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    I was wondering if anyone can help me.. i am breastfeeding my 11 month old and would like to wean him at 12 months…but he does not go to sleep without sucking…can you please give me adive is to how to wean him and get him to sleep without him nursing?? thanks



    I love it when my son ‘pets the boobie’ It’s so darn cute. Also when I start getting the pillow for my back and my boppie he gets this silly little smile on his face. He’s such a boob man, and I couldn’t be happier!



    My baby is 15 weeks old and ebf. He has not pooped in 5 days, I am starting to get concerned, it does not seem to bother him att all, but I need some reasurance.



    DJ went for his 4mon check up. His pedi said that we could start solids also- like cereals. I mentioned about waiting till 6mons and he said there is no ‘magical age’ it’s all when your baby is ready. He said that if there is an increase in feedings and more frequent then they’re probably ready. He said to feed him breast first ALWAYS! Let him fill up that way. Then if he’s hungry again 30mins or 1hrs later give him a little cereal (losen w/expressed milk). It’s all about what your comfortable with and if your baby is ready. Also when you introduce solids it isn’t in replace of a feeding. It’s just a tiny bit more to help them learn to eat and practice with a spoon and swallowing and such. I think the studies of obesity, diabetes and such they are substituting the babys main nutrition w/the solids. I just think if you’re going to do it, it needs to be done right. Your baby’s main diet should be breast if you are nursing. We still aren’t sure when we’ll do it. I think DJ will let us know.



    It’s funny. Right after birth I’m not hungry at all. Can’t eat at all and then a month later I’m starving and thirsty too. I eat the right amount of food and try not to over indulge. It’s frustrating but oh well, at least I’m drinking the water. As for periods, it’s different with every women but most do get it after solids are introduced and Baby is sleeping through the night. Mine came back with my first around 8months. I do know of women that have gotten it at six weeks even with breastfeeding and others that didn’t get it back until after Baby fully weaned. I also might add if you use birth control (mini pill or IUD) it tends to come back with it.



    i have tried a pacifier and she doesn’t want anything to do with it……she will suck for just a second and when she realizes nothing comes out of it she spits it out…..i wasn’t going to let her use a paci but i’ve been desperate and keep trying to give it to her but no such luck yet.



    Bri, when I called the LC at the hospital to talk about it, she was really surprised as well. Esp when I told her about the fenugreek. I had been pumping 4-6oz every three hours at work. When that went down to 2oz I got panicky and tried the oatmeal with no luck…eating it 3 times a day. Started the fenugreek and saw that amount go down to .5oz every three hours. Having started off with such and oversupply I didn’t know what to do, esp because our deep freezer, with gallons upon gallons of my milk inside, got left cracked open and it all thawed. I had to dump it all! The LC’s reaction to it all… ‘considering your thyroid problems, you were lucky to have made it this far, so it wont be horrible to start on formula. Good for you for making it this far!’ That was when he was 8mo, I struggled through until he was 13mo and self weaned. Thank goodness I sought out help elsewhere! After learning all I could from the ladies that did help me, I have been able to manage my milk supply much better this time around!



    Today dh tried to introduce a bottle to Ella for the first time (she is 14 weeks and just got the hang of BFing a few weeks ago). She screamed the whole time. Poor thing didn’t know what to do and kept gagging. We were using the medela bottles but I think the nipple may be to hard and long, so I’ve just ordered something called The First Years Breastflow bottle. I’m wondering if any of you ladies have used it before. It is supposed to be closest to the breast so I’m really hoping it will work. We had wanted her to be able to take a bottle for June 2, when I will be away from her for a few hours but it looks like that won’t be happening. I haven’t been pumping long and actually tried to feed her with a full 5 oz bottle, which of course was wasted. So I think we’ll just try a few oz’s next time. I really hope the new bottles work when they arrive.



    Does anyone know any web sites where you can buy nursing shirts at a decent price? I’ve seen them, but they’re like $45!



    I’m trying to convert to cloth diapers any suggestions? I wana be as green and healthy as possible with this baby so any suggestions would be great!



    Expecting: I definitely have less milk at night. There have been a few times where Levi just wasn’t happy with what my boobs had to offer. I started drinking mother’s milk tea in the afternoon and it helps.


    fenugreek is wonderful, bt i think the best advise when nursing while sick is to increase your water intake. that shold help.



    How much caffeine are you guys drinking? I have not had any but really want some!!!!!



    New study out that confirms some of what I’ve been saying about breastfeeding….


    weirdly the hospital i delivered in was pretty progressive…they let me have a 100% natural childbirth (not even an IV) against doctors advice it’s not like they had a choice cause I was gonna do what I wanted anyway..they wouldn’t even give the baby a pacifier they said if baby needed to suck it should be on me but still on my way out I got a nice diaper bag with a full size can of emfamil. I’m pretty sure I’ll use it eventually but not for awhile but if I don’t I will donate it. poor kids deserve to eat too.

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