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    Thanks guys, it was like my biggest nightmare to lose all my BM in the freezer. I have always been like, ‘my milk’ don’t leave the freezer open too long!, don’t let Isabella play with the milk bags (she loves taking them out of the freezer LOL!). Now it is all gone. Nothing I can do now. She is on half cow’s milk but I still only pump like 3-4 oz a day, which isn’t enough. Guess we are going to have to up the cows milk for awhile and maybe I can save an ounce a day or something (you know in case something happens.).



    My pediatrician advised me to start Baby on full-cream homo milk, just tastes at first, then gradually more, after 12 months. But the same pediatrician told my sister-in-law to start her baby on skim or 1% milk. I think the reason is that she (the mom) is overweight and the doctor was concerned homo milk would be unnecessarily high in calories for that baby, growing up in that family with their genetic and lifestyle factors. But I’m slim and only one of my other 5 kids is at all heavy, so he figured higher fat milk would be better for her. So yeah, it depends if you have reason to be concerned about possible weight issues in childhood.



    Also I should say that I haven’t feed her from my left breast since friday morning at 7:00 am


    Ok one more comment and I’m done – I need to know if I am a freak!!! I ALWAYS get 2x as much out of my right boob than I do out of my left. Sometimes I only get 1 ounce out of the left and like 3 out of the right…..what is the deal here??? Now I know that it might be normal to get a little more out of one side than the other but I feel like if I could get my left to keep up with my right maybe I would be able to produce enough to not supplement…..what is reason for this….FYI I’m left handed. I do everything with my left hand but but left boob doesn’t work….what is up with that?????



    Hi Ladies – does anyone have any tips on breastfeeding twins? Please messaga me on my profile. Thanks!


    Natasha, if you look on the medela website there are 1-800 numbers you can call and they should be able to tell you where to buy in Canada.



    I am pregnant with my 2nd and got breast implants a month before i found out i was pregnant. it was very surprising news, otherwise i would have waited out the surgery. I breastfed my son for 9 months and loved the effects not only for him but the bonding and i was able to get back into my shape before much faster. I have asked the surgeon if i should have problems breastfeeding this next one now becasue of the implants he said no because their under the muscle. It still worries me and i guess i wont know til after the baby is born. my incison was through the areola but implant is under muscle. If any of you moms have anything similar and still can breastfeed or can not i would love to know or get some advice. Thanks!



    Thanks Angela, I am just scared to get bit again. Almost every time I nurse he bites me. I am sore. I sort of want to throw in the towel and give up. But then I feel bad for feeling this way.



    Oh, I forgot to ask. Does a phantom cycle mean that your real cycle is going to start back up soon??



    lore-the letdown is probably too fast like the other mom said. if you don’t have a pump another solution, the one i used, is to let lo suckle and then remove babe by breaking suction with your pinkie and wait until flow slows. have a burp cloth or towel ready to catch extra milk. also you may need to do this more than once with a fed. eventually your lo will be able to handle the faster flow and you be able to stop.



    I read on here that Fenugreek is good for increasing milk supply, so I ordered some. I just got it in the mail and it says not to take if nursing! What’s the deal?



    **crazyfornumber3-my dr increased my meds during my pregnancy but took them back down once I gave birth. I don’t think passing the extra along is a problem. And as far as low milk, I haven’t had any trouble. When I came back to work my supply went down a little but I started pumping more and it came back up. Also when I started Birth Control my supply went down so I stopped it, started pumping more and still going strong.



    laurenr – Mine was very weird the first several months. I thought I was pregnant because my mood was crazy too. I wouldn’t worry.



    We started Sadie with solids a little over four months. She was literally begging and trying to steal food from our plates. No cereal here either, just pureed real food. She still breastfeeds first though, not a big food eater. Yet at 10 months she’s 24 pounds:) She’s really a social eater, only eats with mom and dad. Not much at daycare.



    phatbaby57 – I was worried too but mine really wasn’t bad at all. It was actually fairly light the first time. It did take several months before it was ‘normal’ and regular. I also thought I got pregnant around that time too because I was late and having hormonal issues. It just turned out that my hormones were getting back on track and I was about every 6 weeks for a while. I’ve heard this is normal…so…don’t worry about it. And once it does return you probably aren’t pregnant when it’s late. HAHA!

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