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    styx- i missed that that was mostly about being sick, not your period. anyway. I’d probably wait to get on antibiotics. But that’s just me. I don’t do medication. I haven’t been to the doctor in forever. Like the regular doctor. Not since like two years before i got pregnant. I obviously went to my gyno appointments while i was pregnant, but haven’t gone to any doctor since my six week pp visit. Anyway. Like i said, i’d probably wait and see if you can fight it off yourself.



    Ella that is good weight gain I agree with phat since you have a scale weigh than feed than weigh again this is what the lc would do to see if she is taking a lot in…..luv if she has always been little I wouldn’t worry about fattening her up if she is hitting all her milestones there really is no reason some babies are just small no matter what and you can’t fatten them


    Socal- I didn’t see that but there is a twitter thing that Kim posted saying how gross it was when this lady was breastfeeding her child. GRRRR! Even when I was against BFing for myself I never thought it was gross for someone to be doing it and for her to havea sister who does and say that…STUPID



    the risk of her waking more at night to eat is worth it if it means not having to supplement. you should try co-sleeping if you are tired. it really helps with reating when you have a baby that refuses to sleep through the night. i have a 14.5 month old that still wakes a least twice at night and i feel fine now that i have learned some cooping strategies and i work full time.


    benbubby i know how tiring it is ollie is 4 1/2 weeks feeds between 2 and 3 hours during the day. Cluster feeds from 6 until 9.30. Then wakes every 2 hours during the night. Then doesn’t settle properly from 4 because of wind. I also have a 20 month old. And i’m exhausted i have a headache all the time from lack of sleep. But i know i want my children to breast fed and i think its the best thing for them. Hope your baby settles and you get some sleep.


    bri what size pieces do you give to alex? I think this time i want to try blw obviously not yet as ollie is only 6 weeks, but i would like to go that way when he is ready. With james i spent hours cooking veg and fruit and blending. I had a freezer shelf full of blended baby food. He was really good and ate it all. However now he will only eat bananas and oranges whole all other fruit i have to make into smoothies for him to get him to eat it. And i just think if i had done blw with him i wouldn’t have this problem.



    Emilee, the little girl is in my thoughts!



    lawsons mom, basically they have done studies that show that tv affects their neurological development. one study showed that every hour of tv they watch under the age of two increases their likelihood of developing add/adhd by 10%. we actually took the tv out of the living room so that we just sit together instead of sit there staring at a screen. so i have no clue about any of the shows yall are talking about haha. hubby was a tv junkie before and even he will say that he loves not having the tv in the living room anymore because he gets to talk to me more, and we get to interact more as a family. of course we still have one, but its upstairs so u have to kind of make a pt to go up there and watch.



    benbubby – yes, most books and even the growth chart that your doctor uses is based on formula fed babies. Your baby is completely normal.


    Lexi be careful! Pumping does solve the problem initially but it will increase your supply because your demanding your body to make more starting a vicious foremilk circle. I have this same problem. The best thing to do is block feed for several hours on one side to make sure the baby gets plenty of hindmilk and empties the breast completely. Le leche says don’t pump if you have to relieve engorgement express just enough to be comfortable.



    oh yeah! I forgot..this morning my little girl would not settle and I was so tired, so after having only two hours of sleep I finally went in and woke her dad up at 6am and said okay, you got some sleep, its your turn! I dont know what her deal was but I laid down at 6am and woke up at 11am!! 5hours of sleep! I cant believe I slept that long! I guess I needed. I hate how I wake up in a worried state though. I always jump up out of bed and run out to the living room..but everything is always fine! theres my baby hanging out with dad! I wonder when that will go away? ( I mean, waking up in a panic)



    Sorry to post in the middle of a conversation, but I am just SO happy and had to tell you all that at 15 weeks and 5 days old, my baby boy Samuel finally decided to feed without the use of a nipple shield!! He just did it last night after his top up bottle and has fed without it all day today, I didn’t even force him, just been trying without before each feed, and actually thought he was never going to do it so started to give up and bam! he done it in his own time. NO MORE SHIELD!!!! 😀



    BRI- I never would have thought that, and still don’t. I’d be thankful for more places where woman can go and nurse. I for one, do not like to nurse in public. If I had to nurse DJ I would have found a place where there were no people or have draggged every thing all the way back out the gates and to the car, lol! It’s just how I feel.



    deeyore486 – I don’t remember the dreams but I remember the fear. That’s why I was diagnosed with night terrors. It wasn’t nightmares that kept me awake but the fear. That probably doesn’t make sense. I didn’t want to go to sleep because I had them almost every night which meant I’d wake up in a cold sweat and just scared. I think I was like 12 when I outgrew them.


    We call Alyssa little mama, lyssa, silly and monster. 🙂

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