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    I’m sure drinking it cold would be fine.



    Id just like to dsay firstly Happy Easter to everyone ( it is Easter morning here) and how refreshing it has been to read everyones opinions the past few days instead of just reading about feeding problems and questions. I am always up for a good chat about all the things most people avoid talking about as i love to hear people explain where they are coming from and what makes them think the way they do. I love it. I love hearing from different perspectives on things and love that we all have a different view. Im so glad we can all say what we want on here without too much backlash… Well done everyone.


    im still breastfeedin my lil man and he is 14months got preag while breastfeedin im 12weeks gone so ladys breastfeedin isnt a form of contraceptive ok looool xxxx



    I have been bf my 5 month old son and this Saturday night I plan on going out with a couple of my friends. He has never had formula so would it hurt if I leave a bottle of formula with my husband if I don’t make it back before his ‘in the middle of the night’ feeding? I am sure if don’t get home on time he will miss only one feed from me as I plan on feeding him just before I go out.. I am just concerned! Thanks!!



    belly, how long are you pumping? Normally when I pump I get about 4 oz from the first 10 mins. If I keep going for about twenty mins i get another let down that gives me another 2-4 oz.



    hi ladies – just popping in to ask a question. i am 28 weeks pregnant, second time mom. i want to breastfeed my new baby but with my job, i am not going to be able to pump at work. does anyone do a combination of breast milk and formula? and what type of bottles do you use if you use them. i am looking into the born free ones. i breast fed my son for the first month after he was born and i loved it and was sad when i had to go back to work because he went strictly to formula. and advice?


    My daughter sucks on her hands too….she’s 3 months and she’s getting plenty to eat. I think some babies just do that. If my girl was hungry she’d let me know. It’s just a comfort thing I think.


    My Griffin is now 10 weeks old and loves to suck his hands from time to time when he is alert, anyone else’s baby turn into a thumb sucker after displaying this behavior?



    I think it takes a couple of days anyway in order for your milk to come in. Babies need the colostrum to clear their systems out. 1ByFaith-lay around and enjoy your newborn as much as possible. It goes by so fast it’s not fair!!!



    kebler98 : I stopped feeding when my little one turned one in Jume. I just sat in the rocking chair as normal and snuggled her into my chest and fed her the bottle that way. I still got my cuddle time and she still got hers. It was hard at first but if you wean one feed at a time it is much easier. IO allowed 2 weeks to wean fully and i had no problems, I had no milk 2 weeks after that and completely dried up and deflated within the month. Good luck.


    Natasha do you have a Target or babies-r-us in canada? If not I’d even go as far as to call the hospital if they won’t sell you one they should know where to get one.



    on the topic of young mothers and BFing, i had such a hard time for the first 2 months with bfing, supply issues do to 3 bouts of mastitis and being on antibiotics that upset my babies tummy, having a tongue tied baby for 4 weeks (with out knowing) having family members look down on me for choosing breast over formula…i can not tel you how many times a FFing friend or a relative saying to me that my baby wasnt getting enough and need to be supplemented with formula because she was nursing for 45 mins at a time every hour (can not tell you how discouraging it was for people to tell me i wasnt feeding my child enough) i knew she was getting enough because she was gaining weight and having plenty of wet diapers! i also have flat nipples so it was hard for her to latch…i did fermented oatmeal, fenugreek, and pumped between feeding on demand! finally after 9 weeks of going through this my baby and i got the hang of it, she now feeds every 2 hours for 20min during the day and only wakes once a night to nurse, she weights well over 16lbs at 11 weeks so i am sure she was getting enough the whole time! anyway there is a point to my rambling haha…i had an elderly lady (70-80’s) approach me on a malll bench at the food court last week and proceed to tell me i should be ashamed of myself sitting there with my breast hanging out in public and that her son (40’s) was so disgusted he wasnt able to eat his dinner. i calmly explained that i was feeding my daughter which i had all the right to do and that, and if her or her son had a problem with it they could take their lunch else where as they were not inclined to watch me nurse! her reply was how old are you 25? your to damn young to be breastfeeding anyway!! do people really think this way? i was astonished! of all the things to say to a breastfeeding mom…your to young?!? sorry i had to get that off my chest lol, i still can not understand her logic behind that statement! i am PROUD that i over came all of the problems and i am giving my daughter the best thing i mother can give a child!



    My LO is 10 months old today. I am seriously thinking of stopping ebf. I have been bitten too many times and now I cringe when we go to nurse. My nipples are so sore. Help! I have bf 2 other children and no problems. It really hurts and I can’t get him to stop.



    1byfaith – Seems like you are on the exact same pumping/feeding schedule I was on. The dips always happened to me before AF so maybe like phatbaby said its phantom cycles. Try not to stress because we all know that makes it worse! I always got through by thinking if I am putting that much work into maintaining my supply then there is just no way it will go away, that would just be too unfair. Some women dont have to do anything! Sure enough, it always came back. My problem was never with maintaining (although there were plenty dips), but I just never could increase supply with pumping in the later months.



    Thanks ladies – I used to always pump at least 6 ounces and now I can get anywhere from 2-4 ounces. Just wanted to make sure it was normal! =)

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