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    The IP address are blocked…i have a few friends that were deleted…did the whole fake profile and wasn’t able to access this page for a few months…plus she can track the ip addresses and match them up with fake profiles…just not a smart thing to do


    Nelsons First Baby – I got a lot of my information from a few different sources: Alyssa’s Pediatrician, other moms, my friend who is a dietician/nutrianalist, online articles and a few books. I suggest getting the Super Baby Food book. I don’t follow it to a T and I do a mixture of all the advice I’ve been given. I just tailor everything to Alyssa and how I see her reacting. She gets some puree’s and some table food/finger foods.

    She’ll be 7 months in one week and so far she’s had chicken, steak, cheese, toast, rice, cookies (earth’s best) as finger foods and brown rice cereal, carrots, apples, peaches, bananas, avocados, nectarines, mangos, pears, sweet potatoes, peas, brown rice, white rice, oatmeal, prunes, and green beans as purees.

    At 7 months we’re going to start more finger foods and less purees. Some moms never give puree’s at all so it’s all on what you feel is best for your bub. That book though is very infomative. It tells you which foods to give when, how to prepare them, recipes… lots of good stuff. I use it just too look things up and get tips here and there. I don’t follow it perfectly. Good luck! 🙂



    Girls planning to breastfeed, check this item out!!! It’s a must for the first couple weeks of starting to breastfeed. It helped me cure my cracked nipples with baby #1 and prevent cracking with baby #2!! And will sure have it by the time #3 is here. They also sell this item at Walgreen’s (Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads).



    Hey ladies, I am new in this forum and I have a concern. I had a c-section so it took a few extra days for my milk to come in. So my son lost about a pound after the birth. He’s perfectly healthy otherwise, no jaundice at all, but my doctor is making a big deal about it and it makes me feel bad. To all you experienced moms who breastfed, how much weight did your babies lose at first, and did everything turn out ok? And he hasn’t had a bowel movement since we came home on Thu, but he has a lot of wet diapers? Is this normal? My milk just has come in pretty good and he’s nursing every 2 or 3 hours. We go back to the doctor tomorrow.



    Hey all you BFing mommies!! I cant wait to join you later August (week 23). i had issues bfing the first time and sadly stopped @ 4 weeks.. but I am destined to make it work.. even with a now 17 mo old. lol.. anyways I want to ask for your support in voting on a recent poll about BFin in public.. it is super quick and I need at least 50 responses in order to use for my last speech for class! I appreciate your help and cant wait to join you ladies! I am kind of nervous.. it hurt sooo bad the first time 🙁 THANK YOU! ((hugs))



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I wouldn’t worry about it.I personally got my period back at 4 months postpartum,but there’s nothing wrong with going awhile without your period-heck,we do it while we’re pregnant!!
Your body will take care of itself and it’s just using the hormones from breastfeeding to keep you from ovulating=no period. Lucky you:)



hello! questions ladies, what about smoking cigarettes? before i was pregnant i was a smoker…when i found out i was prego i stopped…but now that im not anymore there are times im craving for a cigarette but i dont smoke cause im thinking its not good to smoke and that true?


miuntainmama–I freeze 2 oz bags forcereal and 4-5 oz bags for back up bottles. I’ve not done more than that b/c I’ve heard that the bags may burst when your milk expands from freezing.



thank you all for being soo supportative. It really helps to have others that understand what you are going through and to symathize. Thanks for all the advice. I also called the LC today and she had my gyno prescribe nipple creme today. She said it works quicker than the lansinoh creme and it has an antifungal thing in it and its completly safe for the baby. Has anyone else used this before?



Jen, make sure you aren’t eating any foods that may cause your little one gas. Cabbage, brocolli, califlower, beans, and even milk can cause it in infants. I’m not to sure about the timing thing though as far as how long after it would affect your baby.



My DD is now 19 weeks ( almost 5 months) and I don’t think there is single place I haven’t nursed. At first it was difficult because I didn’t know what I was doing but after about a month we were pro’s. I use a piece of fabric as a cover with finished edges. They are larger than standard covers you can buy and you can make them yourself. It’s light weight and doesn’t make her sweat. It covers everything. I love BFing so much. I’m not embarrassed because it’s a natural thing that we were meant to do. Our bodies were made for it. In my state they even have a law that says as long as I’m covered I can BF anywhere I want until 1 year. I think its great. I’ve had a few funny looks in the last few months but the most of them just smile. I think it’s refreshing to see a mom breastfeeding. It’s an amazing thing for both her and baby. 🙂



Thanks everyone for your suggestions!! I wish babies came with manuals so we would know exactly what the problem is!! I will try to drink more water and see if that helps. And I will do some looking into silent reflux and see if that could be the problem.. Luckily the past few days have been alot better. It is so nice to have this website so I can see others have gone through the same thing.



Another question: I am trying to re-lactate (I posted a question here before about 2 days ago about this) after 5-6 weeks of not pumping at all. Well my son never did latch on from birth. Well I tried again yesterday to get him to latch on and he just wont do it. Any tips or tricks I can try?



I’m not married but my son’s father at first was icked about it but then now he sees the benefits and understands and is upset at me that I can’t supply more breastmilk for my son and that we have to give him formula…lol..the formula tastes so nasty to us I don’t know how my son drinks it . So Misca…put your foot down and say sorry charlie my son needs to breastfeed and it also helps with bonding (you and him). Well be strong girl!

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