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    rae979 : I take iron suppliments and i posted about this before and another mum agreed that it was the iron tablets that can lmake your milk have a green tinge. Could be something else in your diet but the iron tablets def. give a green tinge.


    Pregnos-are you menstruating? It changes the taste of bm and some babies may reject the taste. Just one of the possibilities. My Maddie rejected when she was teething because she was in pain, but went right back on after a day or so. Good luck!

    Misca-a friend of mine gave up bf from the breast because of the shape of her nipple. It was exhausting for her to pump, feed and clean the bottle and start the whole process again. My Maddie’s ped said it’s best fresh from the tap! I also heard that some enzymes change when the bm gets older or exposed to air/outside elements. good luck!



    no armymom it doesnt i got abit of a tummy ache after using it but nothing too bad, and it brought my milk supply from being competely dried up to being able to EBF my son x



    I am on my 15th glass of water for the day. And about to have to get some work done. Take care & holler if you ever need to vent.



    As for solids / breastfeeding – I introduced cereal at 4 months mixed with breastmilk. I always nursed first and then gave him what he wanted of the cereal. I started Gerber 1st fruits and Veggies at 5 months, again always nursing first. At 6 months he definitely prefers the solids over nursing. He cut out a couple of feedings himself. Now I just nurse at 5:30am (before work/daycare) and at 12:30pm on my lunchbreak. He gets cereal with breastmilk in the morning and at night, a 4:00 bottle of BM at daycare and then he gets a big bottle of thawed breastmilk before bed. My supply has dropped a lot but when I nurse on demand all weekend he is still getting all he needs so I guess it just has to come to a point where I trust my body. I am sooo glad I stuck with breastfeeding to this point though and think I can easily make it to a year at least.



    It took a few days for me notice an increase in my milk with the oats too. Malted milk boosts my supply within 12-24 hrs. Good luck, I remember when I was doing multiple things every stinkin’ day to be where I needed to be AND feeding every 2 hours almost around the clock…so thankful we got past that stage! Hang in there, it’s worth it!



    Hello ladies, I have a almost 4 month old baby girl and this week she has been really fussy at the breast and today I would try to nurse and she would start screaming bloody murder, really makes me sad… Any ideas why or how to fix? Please msg my page 🙂



    Great idea lilli-



    one more thing how about non-alcoholic beer?



    Sadie is nine weeks and gets one five ounce bottle of breastmilk at night. During the day she nurses on demand so I have no idea how much she is getting, but I think it is a lot less then 5 ounces, because I usually get 2-3 when I pump. I give her a pacifier after her bottle when we put her down to bed. It helps her to ‘suck herself to sleep.’



    Hi all- I have a 17 month old I nursed until 15 months and I am currently 18 weeks pregnant with baby #2. a good family friend is a lactation expert so hopefully something I say may help
    Chrissy511- your milk supply is all about supply and demand- honestly they should not have advised you to begin supplementing this early on. Not only are you jepordizing your milk supply but you may deter your baby from breastfeeding because of nipple confusion. A pacifier or bottle shoud not be Introduced until 6-8 weeks to avoid confusionfor the infant. Sucking a pacifier/bottle is completely different from the suckling of a breast!! In order to get your milk supply up you need to nurse as much as possible ansyou can pump as well. It seems your baby is always hungry and attached to your breast all day and it is kinda true early on–your babys belly is so tiny now don’t worry that he’s not getting enough unless you start noticing weight loss then that is cause for concern. I would def. Stop supplementing and Try and focus on nursing 100%…



    SydneyMay – Hmm, maybe the valve on the pump, the part where the milk comes out into the bottle is wearing out. I know they say to replace them every once and a while. Also, I keep suggesting this but you could try pumping while you nurse. Mlk came out really fast for me when I tried this.



    jmc – every pregnancy is different so i wouldn’t worry. i only had sore boobs in my first trimester and they never leaked. they didn’t even leak all that much after i had her. as long as you put her on the boob asap after your c-section you should be fine. i have a couple friends who had c-sec’s and they were able to bf with no prob. just nurse very often in the hospital to get your milk to come in. at first it’s just colostrum but the real stuff comes in after a few days. i made the mistake of not doing it often enough at first and it took longer than it should have for my milk to come in. also try to get an lc to come visit and help you get the hang of things. good luck!


    Oh, on a more positive note, I lost 5lbs! Which puts me back to where I last left off since I gained weight this past month. But hey… 5lbs is still 5lbs. I’m eating super SUPER healthy again…. not that I normally eat junk, but still. I’m hoping that I can finally shed the last bit of baby weight once and for all! I miss my old jeans! 🙁



    any of you lose your taste from breast feeding????

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