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    lauraid. My son always did that. Always offer the other breast when he is done with the first even if he seems done. If he doesnt take it, or just has a little then start with that one next time. Eventually he’ll probably want both. I never had a problem with supply even with only eating one breast at a time.



    I’m planning somewhere between 1 and 2 years. I’m hoping somewhere closer to 1 year she’ll start switching to morning and bedtime feeds. But as long as it’s before 2 years I’ll leave it up to her when to stop. Of course, I say that now…



    1byfaith and phatbaby I was just about to mention phantom cycles. I think it is possible since you can ovulate while nursing too. Try eating some extra oatmeal or malt o meal or maybe even drink a beer tonight to boost you back up. Start marking it on a calender and see if thats what it is. I take a combo of Calcium plus with Magnesium and vitamin D from GNC that seems to have help with my supply while aunt flow is visiting. I never got a break so I have battled it from the beginning and I just take it all month. Some said that if you can take it after you ovulate until your cycle is almost over then it will help but thats 3 weeks outta 4 anyways and i need the extra cal so I just take it every day. Drink extra water cause if it is a phantom cycle its probably pulling in all your fluids. Oh and it could also be that your breasts are finally regulating to it might take baby a few minutes to pull down the milk and your breasts might get alittle more stubborn with the pump. This happens around the same time frame.


    Question: how often do your babies spit up? My daughter is 3 weeks today and she spits up after almost every feeding and sometimes more than once. Sometimes it seems more like she’s vomiting and not just simply spitting up. I’m worried that she might have GERD or reflux. She goes back to the dr today so we’ll see what he says. Also, she chokes and gags when she’s feeding on my left breast, but not my right. I know that it’s not too full, so I’m not sure what’s wrong there either.



    I personally believe that co sleeping is safer than crib/bassinet. With all of the crib/bassinet/swing etc recalls, it is better to keep your baby as close as possible. Crib death/SIDS is real (lost our son in January in h is bassinet). I wish I would have never let him out of our site. This baby will be a co sleeper.

    Also, remember, suffocation and SIDS are too different things.



    Has anyone had any reactions to Fenugreek? I have been having some wierd heart flutters every now and then and I thought maybe it was b/c I increased my fenugreek to 4 pills 3x day. Maybe I am just grasping at straws but I dont know what else it would be. thanks!



    Blessedx4 – If it doesn’t bother him I wouldn’t worry. Breastfed babies absorbs most or all of the nutrients in breastmilk so there is little waste product after it is done digesting.



    I have a 17 day old little boy who i have been breast feeding and supplementing formula (he was in the intensive care nursery for his first two days). They started him on S&S which is a tube feeding of formula because my milk took so long to come in. Now, my right nipple feels like its on fire. I stopped bf him because i was scared it might be a yeast infection. I have been pumping every three hours and it seems to have stopped im just scared to try again in case it starts again. Anyone else experience this?



    Hannah, your supply will be fine. Just have some marathon nursing days when you can, you will adapt back with no problem. Trust in your body.
    Staceyspain-I don’t know anything about relactating, but, I would also sleep with your baby. The easy constant access to your nipples could only help in that department.



    didderty – my little one is 6 weeks old now. I promise, promise, promise it gets better. And when it does, you forget how terrible it was. Kinda like childbirth. I was in tears for a while. My nipples didn’t really hurt but Zoey nursed one day for 19 hours with only enough time to go to the bathroom in between (and she screamed the whole time). I ate with her latched on. I truly didn’t think I could handle it. But the girls on here assured me it gets better so I stuck with it. They were right. It started getting better at the end of week three for me. I know that feels really far away…but it will get here soon. Zoey STILL won’t take a pacifier but she’s kinda figuring out she has hands and thumbs now. But she sleeps well through the night (co-sleeping. I let her nurse as she wishes. You learn to sleep through it) and takes several long naps through the day.

    Hang in there. And feel free to vent to us! It’ll help the time go by! Also, invest in a boppy pillow if you haven’t already. It helped me be able to read a book while she nurses. And, I also watched 5 years worth of a favorite tv show….24 discs…in that three weeks. Keep yourself busy to pass the time. You’ll find, as she needs you less and less, you actually miss her more and more. Sometimes I pick Zoey up and hold her near me just because part of me misses those long weeks where she didn’t care about anyone but me.



    deeyore486 – lol that is hysterical!!



    Lawsons Mom – I think you should do what someone else had suggested: wear the cover up and just do it at your desk. Then they hopefully feel bad about it and make a private space for you! Unbelievable!



    expecting-2b-patient – I think that is the normal price for them. This sounds awful but I’ve been wearing a lot of maternity tops for over 3 yrs now. Mostly because my boobs have grown way too big for my normal clothes and second because they have better access for breastfeeding. I also look at some of the tops and know that you can only tell it’s maternity if you look at the tag. A blue tank top or black tee is going to look the same no matter what. I never wasted money on nursing tops with secret access. Your money would be better spent on something else. Or look at modest middles. They keep your tummy covered while wearing whatever you like.



    I’m with you bri I.want to lose weight so bad but as much ad I want to I have no motivation, n honestly don’t know how. My moms obese n. My dad is overweight as is my husband I just don’t know where to start its kinda overwhelming



    Expecting-I thought you weren’t supposed to heat breastmilk. I thought it was supposed to be room temperatue…? Am I wrong?

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