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    Hi, I was tryin to breastfeed but after Mia crying b/c frustration from not bein able to latch on b/c of so much engorgement, I have decided to exclusively pump, that way she still gets breastmilk and she’s not so fussy from each feeding, my question is I’ve been pumping every 3 hrs round da clock but how many oz is enough per pump, I don’t want to have too much milk freezing either



    I’m so excited I bought a deep freezer today for all of my frozen breast milk. I pump twice a day and I have a ton of breast milk stored. I didn’t want it to go bad so I bought a deep freezer to keep it longer. It’s funny what makes me happy these days 😉



    I was only BF her 1 to 3 times a day as it was. the dr actually told me to stop when I was only 5 weeks. I have continued behind his back sence then. he hasn’t said anything else about it but I feel like I should listen to him. I don’t know I just don’t think it will be any easier later. I might as well just get it over with. I can start bf again when the new baby is born. and like I said my daughter is doing great without it. it’s like she hasn’t even noticed.



    Belly- yes- you can take malked milk & fenugreek. Its ok- Like I said i take about 15 fenugreek a day and it really helps (takes 2-3 days to see results). The malted milk is two a day. One in am and one in pm. That is supposed to take 12-24 hours to see results but my results with the malt were small.



    violetdreamnight- malted milk has always worked wonders for me….for some women, not so much. There is powdered malt mix that you can buy to make the malted milk. Whoppers are made from malted milk as well. The mix is near the hot coco at the grocery store. Use 3 heaping Tablespoons for a glass of milk. It generally took about 12-24 hours to see a boost for me. Now I just use Brewer’s Yeast Tablets 3x a day (I got burnt out on the malt mix). And, I have a beer at night after I feed my son and put him down for the night (the malt in the beer will help give you a boost too). Hope that answers your (?)



    Here, too. Always start them (when ready) on homo (or whole milk).



    shrils- what about pumping that side until it heals a bit?



    so about this co-sleeping- My daughter is 11 months this sat. and I put her to sleep in her crib but she usually wakes anywere between 3-4am and I just grap her, give her a boob and we both fall back to sleep! lol The only reason I don’t know if I should continue, well there’s 2. I’m almost 13wks prego and with the growing belling I don’t want here to kick or climb on me and 2- will it create bigger problems when she’s older? I love having her in bed with us! Hubby doesn’t mind, since it’s not all night long. But I just want her to be able to sleep in her bed all night when she’s older. Hmm what to do..


    My baby is 5 months old and I BF as often as I can. We still have to give her a little formula and have started her on a few solids (bananas, avocado, and cereal) I am on the mini pill and still no period….how’s everyone else doing with the AF situation? I’m going to regret saying this but I kinda miss my girly days (haven’t had one in 14 months) I find myself taking preg tests ALL THE TIME!!! I’m so scared of getting preggo again. I want to spend as much time with my girl as possible right now 🙂



    Thanks for the feedback. My milk supply seems to be abundant, so I guess I will not worry. Another question… little girl feeds on avg every 2 to 2 1/2 hours during the day, and 3 to 4 1/2 hours at night time. Does this seem to be within the realm of normality for a 4 week old baby?



    My LO is 10 months and when I told his blood specialist that he was still breastfed she told me that breast milk has no nutritional value really anymore. She said it’s not really food anymore, it’s just a drink. She’s a great doctor at Cleveland babies it’s one of the best hospitals and I’m not saying she’s wrong or anything..but should I be giving him formula?? I gave him formula once and he got mad and threw his bottle then climbed up my chest. He gets all his fruits, vegetables, and meats every I think he’s fine. I just don’t want to feel like I am depriving my son by breastfeeding him.



    springtime do you think it is teething that is causing it or getting distracted? You could try teething gel before hand and see if that helps. It may not be the right thing but Jakub went through a bad spell of biting and there was a few that just shocked the crap out of me and hurt so bad that before I knew it I had swatted his thigh and yelled no. I wish I could have words of wisdom here but I just don’t know. Some moms use a long necklace around their neck with big beads or something that makes the baby play with that while nursing and distracts them from biting. I did find letting Jakub hold a toy helped alot of the time. If he wanted to bite for some reason he would switch to the toy. I am lucky I think we are over that spell and hope to nurse until he decides he is done. Now if I could get him to stop being so rough sometimes lol He tends to want to look and flip around to see what is going on while still latched and that too has crossed my eyes a few times lol. Good luck!!!



    1byfaith- I never needed formula because I would pump about 2 hrs after he went to bed at night and stashed it into the freezer just incase. Not every cycle but sometimes I did feel it would help if I gave him a bottle of the expressed milk. So during the weeks your flow is good I would try and stash alittle. Like I said there are vitamins, herbs, and stuff like oatmeal that can help if you start up a few days to a week before the phantom cycle. I don’t know if that means the real one is on the way or not. I aunt flow never missed a month with me after any of my kids. But I would start using protection if I was you and didn’t want another child!!!!!



    Ladies – any suggestions on safe antibiotics while BF? I suddenly have a terrible infection on my toe!



    kelley77- its ok to take. many bf moms take it. Are the capsules 580mg? You can take them 3-4x daily

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