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    Seuban and Leslie, Alex went through that phase a few months ago. I would just remove his hands and hold them. We also nurse with his blanket so he’ll clutch that now. Or he’ll hold onto my shirt, bra or necklace. He just wants to cling to something while nursing.



    Bouza – BLW is Baby-Led Weaning. It is a practice of skipping purees and mush foods. When the baby turns six months we start giving them what we eat. It was how babies were fed for centuries and then when the ‘experts’ decided babies needed to be fed at 2 months they started suggesting moms put cereal in bottles and mushing up their foods so they can eat it. But now we know that babies shouldn’t actual eat until six months anyways. Babies will instinctually eat food when their bodies are ready. Before six months they have a thrust reflex. This keeps them from choking. As they develop that gag reflex goes further back until it reaches where yours and mine is. This allows babies to learn to get food into their mouths, chew their food and finally learn to swallow. My six month old eats food like a pro. He feeds himself. We make healthy meals every night and give him a choice of foods. He eats what he wants which for him is everything. HAHA! I absolutely love it.


    Joined weight watchers the other day get 10 extra points a day because EBF I did when feeding my oldest so know to be sensible on it. Also bought a pedomiter (sp) never realised how far I walk every day works out at a few miles pushing a double pushchair!



    seuban0, LOL, my labor for Zach was 3hours and I pushed not quite 2 pushes. No stitches. Makes it so much nicer! I have lucked out with both my boys though. Five hours with 39min of pushing for the first and then 3 hours with ‘2’ pushes for the second. Never had any stitches. Sometimes I wonder if going ‘full term’ or having a long labor/delivery would make it so that I wouldn’t get baby fever so soon after birth!



    Wow I didn’t even know that your period stays away longer while bf, that’s awesome. Thanks for the advice, im glad to hear that his poops are perfect haha it does sound odd to say. I’ll have to give the vaseline a try, hopefully it works.


    Maddux.. the pills worked for me after a day, but i got itred of taking them and they started a funny taste in my mouth. I stopped and my milk seemed thicker, it also stayed up. After awhile it went down. i went ot buy mothers milk today but itw as out. I heard it works great so I want to try it.



    Lilmam: I use baby oil. That and plain Johnson’s shampoo.



    jessica… my lo does this too sometimes… i think its because she is tired and just wants to suck not eat and milk is flowing too fast……but i could be wrong



    I found washable ones at Motherhood Maternity stores here in the states. My only gripe is they are kind of bulky and, depending on what I’m wearing, you can see the outline of them through my shirt. I also have used Lansinoh, same gripe there. They come folded in half so you can sometimes see the crease.



    My carseat was installed by our fire department. They have a registered guy on staff to do it. It’s at the proper angle and he still doesn’t have enough room for his legs. It happens. One of the kids in our playgroup is huge too. Well, he isn’t fat but he was 24in at BIRTH. Can you believe that! Alex was 22in at birth and I thought he was long. Oh well.



    Thought you all would like this quote…. I have no respect for the seemgingly perfect parent who’s opinions must be right. But a parent who fails, admits it, keeps going until it’s right, is willing to listen to new information and question their own opinions to be better parent, I have tremendous respect for. They care more about their children than themselves. No one ever gets parenting 100% right, but the least we can do is try 🙂



    Hi ladies-
    My DD is going to be 4 weeks old on Thursday, time is going by so fast! She is EBF and we have been doing really well right fro the start. I have a question for you moms…She has started to use the breast as almost a pacifier after she eats, she isn’t drinking just sucking, and she wont really take a real pacifier…any suggestions? This is mainly an issue at night when I am SSOOOO tired…
    I am sorry to see that there is some drama developing in this forum…
    Thanks and I hope we can support and help each other because I think that is what this is for, right? 🙂



    I have never really been like that. I have a good supply but never am I engorged. Last time Chris didn’t latch on so my supply went into the toilet. Then since I was still lactating when Alex came along I never got engorged. Then I got sick when he was 3 weeks and had to work to get my supply back to a normal level. Now it’s perfect of him and me. He eats every few hours and I’m never engorged. Gotta love it! No need to pump or anything. Perfect! Although I would give anything to have Lawson relatch to Leslie! If it meant I had to go back to pumping then I would! HAHA! Just like a friend of mine had an incomplete cervix and just lost her daughter. Mine cervix is extremely long. Nothing opens it up! I wish I could have given her some of mine. I know that sounds gross but it’s just the feeling of being helpless when a friend needs you.


    Ollie feeding Photobucket




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