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    kelly – the play-doh poo is one of the things I have loved about breastfeeding for longer! It makes for much easier cleanups and the poos just tipped down the toilet really easily. Now my bub is eating more than he’s drinking milk, the texture has changed to more regular sticky poos. Pity!



    I was sooo hesitant about breastfeeding in public when Wyatt was new. I always made sure to carry a bottle and then I would just pump when we got back to the car. That got to be so annoying though so I got over it. I still cant sit in the middle of a crowded mall or anything, but I do breastfeed either in a chair in the corner of a restroom or in the car whenever I can. I got one of those nursing blankets with a weight that makes it stay put. I also pump in my car. To stay discreet when putting everything in place I just lean forward behind the wheel and noone can see anything. Then I just either pull my shirt over it or throw a nursing blanket over and noone can see anything. Wyatt is 14 weeks now and really I am to the point where I dont even care if people notice. I am doing it to feed my son.



    i know my son find it hard to feed when he has a blocked nose, he cant breathe properly. he kept coming off and going back on. also his teeth would stop him feeding right.



    Hey ladies! I haven’t been on all weekend but just stopping by to say to everyone! Happy weekend, even though it’s Sunday! I do have good news! My 14 month has slept through the night the past two nights! YAY! We’ve been trying to break the habit of feeding overnight and it’s beginning to work. We started right after Christmas so it’s been a long road. I feel a lot better and can’t wait to do it all over again. HAHA!



    misca-Your hubby needs to realize that a baby is MUCH more natural at your breast than a pump! Your baby nursing will help your supply build so much more than a pump, so please consider at least starting out BFing. Then working in pumping as it works for you. And as for him being a stubborn Marine, I was a Staff NCO in the Marine Corps for ten years, and I know that military spouses are a strong breed, so I know you can get him thinking how you want!



    If your outside the US you can get a script from your Dr for motilium. Otherwise if your in the US some ladies have ordered it online from mexico?
    It works great and ive been on it for 5 months as every time i stop my supply goes. I never have supply drops now even when she is off her milk from cutting teeth. Just make sure if you take it to take it 15-30 minutes before food or 2 hours after as it needs an empty stomach to work effectively. Good luck,



    Does Mother’s Milk tea taste like tea??? I do not like the taste of tea. It tastes like soil smells to me. Where do you get it?



    clange I chose not to start feeding my LO that soon. Because the gut isn’t fully closed at 4 months and can cause more tummy aches. If you do want to start or when you do start feeding solids the best thing to do is nurse and then offer the food. If he skips a feed because of food I would hold of on the food a little longer as the milk is the most important thing for him right now. A lot of peds aren’t up with the new standards for breastfed babies so they offer all moms to start food at 4 months.



    Good luck ozbaby! that is really great that you are so committed to breastfeeding to try again to make it work after all the difficulties. It is really inspiring!



    ilyrpz143ilyenz: If you havent had a period yet i doubt that you would be pregnant. BUT having said that lots have people have fallen pregnant while feeding. If your not having a period then the only way your going to find out is to take a test and see. Good luck and i hope you are if you have your heart set on it.



    iamjustmeforme: How long did it take for you see an increase in milk?


    so, i think i figured out my supply issues. i dont think im letting down anymore. even when i pump, milk flows for maybe a mintue, and i get half an oz, thats it. how can i increase my letdown? before the mastitis, i had such a good letdown, my son sometimes couldnt keep up, and id end up spraying him in the face lol. any ideas?



    My LO is 6.5 months and gets one 4 oz & two 5oz bottles when i am at work. Sometimes she only takes 12 oz of that. So I think we are all feeding about the same. Yesterday she only took 9oz. Formula babies drink more because there are less calories per oz ( I read this somewhere)



    alh–i pumped and nursed at the same time. as she got older i wasn’t able to b/c she was so distracted by the pump. but i was able to stock up a whole bunch of milk & it helps your supply.


    Sydnee – I was just thinking the same thing. I wish I could sit and nurse all day. Ah – the good ol’ days!!! Raegan will be 5 months on the 5th and she just wants to go go go all the time. She’ll let me stand and sway with her but I swear she knows as soon as my butt hits the couch…even if I just sit on the end and still sway her….sooo sad 🙂 lol. I am a working mom. I work nights (pump 2x at work) and nurse usually 2x during the day. She usually has to get 1 bottle of formula bc I can’t produce enough from the pump. Even if she’s not hungry I’ll try to nurse her just so I can sit down sometimes 🙂 She’ll usually try to nurse for 5 minutes….

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