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    notsmithers – can you hold out a week until after your son is tested for the allergies? Then you might be able to find the right formula to put him on. You have to look after all of you – baby, new baby and YOU!



    brie – Unfortunately, when you are EBF it is really up to the child and growth spurts. Once three months hits it should start to slow down but then those growth spurts pop up again and you’re back to feeding very couple of hours, if not every hour. As for keeping baby awake, I had the same problem. The other ladies are right, unswaddle your baby. My son had to stripped naked…in November! We would also have to move his little arms around like a chicken wing. HAHA! If he’d start to fall asleep then I would have to pick him up, burp him and move him around. Once awake we’d start again. In time he started to stay awake for longer periods.



    I just love this site. I learn so much from you ladies!



    oz baby- I would give that side a brake. Pump from that side and nurse from the other. You don’t want to get an infectation.



    ozbaby – I’m so glad to hear that you are going to continue BF. I was so sad reading all of your posts and in tears for you everytime I read them. I went through the same thing with my last child. I struggled with supply and finally threw in the towel and stopped all together. I was SOOOOO sad when I did. I remember standing in the shower sobbing when I realized it was over. At that time I didn’t know all of the things that I could do to try and boost my supply. I’m so glad that I found this site this time. It has been so helpful and informative. Good luck and I hope your milk comes back quickly!


    Hi ladies I havent been on in awhile, But i need to ask a serious question. My LO is 7 months old EBF and well I think i am pregnant. I dont want to take a test cause they can be so harsh to your heart strings when it says neg. Well I havent had a single period yet but I did spot On april 2nd with some cramping but then nothing else. I have also had high amount of lokoreah (spelling). Oh and Im the biggest B*tc* on the whole block. Seriously I dont want to be excited and find out that im not. What do you guys think. I dont have insurance right now and i dont know what do you think? Elena



    Also, I am pumping at work when i haven’t nursed for 5 hours. That pump normally yeilds 8oz. My afternonn pump only yeilds 5-6 because there is only 4 hours between pumps.



    erica- how heartbreaking to lose your freezer supply! Thankfully your lo is one and starting to wean, can you imagine it happening 6 months ago? On a day that you don’t pump enough you could always give cow’s milk. She is big enough now. Just introduce it a little at a time since you are weaning anyway. Just a thought. Or, you could transition to goat’s milk since it’s closest to bm. You did great making it to a year…good job momma!


    Thought I’d weigh in too. I was never able to pump more than two four ounce bottles for my baby while I was at work (2 pumping sessions). I had all kinds of people telling me it wasn’t enough, but my lactation consultant told me to ignore them. Kebler, you’re right–their bellies are too small for such huge bottles. I fed my lo every 4 hours, around the clock (I finally stopped waking him up for a 2am feed when he was 9 months old), all from the breast except for the two 4 oz bottles while I was at work). He is a little small, but he’s full of energy and always happy. He’s 14 months and 23 lbs.



    alh06- Go for it! If baby is only nursing on one side- pump away! That way you can get a freezer stock going. Everybody has a different system, and if that works for you, great!!
    horseygal- We have two cats, after the way my daughter chased them around and pulled on them, they pretty much leave my son alone. We kept her door closed during the day and they didn’t wander into her room much. If we did catch them in the crib we squirted them with water and they learned fast. Both baby and animals have to learn to live with each other. The other suggestion of locking them away at night is a viable solution as well…



    2ndtimearound, yes i suggest that you bring with you your pump, so that whenever you feel your breast(milk) in, you can pump right away.



    I am going to be in for it when it comes time to quit breastfeeding. Just reading these posts makes me so sad, I’m going to nurse until she’s 18, LOL!


    Oh and I thought maybe you could all use a good laugh…last week we were at our local zoo for an event and I needed to feed Griffin so I found a quiter spot and I have a ‘hooter hider’ cover up so I got him all set. Well i had the cover tucked and was fully exposed under it when the little stinker basically gave me a dutch oven! This is when some one farts and pulls covers over your head, gross I know but I have brothers, lol! So because I didn’t want to expose mysellf I had to sit there with the stench coming out of the opening meant for me to be able to see him, right under my nose! My husband sat across from me cracking up! 🙂 Typical little boy, full of farts!



    Hi All. Another question for you….My LO is 4 weeks old, and she typically only nurses off of one breast per feeding. I always offer the other breast at the next feeding, but am nervous that the ‘one breast per feeding’ might compromise my milk supply. Does anyone have any information on this issue?



    I am having issues with my milk supply. My son is 6 months old. i am on day 4 of antibiotics for mastitis. I had a fever for 2 days. Now I feel like I am not producing enough milk. It is literally about half of what it was. Is this normal/common from mastitis or being sick? any advice?? thanks

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