hubby. maybe hes just jealous and dont want to share them with the baby? feeding ur baby is what breast were made for. forget what he says abt it u know ur doing right by ur child he will get over it eventuly!



brie-When you’re feeding your baby, make sure he’s unswaddled. You may even want to undress the baby to keep him awake (as long as it’s not too cold in the house). I’ve also heard that you can stroke the baby’s cheek to wake them up a little and get them sucking. Sometimes when I want my baby to have a larger feeding in the middle of the night (so she’ll sleep longer), I will feed my daughter on one breast, then change her diaper to wake her up a little, then try feeding her on the other breast. Hope this helps!! I love BF but sometimes you do feel like a human milking machine…LOL!!!



I bought a box of the Mother’s Milk tea. I don’t have supply issues, I just wanted to boost it a bit for my own piece of mind. I am a SAHM and she gets it straight from me so I don’t pump. I tried it but it was soooo inconvienient, straight from the tap is so much easier lol! The tea tasted fine but towards the end of the cup it was a struggle to finish it. Would it be ok to brew the tea and then put it in the fridge and drink it cold later?? I felt warm after drinking it and think that maybe if it was cold it would be better. thanks 🙂


hello all have not been on since Peyton was born but just wanted to say hi and all is good with me and baby

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