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    My daughter bit my left nipple, and I can’t continue breastfeeding until it heals. I’ve been putting lansinoh on it, and I’m still feeding her from my right breast. My left is leaking, and hard and painful, and I don’t know what I can do about it. How long can I stop breastfeeding for before my milk dries up? I’m on the verge of just weaning her anyway, she’s almost 11 months, and I’m going back to work in 4 weeks. I was hoping to continue with 2-3 feeding a day, but I’m afraid of being bitten again.


    campimama – I just read your blogs…..seriously good info in there!! Thanks for taking the time to share! FYI – Fenugreek is a natural laxative (sp) so I had to stop taking it 🙂 haha. My supply is not impressive by any means….but anything I can give my girl is good enough for me 🙂 And I’ve been eating chicken like crazy!!! Normally I don’t like chicken at all but for the last week I’ve eaten it EVERYDAY….I wonder if my body is trying to tell me something…hmmmm….my big thing is I don’t drink enough water….I just know if I drank the recommended amount I would be able to nurse and pump enough and not supplement…..I just can’t drink that much. How selfish am I? I only get 3-4 ounces at a time when I pump. (both boobs)



    Hi Ladies – does anyone have any tips on breastfeeding twins? Please messaga me on my profile. Thanks!



    Miley, a good way to gage if your baby is getting enough to drink at the breast is to write down every pee and poo they have and keep track of your feedings. According to Amy Spangler’s Breastfeeding A Parent’s Guide, ‘as long as your baby has at least 8-12 breastfeedings, 6 wet diapers and 3 poops a day, your breastmilk is all that he needs.’ By the way this book is wonderful, I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to breastfeed and those who have before. I just had my third child (I breastfed my first two, as well) and I always refer to this book. New questions always come up.



    My DD also only eats from one side per feeding. I don’t even offer the other side except when she’s cluster feeding, then I do it to give the original side a break. I have no idea what this means for my supply, but it’s worked for us for 3 1/2 months. And it makes it very easy to tell which side to start with the next time. 🙂



    springtime have you tried using and antibiotic ointment? You have to wipe it off before nursing but the ones with pain relief added helped me on a few bites.



    Hi ladies
    Thanks for the comments. Jacob fussed until 6am and finally fell asleep with me nursing him, but I had to leave for work at 715 so it was a rough day!

    I only work out of the house one day a week but Jacob has been with my mum since he was born since she often visits for several days a week and watched him when I worked outside the house this summer.
    He was fine all day, slept quite a bit my mum said!

    He is going through a phase where he cries for me. Nothing is wrong, he only wants me and has to be in my arms. Anyone else going through this?

    So far however that was the first time he just would not sleep. I’m baffled.
    I stopped giving him food, it seems to make him fart more than he already does. So we are back to ebf, not that he had a lot of food anyway.

    I also wanted to note that I bought a manual pump and I much prefer it to the electric one. I get much more milk, I can walk around pumping and get dressed, do little tasks, I feel I enjoy it more. So anyone of you who are pumping you should try one! I also keep it in my purse and take it to work.

    One other q , Jacob still doesn’t sleep through the night. He falls asleep around 1130 PM and wakes so easliy with farts and every two or three hours searches for a breast. If he doesn’t find it he wakes up crying! At 6.5 mnt is this normal? He is 23lbs now and nearly 27 inches tall! Maybe he just needs a lot of milk?

    Thanks for reading!


    Any of you ladies that work, and pump while away from you children, I was wondering about how long your children were away from you, and about how much milk they drink. My son was at the babysitters for 7 hours, and went through 20 ounces of milk. That seems like an awful lot of milk for such a short amount of time to me. (He weights 12 lb 10 oz) That was all that I had, so now somehow I have to manage to come up with 20 ounces (or more) between now and tomorrow morning. I do have 9 ounces so far, but hate stressing about keeping up. Friday is my last day of work, and I will be a stay at home mom. I have managed to keep Jayden strictly on breast milk. It would break my heart to have to put him on any formula at all since I’ve already made it 4 months without anything other than breast milk. I’m just curious if other babies drink that much that often….my babysitter isn’t taking me quitting very well, and I really hope that she isn’t wasting any of my milk…but I just don’t see him drinking five 4 oz bottles in 7 hours……



    I am a co-sleeping mama! I love it! The closeness, the ease while nursing, the extra sleep! haha!



    Everyone keeps talking about massive boobs and I’ve just got these crazy images of what we all look like hahaha! I’ve got DD’s and didn’t realize how big they were til I saw myself from a side view on our Christmas video. WHOA!! lol!!!



    t3po, thanks so much!! good to hear thats normal.:) thanks for taking the time to reply! hope your pregnancy is going smoothly.



    expecting-2b-patient is right that there is no magic number but because of the risks that can be involved in feeding solids too early I wouldn’t risk it. I would rather up my feedings then give solids before my baby is ready. Whatever you do, don’t force solids. If baby can sit up with little or no support, can eat off a spoon and is interested in food then you can try it. If Baby still has his/her thrust reflex then it’s not time. Don’t try and shove the food in the mouth. Baby should open wide when he/she is ready. Oh and any study can skew things to fit one’s own needs. Many times it’s the formula companies or food manufacturers that will skew it so they get two more months of Baby eating their foods. I personally didn’t have any solids until I was a year. My mom said I wasn’t interested. I have no allergies, weight issues or any other problems to that nature. I’m glad she let me decide when I was ready. I did the same with my first son. He was around 7months when he started solids. We skipped cereal since it’s just empty calories. We made our own food and fed him one meal at the table with us. By around 10months he was eating the same stuff we were at dinner. This includes steak and rice which is now one of his favorite meals.



    HannahKay – It’ll be fine. It’s only when it becomes a habit that it messes with supply, here and there won’t matter.



    babybean, I don’t know when you’ll notice a difference with the pumping, but as for the car rides… I have the same problem. I live basically an hours drive from anywhere, and somehow need to go into town what seems like every day (apparently I’m really unorganized). Every time we get in the car he cries. I try to have my husband or older son sit back there with him to try to coax him into taking the paci, but sometimes there is no other option than to stop and nurse. I have memorized where all the parks enroute to anywhere are, so I can let my older son play while I nurse, or he makes sure to bring a book, or his ninteno DS to keep him occupied. Or, if I know that I will be driving when he’ll be hungry, I will bring a bottle of BM already warmed for him. He’s not too fond of the bottle, and won’t really take it, but just the taste of the milk calms him, and he’ll kind of mouth it for a while. At the end of the car ride he’ll only have taken an ounce, maybe less, but at least he’ll wait until we get where we’re going before he nurses.



    seuban, the reflux gets better as they get older. at least it has for my son. we were going through bibs left and right and you could find them scattered at every corner of our hosue when he was born. i also had a spit up at all times on my right shoulder haha. now hes five months and sits up more and keeps it down, no rice cereal was involved in this process! i tried zantac for a bit with him but stopped that as well. letting nature take its course. mind u he is growing quite well, if urs isnt growing well that might be another ball game.

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