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    ama, I see a Family Prac who specializes in woman’s health, so she does all the care during pregnancy and then becomes the boy’s ped. She was the one that wrote me my RX, but I don’t know if she was writting it as my OB, as my GP or as the Ped. That might be a better question for the insurance company, sorry! (When my rx was written, she wrote it for jaundice and engorgement, so again, it was for both baby and me so I don’t know what facet she was writing it in.)



    momofcash…I didn’t think that you were. Just asking your opinion since you had shown interest in the conversation about it. Thanks for your response.


    mybabysuprise – Ideally, it would be better if you could increase your supply to meet the demands of your LO. But if you’re contemplating store bought formula, my suggestion would be to go the route of the goatsmilk concoction. Goatsmilk is the closests milk to breast milk out there. The goatsmilk recipe is not ‘formula’ you actually make it yourself. It’s goatsmilk, water, brown rice syrup and black strap molasses. I keep the recipe handy in case of emergencies but I hope never to use it… at least not until Alyssa is 1 year old. Then I plan to use goats milk before I transition to cows milk. Anyway, if you want the recipe let me know and good luck!!! 🙂



    actually nevermind about my question…i jsut read more on that site and it answered that question. Thanks tho!



    ahahaha godiva.. same here! well… not anymore. but definitely used to.



    Hi ladies! I am 9wks pregnant with my third child. This is absolutely our last one so I want to make the most of everything. I breastfed my second daughter just shy of one year (on her terms, not mine). I have a question for all you really season pro’s out there. With both my children, I breastfed and each time it took about 4 DAYS for my milk to come in after i gave birth. I am expecting no different this go around. I am planning on keeping the baby in the room with me at all times possible, no going down to the nursery. I want him/her to be there so at any chance I can put my baby to the breast and hopefully not to have the nursery give my baby any sugar water/formula. That is what they did for both my previous children. Here is my question…how the heck to you make it with baby until that point when your milk comes in? I mean, I don’t want to starve my newborn baby but at the same time, I really don’t want to introduce any formula this time around. I would love to hear any advice, suggestions or your experiences. Like I said, this is my third but when it comes to breastfeeding, it can be a new experience with each child you give birth to. Thanks!



    HisBabyMama85 – i did the same thing! it always scared me i would jolt awake thinkin omg i fell asleep! i started nursing my lo in bed with a pillow under her or u could try a boppy just to kinda keep her in place , but now my lo sleeps with me so i just lay on myside feed her and we both go back to sleep . i like the timer idea.



    It’s crazy how I just had my son this month on the 7th and for a petite person like myself I’m notnsure where I got all this milk from! I have to excessively pump all the time so I carry spare storage bottles and a pump with me just in case, my breasts usually get overfilled with producing so much milk. I’ve already gone through the ‘breast engorging’ phase and really all this breast milk for a 5lb 3 oz baby is a little too much. He gets full off of one breast and I usually end up pumping the other. And for another fact I leak real bad and have to sleep with a towel tucked in my bra every night so I don’t soak my bed sheets. Has anyone had a problem like this? I mean don’t get me wrong I love the fact I’m able to breast feed & produce milk but like I said it’s kinda getting out of hand with all this milk.



    I enjoyed breastfeeding my daughter as I didnt with my 2 oldest boys, because I had no support. Anyways I weaned her when she turned 2 and I become PG. I am just worried that when it comes time to have my baby that I will forget how to breastfeed after doing for 2 years then haven’t for about 8 months now.


    I am currently 17 weeks and now type 2 diabetic, with my son I only had Gestational Diabetes and had section at 36 weeks. He hypo-ed shortly after birth as he had breathing and swallowing difficulties….I was only told after the event that I should have expressed colostrum ready to give him soon after birth…..has anyone else stockpiled colostrum for freezing, and at what week did you start to collect? Many thanks



    I don’t know where else to ask this…I couldn’t breastfeed my daughter and so I had my milk dry up, little bits of it would leak out onto a pad in my bra for a week or so and then it eventually went away. What little itty bitty bit that did come out smelled awful, like bad milk or cheese. I’m pregnant with our second child and I’m only 21 weeks along and all of a sudden I smelled that smell again when I took my bra off and sure enough just a little tiny bit that had actually dried up and I had to pick it off came out of my nipples. Is this normal? For there to be this leaking this early on? And also for it to have that odor?



    it was easy to stop feeding my son but hard on my heart my body just quit making milk. so I guess my body couldn’t keep up bf and being pregnant. he has done an awesome job its been 3 weeks now and he has asked for it a few times but I just ask him if he wants his cup. he was14 months. I wanted to stop at 18 months so we almost made it. good luck to everyone.



    I have pretty much the noisiest baby… you should hear the noises he makes when he feeds EVERYTIME… it kinda sounds like ‘a seal in distress’ lol really no other way to decribe it.. and then he has a different noise for a number of different things, sleeping, playing, etc … brought him to the docotor but apparently hes fine, but you might not think if you heard him. I can;t call anyone while feeding him either haha



    OK I need some help ladies…I have been really into the attachment style parenting and Kennedy was co-sleeping with us for the first few weeks until she began sleeping through the night around a month and a half…well lately like the past 3 weeks or so she has been waking in the middle of the night. So I nurse her and then put her back in her crib and she starts to cry so I bring her back into the bed and she falls right to sleep. And now as days go by she has been waking up earlier and earlier and crying to come into the bed with us. Now she like has to be snuggled all in my armpit just to fall asleep lol…I dont know if I spoiled her, or if maybe her teething has been causing discomfort and she just wants to nurse and snuggle, or if maybe shes getting a growth spurt early and needs to feed more often…anyone know???



    I bet a magic eraser would get it out? I love those things. They are the best for scuffed walls and soap scum in the tub.

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