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    Leisa-I started my lo at four months. she was eyeing my food like a hawk watches a mouse. Made the transition fine, started with greek yogurt and then squash.



    could you go back to pumping and offer that in a sippy cup? though, I agree with the other ladies. it sounds like a comfort thing. maybe you could also encourage a nighttime bfing session before bed? all of this is just a guess though. i’m dealing with a 5.5 month old. he still nurses all the time so your situation is all new to me.



    jac-co-sleeping isn’t the evil that everyone makes it out to be especially for the bfing mom. Anything that makes your life a little easier is worth it. Just be aware that if at some point you want to have your bed back you’ll probably have to pay the piper some day. I know I will.


    Wow, so I guess having small boobs is good for something! lol I never thought I’d see the day that I was thankful for them being small! 😀 (One’s a B and the other’s an A – stupid right boob produces less!)

    What works best for me is letting my arm and hand support her back and tooshie with her hip resting on my lap. No second hand needed!



    Hi ladies, question for anyone who would like to answer.. I have a 13 month old who stopped nursing approx. a week ago. I got my first period about 7 weeks ago and haven’t had one since. Is this normal for it to be off a little off ? Or should i suspect a pregnancy? Thanks in advance!


    april: i fermented them. I just bought a big ole bag of oats, and soaked it in water over night. add milk and brown sugar the next day, warm it up, and its not so bad.



    for the past two days my dd nursi,g has not bn like it usually is. she is usually never satisfied during the day and then wont eat much @ night. well friday my mom watched her for a cpl hrs while i worked out. i planned on being back before she got hungry again but when i got back she had JUST finished a bottle. then yesterday my mom asked me to take my sister for a four wheeler ride so she didnt have to do it in the cold and it was the same way. im so scared since i went four hours w/ out nursing (my pump wasnt w/ me) that its gunna mess my supply up. what do u guys think?



    didderty: it’s probably her need to suck. My 2 sons were both like that. It’s called comfort sucking. They just want to suck…hense, the pacifier. I breastfed both and gave them pacis with no isssues. I allowed my first son to have the nipple when he wanted it, but I don’t have time for that with my 2nd son, so the pacifer is a lifesaver. That’s whu they make them,cause babies just want to suck! And unless you have time to be a human pacifier all day, I’d suggest you use one, or you will be a slave to the boob!



    oh i really liked the oatmeal texture was hard to eat but the flavor wasnt bad with some brown sugar……..but random question im closing in on 8 week postpardum and im still bleeding bright red and its still quite a bit and doesnt seem like its gonna let up anytime soon my OB said it was normal but she also said 4-6 weeks and it should have stopped??? im so confussed??? i had a normal vaginal delivery that was a few hours long and i didnt really have to push he just sort of slid out within 12 minutes on his own and i never felt my contractions i had 2 stiches from tearing nautrually so i dont know if that has something to do with it all because the delivery was so fast and he is my first baby?? but i just didnt think i would be bleeding this long ….and about 2 weeks ago i started on the pill but my OB said that would stop my bleeding as well or at least slow it down



    expecting-2B-patient – I couldn’t believe it either when our pediatrician told us to start with the juice. She also tried to push the solids very early. I had gone in at 3 and a half months and she was like, ‘It’s almost 4 months, you can start solids now.’ When I said that I planned on waiting til at least 6 months she said that my daughter would likely then be a picky eater. Whatever, I think some doctors just don’t read the latest info and have little real knowledge on breastfeeding. This was the same practice that had another pediatrician that told me to switch to formula when Savannah was 3 weeks old and had green poop and colic issues, and sent me home with 2 large cases of formula (I never used it thanks to my own research and support/advice from the ladies on this site). I’m not saying that I don’t listen to any of the doctor’s advice, but I question alot of it!!



    babybellybliss – Both times I had it my sons never had white on their tongues. The first time I was out of town and it just worse and worse. I was crying by the end of the weekend. Called my OB and she gave me meds and told me to call Chris’ doctor. It felt like razor blades going across my nipples. The second time around didn’t get so bad cause as soon as it started I called my ped. They looked him over and gave him meds and I had my OB call in some meds to my pharm. So, yes it is quite possible for you to have it and not your baby. But, you both need to be treated cause it’s a yeast infection. You can still pass it on.



    Ok so everyone I know is trying to lose weight and that’s all that really seems to be in aggreement on the month to month pages. HAHA! So I’m determiend to lose 7lbs by the 8th. That’s when Alex will be 5 months. It’ll also mean that I’ve lost 60lbs in total. I want to lose 27lbs by ‘summer’. I don’t know if that’s possible but I definately think that 7lbs is doable. I did some abs and back this morning (hate back fat!) and then while it was semi-clear I took the boys for a walk. It started raining when we got to the park but oh well. It wasn’t pouring. I wish we had better weather in the spring. Anyways, if I am able to do two work outs and walk during the day plus eating sensable meals I know I can make it!! There isn’t anymore cookies or candy in the house and I’m not buying it either. (Sorry Joe!). HAHA! I’ve been good today too. I had special K for breakfast and then an egg and toast for lunch. I know not a normal lunch but it was what I was wanting. HAHA! Had some saltines for snack and we are having spaghetti left overs for dinner. With water I should be able to drop some more!!! I really want to lose this weight. I don’t look that bad when I look in the mirror but seeing myself on the video recorder just kills me!



    I can’t tell you how disapointed I was to give my 3 week old formula last night. My milk supply practically disappeared. I have Fenugreek and Mother’s Milk ordered and it should be here next week. Luckily when I got up in the middle of the night, I was leaking and have had milk since. So in the end, he only got 2 oz of formula but I’m still very upset he had to get any. But I guess I’ve learned nothing ever goes the way you plan. Hopefully my supply will increase even more as I have to pump lots because I’m having my gallbladder removed on Tuesday and can’t nurse him/pump then and for 24 hours after 🙁



    styx- don’t freak out! haha not everyone has a dip in their supply. I do, but Ella just nurses a bit more often. I’m so sorry for you that you got it back so early, though. That’s terrible. I got mine back last month for the first time at 9 months pp, but had noticed little dips monthly for a little while. Like i said, though, we just nurse through it. It’s not too bad, so don’t freak. If you want to get some fenugreek, you could, but it’ll be fine.



    phatbaby57: thanks i’ll try that

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