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    teressa Not breastfeeding I never gain wait until the 6th or 7th month. If you are eating enough calories then I don’t see why you would have to stop. If you wanted you could just cut back on the nursing and save it for naps and bed time or something. Maybe even keep it up until your first ultra sound and see if baby is growing at the normal rate. Just my opinion!



    Kym: I just started taking the carnation malted milk last night (is it 2 a day?, how long does it take to see results?) and I have fenugreek at home that I never took (bought it early on just in case but never needed it). Is it ok to mix both?



    I had my OB appointment today. I let her know that Kekoa still is nursing and she said, ‘Good! It’s healthy!’ YAY! There is so much misinformation out there about nursing and being pregnant. Even my mom was trying to send information to me about it being hard to implant or Baby not getting enough nutrients. Blah! My doctor is one of the best in Seattle and she’s happy I still breastfeed Kekoa! YAY!


    here, no matter the adults size, all babies are put on the higher fat milk.



    More than likely it is a milk duct that has blockage. You are still producing milk even though it may not be enough for a feeding. I’ve learned not to worry until the dr worries even with your family history.



    marchmomma84: I had to exclusively pump for the last 3 1/2 months that i fed my daughter as she wouldnt take the breast anymore. I only ever got 3 to 4 ounces at a time as well and i think that was pretty average for a lot of the pumping mums. I always got more from my right side until i got my 6th case of mastitis then i got more from then out of my left??? Who knows how it works. I found the best thing for me ( other than motilium) was breastfeeding tea and the malted milk. Your doing a fabulous job! 🙂



    Just wondering if anyone had a newborn that ebf and would spit up after feedings. I can not rock my lo at all because it seems like it makes him spit up he is so sensitive to being rocked. But even if I don’t rock him he spits up sometimes. Sometimes it is a little but sometimes I wonder if it is too much. I know their little bellies are only the size of their fists. Just wondering if you all had this happen. The LC in the hospital told me it is ok that it looks like more spit up than what it actually is…


    Hey everyone. I haven’t been on this part of the site for awhile. Parker will be 13 months on the 31st. We skipped the bottle stage completely, and he now drinks homo milk from a sippy. He still nurses when he wakes, and the odd time before his afternoon nap. Did anyone else find they dropped the bedtime nursing before the monring one? My doc told me the bedtime one would be the last one to go, but Parker seems to be backwards! I never in a million years thought I’d still be nursing, I’m lucky to have made it this long. He shows no signs of wanting to wean, but that’s ok with me, I’m not sure I’m ready for it yet lol. I had a ‘friend’ tell me I was disgusting for still nursing him (that was at 11 months) I asked her what she would say if I was like that mother who nursed till her daughter was 8. She replied ‘nothing, I’d just slap you’ needless to say, i havent spoken to her in 2 months, and I work with her!



    Thats too cute Felicia! now you can tell everyone you provided your baby with his/her first shot!

    -I know I was told to offer both breasts eat feeding session, but I also have an abundance of milk. With that being said, I am only able to get her to nurse off of one side and pray she gets enough hind milk!



    I’m going to let her decide when she is ready to stop. I’m hoping by two, but would let her go a bit longer.



    stella still hasn’t pooped. it’s been 10 days. this is drving me crazy.



    hchina- I usually only pump now on the days that I have to work (2-3 days a week) and I also pump @ 2am everyday. Before going back to work I would always pump BEFORE feeding my lo to build up a freezer supply. Now my freezer supply has gotten low so I think that I am gonna go back to pumping more to build it back up. I will have to give you another update now to see what I pump.



    Hello ladys my little girl is now 17 months old and I have b/f her the whole time ..I thought I would never be able to wean her, but I am happy to report to you all that she went to bed last night without asking for it, she slept all night without it, she woke up this morning without wanting it, and now she just went out for a nap without asking for it..This is coming from the girl that 2 weeks ago she was wanting it 5 to 8 times a day..Sometimes even more..I didnt think it could be true , but I am seeing her wean herself…Also I am now 4 months pregnant and my milk dryed out like a week ago, but she would still want to sooth herself with it…I think im going to get a rest from is before I have this next baby..WOOOHOOO!!!!



    Haha. Yeah… Before I got pregnant with my son – I was a 32B. Now, 25 months later – I’m a 34DD. I was a 38EEE (ish) when my milk came in. lol I was TOTALLY off in the proportions department! I’m just a tiny girl and those huge boobs were NOT cutting it! lol



    mrsmom – It’s definately personality! My last one was so relaxed. He would go anywhere we put him. This one wants to be on our chests all the time. He also has been nursing nonstop this weekend. I hope it’s a growth spurt and he’ll get over it. Ugh! He also is ok with the bouncer or swing but no in love with it. As for pacifiers, I’ve had to resort to one because this little guy would eat until milk was rolling down his chin and then want to eat again in less then a half hour. I try not to use it often cause I don’t like seeing toddlers walking around with them it starts somewhere but I do use it at night when I’m seriously tired.

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