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    best new mom advice…make peace with your parenting style and use your instincts. every baby is not the same and just b/c someone’s baby is doing something doesn’t mean yours will. if there is something in baby’s behavior (as they get older) that doesn’t fit with your lifestyle or seems to be detrimental solve the problem however you see fit. ask for advice if your lost but realize you don’t have to take all of it.



    Lawsons Mom – I definately wouldn’t be making bottles of breastmilk at night unless she won’t latch on at all. Even if you can’t manage laying down you can always just do it sitting up. But, for laying down…it does get easier when they are older and ‘help’ latch on. But for now, you have to do the work. I roll over use the same breast as side. Because they are bigger the nipple is already lifted up a bit (for small breast baby sometimes needs to be lifted on a pillow or something). Roll Lawson onto her side and use your hand to guide the nipple into her mouth. Once latched just use your opposite arm to hold her close so she does roll back and rip your nipple off! Personally, I don’t fall asleep breastfeeding because Alex would just suck my nipple til it’s raw, even if he slips off the breast and just onto the nipple. Another way is to lift yourself up a bit on the same arm. When you are lifted on your elbow you can use your hand to hold the breast in her mouth. Only recently I’ve been able to start breastfeeding with the opposite breast as side. That way I lift onto my elbow and over Alex. Again, I can’t fall asleep that way else I’d smush him. Basically, you do it however you are comfortable. If you can’t manage it then just keep a boppy or whatever you use next to the bed. Then when she wakes you just grab the nursing pillow and sit in bed and nurse. Then you just lay her right back down. That’s what I do when I can’t get him latched on correctly at night. And, about light….I’ve been sleeping with the hall light on. This gives me just enough light to change a diaper if I need to and see where my nipple is going. HAHA!



    so im back at work pumping about 11-15 oz in 8 hours but my lo is only taking like 4-5 ounces during this time. i dont think he likes the bottle anyone else have this issue??



    Yea, I live in my nursing tanks from Target. I wear them under everything too. But I like the support a bra gives. I remember before I started work and was going to a BF support group this girl had a nursing SHIRT, like you said Bri, it had like a secret access, it was really neat and nice looking. I thought it’d be nice to have one in black for picnics and get togethers over the summer.


    my son is 3 weeks old and still kinda ‘fights’ the latch…not really fight..but for the first 5 mins or so he latches..pulls off…relocated..latches…pulls off…ect…once hes done he lathces and eats without a problem..its just the first few never engorgd its not that im too hard..then i thought my let down was taking to long..but whn he does this ..i squeeze gently and it def is flowing…any suggestions? or he he just picky about the boobie!



    ashraesy- i always warm my breastmilk. Ella will not take it if i don’t. Also, why won’t you be able to pump after surgery? This is going to take a serious toll on your supply.



    Ugh elijahs breaking his second tooth now and for the past 2 days its. Been crying n nursing n crying n nursing. Hell eat breakfast but that’s about it then bck to nursing n crying n sleeping n cuddling n frankly ladies I’m exhausted. 🙂



    ok, I have an issue that seems fairly unique – at least I’ve never heard anyone else ask about it! I’ve always had an issue with letdown when pumping, I just can’t get letdown with a pump. But I’ve never had a problem when nursing – until now. The last two days in a row, at the bedtime feed I have not got letdown. And it’s not that I just don’t feel it, I’m not getting it at all. My letdown has always been really strong and painful, and when it happens, he always pulls back, and milk goes everywhere. These last two nights I’ve not felt a thing when feeding him, and I’ve taken him off the boob to check, and there’s no milk in his mouth. He woke about half an hour later last night, I fed him again, and I got letdown, but tonight he’s just gone down, so I’ll try to feed him again if he wakes. The rest of the day it’s been fine, so I’m not sure what’s happening now. I have noticed that the older he has gotten, the longer it takes for my milk to letdown, but until now, it’s never just not happened. Why am I having trouble? Anyone?



    emilee…i stopped birth control cold turkey before having my first. it was sunday morning and id been asking my hubby for a year to get on board with ttc and finally he agreed and so i quit the pill right then and there. well my first period was a MESS. it was so heavy i coulda sworn it was a miscarriage. perhaps thats all it is. as for ur supply im sure u know the whole cocktail of foods to go for right now and all the pumping u need etc. keep drinking and keep taking iron.



    jepica19, if you gave her less than 1-1.5oz an hour she would have to make it up, but if you are giving her 1-1.5oz per hour, she is taking in the appropriate amount of calorie. Kellymom does have a page where this is all discussed. She also discusses reasons why baby might be over eating, and anything more than the 1.5oz per hour is considered over feeding in a breast fed baby.



    Lexi, that’s cute. My first had bottles all the time cause I worked but Alex is just about 6 months and still hasn’t had one. It is emotional but congrats. At least you know your baby will take a bottle. I haven’t a clue if Alex would even take one. We’ll be moving to sippys and not even bother with the bottle.



    PGFirstTimer, we tried to do the baby food mush stuff as well, and its a no go. Zach has had less than 10 jars of baby food and he never eats more than half. At 11mo he nurses 90% of the time and then just snacks on whatever we are eating the rest of the time. Yesterday he was something else with his appetite though. He probably ate 3/4 of a piece of pizza! His older brother usually doesn’t eat that much!


    I still leak at night but not during the day. Hate wearing breast pads can’t wait until they have gone.


    James was posterior needed ventous to get him out. Bad first labour but easy second labour could have climbed off bed and walked out of hospital. I want one more but dh still traumatised after first labour. also on facebook laura rice was dixon.



    🙁 so bummed, I only just stopped bleeding from delivery like a week ago. Also I was looking forward to swimming this weekend. I havnt seen my doc yet, do you think I can use tampons?

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