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    Emilees3- Yea, I’ve taken 1 Claritin during the day and all was fine =)



    My husband has always done Tubby Time too. Unless he’s not home of course. It gives me a short break and they love playing in the water together. They also read together before bed. When Dad is home we try to do the whole bedtime routine together. Tubby, dress, play, read and then Dad says night night and Chris and I rock and say our prayers. Then it’s off to get the little guy to bed.



    after nearly 2 months of sleeping through the night, Chloe has decided to wake up every hour at night and eat. it wouldnt be such a problem but she has started to pinch my armpit or neck while shes eating so i have to hold her hand and deal with her squirming! the whole reason i stopped co-sleeping is because of her feeling the urge to abuse me! is there a 12 month/13 month growth spurt that no one told me about? she hasnt gotten any teeth in yet, should i chaulk this up to teetheing? i can see her waking up pretty often if she was in pain, but she will eat (while pinching me of course) and then i can lay her back down to sleep in her crib right away again. lordy, i havent been this tired in months!



    Emilee: I tried the lily padz, and they didn’t work for me. I leak a lot though. Just my own personal experience, if you leak a lot, they don’t work.



    I hate that the boys watch so much tv. I have had to let go though, since I have my hands wrapped around everything else. They rarely see anything during the week with us, as we are never home, and my parents don’t like to have the tv on when the kids are around. My MIL on the other hand never turns it off. All day Wednesdays, that’s all they see/hear. If Ayden didn’t have so much energy, I am sure he would just sit there and watch all day long. Thankfully he has to be on the go all the time so he isn’t sitting there watching it! Still don’t like it though! She thinks that I am a very overprotective/overbearing mom, so I don’t feel like I can say anything about it. Save what little wiggle room I have for something hugely important like her driving my boys around without permission!



    This may seem like a stupid question, but do all BF babies get thrush?



    An article about breastfeeding diets…..


    On the plus side. Today I went dress shopping and walked into this store. One of the sales girls walked up to me and said ‘ I just want to you know everything in this store doesn’t start til a size 6 and you are MUCH smaller than that! ‘ I wanted to hug and kiss her! lol



    Jepica – I work FT and ebf too. Its difficult sometimes but you will find your own way to deal. The only advice I can give you is to be very organized and try to prepare at night for the next day. It took me about 2-3 mos to adjust to 2-3 hours of sleep at a time. Now I can’t recall my old life!


    Sooooo… yesterday I had my first b*tch fit when someone suggested my son needed formula because he was still hungry. Which he wasn’t! We went out to Seafair and my brother has a 4 month who is ff. His mother inlaw was there, baby John had just ate and was super tired so he cries for about 5 minutes before he’ll fall asleep. While he was crying she came over and said ‘Do you have milk? ‘… ‘ Yes, 2 boobs full!’… ‘Maybe he’s still hungry.’… ‘No, he just ate, he’s tired,hasn’t slept since we got here.’…. ‘Well you should try formula thats what Michelle had to do because he didn’t have enough milk!’…. I lost it after that. I flipped saying I’M NOT GOING TO GIVE MY SON SUCH A THING WHEN HE’S A HEALTHY CHUCKY BOY! I have pently of milk I would know !. Your daughter choose to smoke weed and drink over feeding her daughter that is why she has to use formula! I couldn’t believe what i had just yelled infront of about 25 friends and family. I was so pissed that she wouldn’t leave me alone like I don’t know what is wrong with my own child. Grrrrrrrrrr! However today I’m feeling pretty bad about how I handled it.



    I check in here often because I cant wait to join yall in October and I just wanted to say, Bri- sorry your lingerie experience was not great. Even before babies I was not a fan of my body but I still like to surprise DH every once in a while. Myabe you could get a corset! I got a really cute one last year with some matching crotchless panties for when I am feeling friskey! DH LOVES it! And I dont have to worry about sucking in my tummy or hiding my rolls when I wear it!


    Mere she’s the one I can’t stand. I like how you said I’m glad your kids turned out ‘okay’ . She’s horrible. Ok I said it… I don’t care. She got a boob job when her baby was 2 weeks old. I mean it’s whatever it just rubbed me wrong.



    Rosie, I’m sorry you got bad information. That’s horrible you should really give it a go! Good Luck! See ladies, Rosie is the perfect example of education. Not all health care providers are created equal! We need to do our own research and help spread the word.



    See my period has to be either coming back or in fact I am pregnant because I just can’t let things go. I’m still sooooo angry! Maybe it’s the Seattlite in me. The rest of the WA gals understand. You just don’t do things like that here. Grrr!


    congrats on definitly not being pregnant!

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