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    Ozbaby- make sure you eat enough too. I was trying to restrict my diet to lose a few pounds (which I did) but I also lost milk supply. This just dawned on me that the week I started dieting my supply dropped to almost nothing. I will be a happy eater now. My baby’s health is much more important than my vanity! I read that you need to eat at LEAST 1800 calories a day while nursing. I was doing about 1400….



    Jess- it lasts longer than 2 weeks. If you have separate doors for refrigerator and freezer i think 3-6 months. I am currently using milk from february for julianna at daycare and it’s still good! The frozen milk will come in handy sooner or later.



    ok maybe I’m doing something wrong…. I also just bought the pump in style and have not seen an increase in milk but all of you guys are getting great results…..????



    🙂 Yeah, Mums are the best, hey.



    jess0402: I too had mastitis 5 times ( maybe 6 even!) I got fed up and decided to stop. I went cold turkey and my hormones plumetted which had me in tears for 3 days and bub got unsettled as well so if you do stop then wait till the mastitis clears and drop feeds one by one. I ended up getting my milk back and expressing instead as she wouldnt go back to the boob after having a bottle for a week. That was 3 months ago and we will reach our target next saturday when she turns 1! Im just weaning her now and am down from pumping 4 times a day to just twice. I feel mastitis is caused from not emptying the breast fully. Since ive pumped instead i have not had mastitis once as i empty them completely each time. Good luck with you decide but if you want to keep feeding her then i would suggest pumping if your little one doesnt empty your breast and you should find the mastitis stops. good luck =)


    Horseygal, when my oldest was born we had a spare room that we kept the litterbox and food dishes in and we ‘captured’ our kitties every night and closed them in there. They never seemed to mind. Now that we have a house though we have 2 dogs and our golden manages to keep the cats away from my room:) He’s about 1 and a half and the cats are not fans of being chased LOL!



    Im having a c-section as i had one with my son due to him being breech. Last time i had to wait a day or so before my milk came in and it wasnt easy to get started. DO you think i should take in my own breast pump to help get the process started this time?



    Hi….I have exclusively pumped since my baby was born. He is 5 months old. I have to go back in a few weeks….looking for tips on how to wean off rather quickly…as much as I hate to, I don’t have time for morning pumpings!!



    samanthaandgirls – did you use the cereal you mix with milk? I got that and mixed it with breast milk so it was very thin and he loves it! Just started this week and so far so good.Probably tastes mostly like breast milk so I’m sure that helps. You don’t have to start with cereal though.



    I know a lot of you are just starting out on bottles and I remember back when we started, but I am happy to say as of this weekend.. I have washed my last bottle! My son turned one last week and we decided to wean him from the bottle (since I dont pump anymore just nurse in the morning). He succeeded with flying colors! Could care less. I think it was harder on us haha. Me especially because pumping was such a huge part of our first year. Enjoy your little ones, they grow up sooooooooo fast! Oh and side note, I was in starbucks before and I saw a woman nursing an infant (maybe a month old). She was sooo content and completely just abosorbed in her baby. All I could think of was I WISH I had had that security and ability when my son was that small. When in public I was always looking around seeing who was staring at me, hoping he would eat faster. This woman was just the poster woman for a breastfeeding mother.



    xanthe- I am planning to bf for a year.



    1byfaith-i’m 19 weeks and am starting to experience this as well this week. i did four weeks ago too. i’m beginning to wonder if i’m having ‘phantom’ cycles. does anyone know if this is even possible? I’ve had no spotting or bleeding just a dip in supply for about a week and maybe a little cramping like i’m going to start and then nothing since my lo’s birth. last time my supply came right back after a week.



    Yeah I wouldnt give him solids in the middle of the night, but when we stopped the nighttime bottle, we give him a snack and a sippy cup of milk right before bed. Your LO I think is still too young for whole milk though. It still sounds like a comfort thing. Have you tried letting him cry? He may just have a problem putting himself back to sleep. Maybe try having your husband get up with him so he isnt looking for a boob? I always sent my husband down from the time he stopped needing the middle of the night feedings. It was payback for the first 6 months of me doing everything haha.



    felicia lopes-pump before bed, an hr before baby wakes, and pump an extra few minutes after your milk stops. Fermented oats, fenugreek, mothers milk tea, and/or a beer a night. I have found all these work for me when i’m in need. Pump after baby nurses each time. Within a couple days you should see an increase in ‘pumping’ supply. Time to time i have a short amount week (around that time of month) and i just have to increase my pumpings and eat some oatmeal and it helps boost my supply.



    My boppys is shoved in my LO’s closet collecting dust lol It is funny how we are all such different nursers! I am a D sized cup & I hold & support my breast for my LO but I don’t hold him up! He sits on my lap (sitting up) and turns his head towards my boob. He uses my arm as a backrest but I don’t have to support his weight. If I didn’t use my finger to indent my boob he would pull off because he really wouldn’t be able to breathe. Do whatever works for you and your LO.

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