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    Hi ladies! My LO is a bottomless pit these days 😀 He doesn’t eat for very long at a time but he seems to be able to empty one side in about 10 minutes! He’s 6 weeks old and growing quite fast. I hope there’s enough milk for the little greedy-guts, but he is still gaining weight so I guess there’s plenty? I think he must be in the middle of the 6-week growth spurt..FUSSY FUSSY!!



    ok ladies i want to breastfeed and home and willing to keep my boobs out all day but i kid you not my 10day baby since day 1 wakes up desperate to eat and its impossible to feed a screaming baby and i dont know what to do… I watch for his 1st twitch of waking up and try but in a sec hes screaming and its too much but i dont want to give up…. anyone any suggestions?????



    expecting-2b-patient – I know what you mean! The first time around my son wasn’t latching on and I was pumping constantly. I was using the ventaires at the time and my stupid husband assembled them without the screen on the bottle. I saw the collar on the bottem and started pouring milk into it….about 4oz. Then when I picked up the bottle it all came out!!! I cried for hours.



    thanks for the info ladies I’ll continue to do research and let Kiley let me know when she is ready!



    number2luv – I know what you mean about covering getting harder as they get older. I tried to cover but at around months just stopped. It was too much of a hassle. lol He kept thinking we were playing peek-a-boo! When he was about 6 or 7 months he got REALLY sick – ended up in the hospital with Orbital Cellutis (infection in the globe of the eye.) We thought he just had a black eye from one of the MANy times he manages to find a corner to whack his head on. He could have gone blind had it not been for my mom saying ‘I don’t think that’s a black eye!’ But, the doctors at the hospital told me that his recovery time was faster due to the fact that I breastfed. Which, is just amazing! Amazing what breastfeeding can do! I’m not sure about the pumping thing – I’ve never had much success with that.


    is it normal that my 3 month old (he’ll be 4 months next weekend)…still isn’t sleeping through the night? i get 1 3-4 hour sleeping period from him and then we get up every 2 hours after that…and he’s hungry! it isn’t that he just wants held…he eats like he’s starving! granted i have a HUGE baby…he’s 18lbs and in the 97th percentile ! he’s always been a big eater, but i have several friends whose younger baby’s sleep through the night…am i doing something wrong?! and in the day time, he still eats every 2-3 hours…i feed on demand, it’s closer to 3 hours but sometimes it’s 2 hours…any suggestions or is this normal?



    Expected – Thanks. It helps a little to know that I’m not the only one who ever felt this way. I really want breastfeeding to be successful because I know the benefits make it worth it… and I’m not a person who gives up very easily. I pumped about an ounce earlier… it’s hard to pump when she won’t let me put her down. *sigh* Anyway. Thanks for the reassurance. My BF hates seeing me so depressed and miserable. I think he’s secretly hoping I’ll give up and switch to formula. He’s told me it would be okay several times. But I don’t want to give up if it gets better. Even if that feels ages away… time drags by when all you can do is lay around being suckled. lol



    It was my first time feeding in public!!! Yay! I had a little cover over me but I did it! yayyyyy!



    check this out yall, they have identified a phenomenon that happens to some women during let down..i thought it was just me but now i realize it happens to other women as well, n my case its quite minor.. anyway u can read more about it at



    cosmomama, I too have an over active letdown. Had issues with nursing my first, and had issues with my now 8mo old. Some tips… Block feed. Nurse on one side for a three hour block. When baby pulls off, put baby back on that same breast. If the other breast starts to get sore, pump it so that it becomes comfortable, but not empty. …. Achieve let down before putting baby on the breast and wait until your flow becomes a steady drip instead of a spray before putting baby on. 3rd, nurse in a reclined position or on your back so that gravity helps slow the flow of the milk down. It will regulate with time. 🙂



    Lawsons Mom – That’s crazy! Glad you tripped over him. I would have taken it one step further and while tripping spilled some milk on him! HAHA! Then I would have gotten upset. ‘look what you made me do! What were you doing sitting on the floor!’ HAHA! I know I can be a B….



    Jaguar- I nursed my son until he was 2 as well. I thought he would self wean eventually but wasn’t showing much interest in stopping any time soon.
    A few weeks before his second birthday we decided that once he turned 2, I wasn’t going to nurse him anymore.
    I started to cut back on feedings as much as I could for the last couple weeks and started telling him every time he wanted to nurse that once he turned 2 he would be a big boy and I wouldn’t be able to feed him anymore. I just always reminded him of this every day ‘pretty soon Mommy can’t feed you anymore’ ‘you’re going to be a big boy and don’t need Mommy to feed you anymore’
    The night before his second birthday was the last time I nursed him. When he asked for it the next day I told him I couldn’t feed him because he was 2 now. He took it very well. I think the constant reminding him really helped him accept it once it happened 🙂
    But, for a while afterwards we did still have cuddle time whenever he wanted to nurse where I would let him hold my boob. Part of him wanting to nurse for so long was that cuddling and comfort time he loved, so holding my boob gave him that comfort he still needed. I eventually had to wean him off that too lol.
    Overall the whole weaning wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I will do it the same with my 5 month old if she nurses until then.
    Even if your boy doesn’t really seem like he wants to stop yet, he might surprise you and accept it well if you just prepare him a bit first 🙂



    styx – you can put it directly in the freezer. you just can’t mix cold and warm milk. Congrats!!!


    Hi I am a 2nd time mam, I breast fed my 19 month old until he was 15 months. My youngest is nearly 2 days old, last night he only woke once to bed fed, then this morning he has has only had a small feed then fell asleep. I’m worried he will get jaunidce from dehydration. He opens his mouth a little bit lick the nipple but not enough for the nipple to go in his mouth. My nipples are quite large from having breastfed already. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



    Nic- I have a 23 month old and Ill be honest when I nurse I turn on the cartoons. They go off as soon as we are done. Works for us.

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