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    notsmithers – my son has always wanted extra feeds during the night when unwell. Even now at 15 months. Fortunately most times he’s gone back to sleeping through on his own without me having to break the habit. It just happened last night – a full night’s sleep after 4 terrible nights with an awful cold. He really loses his appetite for food when unwell so I think he’s genuinely hungry as well as wanting the comfort. However if the waking continued after I knew he was well again then I’d just go in and give him a pat and tell him it’s sleepytime, and leave, then continue reassurance at intervals until he settled. It can become a habit and they need re-teaching how to sleep through.



    I’m having trouble, I have been e-breastfeeding (meaning no bottle, only breast everywhere we go) my daughter for 5 months and have started to do baby food. I tried to pump tonight and only got and oz out of both breasts. My daughter doesnt act like she doesnt get enough but Im a little worried bout the amount she is getting. Plus how much baby cereal should a 5 month old be eating? And when do I breastfeed her after she has eatin cereal?



    I think I have just one more week breastfeeding myself. My boy will be 16 months and I’m down to one morning bf (he gets a couple of bottles of toddler formula during the day). I’m going away for a weekend with some girlfriends next weekend and I think it seems like the right time to cut out that one feed. (Although I might take my pump just in case I get horribly sad and decide to prolong it!!)



    Thanks for your help ladies. I will definitely try these techniques tonight.



    I take 10-12 fenugreek each day.. some days I forget and only take like 6 or less but for the most part I try to take 10ish.. I’ve never noticed any problems with me or my baby but then again I drink the milk tea like twice a day too so maybe that helps. I’m sooo sick of this whole breastfeeding thing already. There’s no way I’m going to make it another month. I’m 5 months into it now and about to throw in the flag.. between supply issues, me being sick, the baby being sick, cutting his first tooth, and a slow letdown it’s just getting to me. I’ve started one bottle of formula a day for a week now and it feels so good just to get a break during the day. He’s only nursing from the breasts twice a day at this point.. in the morning when I’m somewhat full.. then he gets a bottle.. then I pump twice for his last 2 feedings. It’s really alot of work.. congrats to all you mommies who have the stamina to keep it up.. I’ll be lucky to make it to 6 months.



    question?? I have a 4 month old.. I was just told by the pediatrcian to start spoon feeding him rice ceral mixed with breastmilk 2x a day and then after a couple weeks also give him veggie baby what happens to my milk supply when he gets filled up on food?? Do I need to pump to keep it up or will my body just naturally adjust to the changes and still have enough for him the rest of the day when he doesn’t eat the rice ceral or baby food????



    i tried the old fashioned oats this morning. let them sit out over night. i was going to leave another set out this morning to have later tonight but i forgot, so i’ll just set them out when i get home and then have them before bed. i have an interview tonight for my summer job which will be full time 5 days a week, but it’s literally down the block from where my son has daycare so i’m hoping to time at least my lunch break to go and nurse him! that would help out so much with avoiding pumping and allowing an extra nursing session vs expressed milk in the bottle. i’m also going to start with homemade baby cereal this week so that by the time he’s in daycare everyday his routine will be established. i was really hoping to make it to 6 months before adding solids, but i want to be the one to monitor and feed him solids to start and if i wait til may that won’t happen. but i am 100% committed to making it to 12 months. i know the summer months might be more challenging especially if i have to pump more, but i refuse to buy formula. i just don’t want to do it. and thank goodness my freezer supply is good! i pulled out a bag for my son this morning to use and viola, no smell!

    oz-so glad you are following your intuition and working to get your supply back up! i’m sure it will be slightly challenging these first few days but you’ll be back at it in no time! best of luck!



    jandrews-can’t you pump a little bit here and there before you go, so you can have a bottle of expressed milk ready for him? Nothing wrong with supplementing if you have to, but after going five months with nothing but BM, no reason to put his stomach through that if its not needed! If you don’t hae a pump, a manual one is pretty cheap.



    I’m pumping for 15-10 min and only getting 1-1 1/2 oz. I’m trying to pump more often but have seen no results yet. This morning I pumped at 6:30am & got 2oz after feeding the baby from one breast. then at 8am & got 1 1/2oz and just now at 10:30a & got another 1 1/2 oz. So where before I would’ve had 5-10oz by now, I only have 3 oz … ggrrrr! Can’t I just eat the whole tub of malted milk now?!


    Someone mentioned malted milk, does that really work and would that just be like Nesquick or Whoppers? am I mistaken?



    My LO is almost seven months, and when I am at work, he still only takes three 4 oz bottles of breastmilk. I’ve never been there when he’s been given a bottle, but my husband says it fills him up, and he’s a good size for his age (about 17lbs).
    He sleeps through the night(or at least 7pm-3am-ish) but I still get up to pump, as I am not a great pumper during the work day. That little bit extra has allowed me to stockpile over 500 oz frozen…I had planned to stop that night pump at around seven months, but I’ve gotten so used to it I practically do it in my sleep!



    alh06 – yes, I had a friend who did that and it worked quite well for her! And if your baby ends up wanting to do the other side your body will adjust and compensate to make more.



    2ndtimearoundT- Can you BF the baby to help your milk come in? I just had a c-section a week ago and they gave the baby 6mls of sugar water while I was in recovery but after that I BF the baby for every feeding and he was getting colostrum. He stayed in the room with me and I BF’d him as much as possible. The baby is better at stimulating your breast than the pump. My milk came in on day 3.



    miami-personally if you are going to do anything i would give him little tastes of solids here or there instead of any liquid. That’s just me though.



    samantha- your baby cant bite if she is actively nursing. just watch her cues to make sure she is finished and end the session so you don’t get bit *ouch*

    mom of 3- Thats hilarious! My 21 mo old son always gets the walking farts ha ha ha

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