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    nic4charles my little boy has cold also we all have it. Keep him elevated at night is my best advice.



    I love my boppy. I am a DD right now. I would lay my baby across on the boppy and use the opposite hand to hold the baby while I used the C hold on my breast with the same hand. Right hand, right breast. This way I could help hold the breast inside the baby’s mouth and use compression nursing to get it going faster.



    we’ve stuck to it and have a happy camper! my little guy is getting breastmilk in one bottle a day and the rest is formula.
    I talked to lcs, pedi and my Dad(holistic retired doc) and all have said this is a matter of weight and sometimes thinks just don’t work like they should. Thats the way the cookie crumbs I guess.
    I am still pumping to supply him with breastmilk at least for one bottle and I’m hopeful that once weight is on we can turn this around …hopeful.

    Its still a little heartbreaking to me as I am so pro breastfeeding. I breastfed my daughter until she was 10 months old and couldn’t understand why others couldn’t stick it out ….sometimes things just don’t work out correct.

    …we gave him formula last night and he gulped it down like he was starving and has come to life since then. He played with toys(hitting them) and is talking.
    Thanks everyone for your help,encouragement and advice. We need the ‘safety net’ of formula at the moment for the health of our son.



    ben, I always start out with over supply issues and actually have to pump to keep infection away. When I would pump, I would be careful to never empty the breast. Just pump long enough to take a few oz out and then stop. I would pump once in the morning, once in the afternoon and then once at night before starting back at work. Maybe taking a little off at random points during the day would be best for you. I also block fed during that time and the pumping really didn’t interfere at all. I would keep my block schedule when nursing, but I would pump both breasts when I pumped.



    2ndtime – just take things slow, there’s no rush. A taste of meat from your plate here, a taste of broccoli there. You have 6 months or so to figure solids out, so take it slow and don’t stress. I agree though, EBF poops are SO much better!



    Jessicac21- It could mean so many different things. For Zoey, if she’s rooting but won’t latch and gets fussy…it usually means she’d rather be laying on her other side. If I roll us over and attempt the other breast, she latches right on. But I’m sure that’s pretty specific to my picky little baby!


    I think its nice they offered somewhere for people to nurse. But must admit I would have done it anywhere.



    mamadear04 – It sounds like it could be a clogged pore. Not a clogged duct since that would be further back on the breast but on this nipple.



    Bri- is Chris’ middle name something Hawaiian?



    I think we should just help newbies and try not to get deleted for their sake. So if anyone wants to chat about issues the FB page is the place to do it since our comments don’t last too long here anyways. Oh and I have decieded to become a lactation consultant I just need to figure out how any suggestions ladies?


    Bri congrats on the negative, sounds strange saying congrats for a negative!



    Yes, it is the hormones that make us sleepy. Maybe it’s a way of keeping us put while our babies eat? HAHA! I can’t tell you off the top of my head which hormone it is. I could go look it up but I’m actually heading to bed here shortly. HAHA!



    Scarlett-no af yet..lo is 8 weeks so i have no cluw when it will come…i pump at night too…so i’m basically pumping or bf 24 hrs a day….and i pump after everytime i bf. I will up my water intake and hope that helps me a bit.


    Bri- I’m jealous you’ve had rain! We haven’t had any today. It’s been cloudy or sunny, I would like the sun to leave and to let the rain move in!! lol I’m so ready for Jeans, sweatshirts and boots!



    Bri has posted bf pics of her and Alex!!!

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