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    Shirls – I bf my son until he self weened at 15 months. He started solids at 8 months and at 12 months was getting 3 meals a day and bf 3 times a day. I got my first PP period at 13 months. It is very normal not to get it until you cut back on bf. I got mine back about 5 weeks after i stopped bf/pumping during the day. As for symptoms, From about 7 mo PP i would get a ‘fake period’. I would go through all the symptoms of period/pregnancy and then after a week it would pass and come back about a month later. I would have mild cramping, my boobs would be sore, bloated, all the fun stuff! Enjoy it being gone while you can. Those frist few are crazy!



    There is no reason to not feed your baby after eating spicy food! I would not worry at all about pumping-n-dumping. Your baby will let you know if she doesn’t like it, but the great majority are just fine with spicy foods.


    erica93–My baby is 7 months today. I went back to work when he was 4 months. I pump twice a day and normally only get 8oz total ( enough for 2, 4oz bottles while I am away). That’s all I’ve ever gotten. Ever so often, I’ll pump 9.5 oz in 1 day but it’s rare. It’s super hard to do, but try not to worry–you’re making enough and doing what’s right for you, your baby, and you family. Good luck!



    Morning ladies! Wondering what your best tips and tricks are for getting baby poop off of my fav shirt! Karissa completely covered the front of my shirt yesterday and I rinsed it out and treated it with Shout, but the stain is still there… help?



    i think people probly do make up excuses. all breastfeeding takes is practice! i didnt start to bf until my baby was 2 weeks old. he had only had bottles and pacifiers for 2 weeks and he STILL latched on and i can bf and give a bottle. all it took was 2 days of practice!! so if he can bf after 2 weeks, i would think a lot of babies can bf from the beginning if people just tried as hard as they could



    aidensmommy – Here is a great site for the bf laws. you can bf on flight.

    Have fun on your trip!



    Jen I was having the same problem with my son yesterday (he is a Wyatt too!). He would eat for a few seconds then get really mad and cry. Then I would switch and he would get mad and cry. I kept going back and forth it just seemed like he didnt like the taste. It was extremely frustrating so I had to hand him to my husband and take a breather. He calmed down and I tried again 1/2 hour later and he was fine. No idea what the problem was. It must be hard being a baby.



    Do any of you have some tips on how not to lose supply due to a cold? Has anyone mananged to avoid this in the past?



    misca – As the other ladies said, those first few weeks are the most important to get your baby to the breast. You need to establish a supply so that you can pump. My son was at my breast every hour for 20 min a time when he was first born. I would have lost my mind if i had to be hooked to a pump insttead. I understand having a stubborn military spouse. My DH was military for 22 years! My DH didn’t like the idea of bf either. I basically told him that this is what i wanted to do for our child. I printed out/sent links to a ton of websites detailing the benefits of bf. I also sent him links and info about establishing supply. It seemed to change his view enough to let me give it a try without dealing with his negative comments. We agreed to do it for 6 weeks and then see how everything went. (part of his hesitation was the first time around, i was miserable and so was my first son. we stopeed that bf at 4 weeks). So after 6 weeks it was going well and despite the fact he is a boob man he was very ok with it. I had a good supply established and had great bonding with my son. I continued to bf exclusively till he was 7 months old. Then he had to start daycare (he was comign to work with me) and i started to pump on a regular basis, not just when i went out. I would pump 6 times a day to get the 2 bottles he needed at daycare and would continue to feed on demand when i was with him. Pumping for me was very difficult. With a great pump i was still only able to pump a few oz every time, even though when i would feed my son he would 5 or 6oz. My body just didn’t work well with the pump. Good Luck. That is a tough situation. I would talk to him and explain to him how important it is to you to give it your best try.

    3rd – I just stopped our last feed (AM) this past monday. part of me is very sad but we were both ready. We only stopped b/c he was no longer interested. Usually we would cuddle in bed and he would feed. Monday he wanted to cuddle but not eat. Though he did do something very funny. This morning he acted like he wanted to nurse but i wouldn’t let him (b/c we had already stopped) after a few min he was fine, but then when i was getting dressed he saw my boobs in my bra, gasped, then ran over patted them, smiled and walked back to what he was doing. It was like an ‘oh good, they are still there, just checking’. haha.

    Tiff – Most women have a dominant breast. Mine was my left. Though they both felt the same before pumping i could pump at least an oz more out of my left then i ever could out of my right per pumping session. It was frusterating. I just made sure nothing was clumping so that i would end up with mastitis. But you can try things like soaked oats. Pumping on that breast longer or more often then the other.

    Prego – Is your LO sick? teething? Keep trying to bf, when he is hungry he will eat. My son went through that at one point. It was b/c he had thrush and his mouth hurt. Check for white stuff in his mouth. If it is there, go see your doc!



    hi angela i know if your in the uk you can buy motillium over the counter but i think in the US you have to get it online x



    armymom- I feel your pain. I started back to work 3 weeks ago and was ready to throw the towel in then. I want to make it to at least 6 months. I get so tired of pumping, worrying about supply, making bottles for grandmother for the nex day, carrying all this pump crap with me to work, etc. But when I read that it is better to breast feed your baby and smoke while doing it instead of giving your baby formula, that sent up a big flag. The American Acadamy of pediatrics said that. Formula is obviously not all that great for the baby in comparison. Armymom- have you tasted that formula. GROSSSSSSS- if you haven’t tasted it, do so and you may think twice about stopping nursing. You can do it. At least until baby is 6 mo.



    to increase milk supply try an hurbal tea called mothers milk it may work for you not all hurbal teas work for everyone but it is worth a try. also hate to say it but no sleeping on your tummy the pressure on your boobs will hinder the milk supply. not only did i read that on the Le leche web site but i find that true for me. also i have been sleeping in a tight bra and find that using a not so tight one at night is better for my supply as well. i only figured that out about a week or 2 ago.



    anniemarie – I made sure I got a daycare close to my work. My work knew that I spent each lunch hour there and it was the same time every day so they knew not to give him a bottle. It worked out great! I only pumped twice a day, morning and afternoon and I would feed him before he went at 7:30, I’d feed again at noon and when I picked him up at 4:30. It got to a point where I would only bring in a sippy cup full and he would drink off that all day. He learned to drink it cold from the sippy which I would advise when starting sippies. Breastmilk can stay in the fridge and be sipped off of if it has never been heated. Once it’s been heated then it needs to be thrown out after an hour.



    I got pregnant with my second when I was BF. I never had a period in between. I just stopped BF my 14 month old. I thought she would have a really hard time with it because she has never had a bottle or anything. she is fine. I am so sad. I feel guilty and like I miss her all the time. I wanted to BF until she was 2 but the dr said I should stop sence I am 12 weeks pregnant and haven’t gained any waight yet. sorry I just wanted to vent. good luck to everyone.



    ooo- i need to start rotating out my freezer supply. i have some that has been in there almost 3mo and its not a deep freezer. Thanks for the reminder.

    Belly- do you take any other supplements like fenugreek or blessed thistle? I take about 15-20 of each a day! I also take Reglan- I have no side effects but am going to try to start weening myself from those and hopefully my supply will stay up.

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