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    jmuncy – Once I got up and running I was afraid to stop but once I did I was fine. I don’t know. I would hope that your supply will stay at what your demand is. As for immunitiy. I doubt it. It’s not a drug that builds up in the your system or combats it. I never had a problem. I still use it for a boost every now and then and it’s been about 3 years now.



    Now the problem is that I’m tired and Alex was up all night. Gotto love the stupid dips! Oh well, time to stock up on oatmeal for the week before and during. HAHA! Just wish I wasn’t so tired.


    Tish- Thats awesome!



    I am having so much difficulty getting my LO to latch on to my right breast. She will latch almost immediatly to the left but my flow is so much that she chokes or immediatly after feeding throws up everything. Ive tried pumping and bottle feeding but when I do that Im lucky to get 4oz out of both breasts combined. I dont know what Im doing wrong but really wanted to bf not only for nutritional reasons but for bonding as well and I feel like Im not going to be able to much longer. 🙁 any tips would be appreciated.



    Morning Ladies. I’m sorry to hear about all this going on. I can say it isn’t the first time it’s happened which really makes me sad. A couple years ago the picture on this forum was of a mom breastfeeding. Because of the controversary they changed it to the international breastfeeding symbol. I don’t know what to say. I’m sad that this is happening again. For me, it’s always been a safe haven to talk about breastfeeding, the pros, the challendges and being able to vent. As we said it many times, us breastfeeders tend to be shamed in the month-to-month section of this site so this was our last place. While I’ll still come on to this section of the site I am disappointed in Laura and how this was handled. I do feel that coming here is by far out weighs the saddeness that I feel has happened. There are too many moms that need help. If all experienced breastfeeders were to leave the site then I’m sad to say many women would be weaning far too early for their child’s benefit. I’ll probably write Laura a personal message as well expressing my saddeness.



    May – sorry I didn’t finish my post but I was going to get to the disadvantages. All of these can be overcome though. I sometimes find feeding in public embarrassing (not in front of strangers, but people I know well for some reason), although I just cover up if I feel uncomfortable and nobody minds at all. It can be painful – I have had lots of probs with cracked nipples and thrush, but they are improving. It’s demanding and time consuming to begin with, but is slowly improving.



    chellebob- My son went almost a month without a bm. Sister’s baby had the same thing happen. You are right, she’s using every bit of goodness. I would only be concerned if she’s acting as though her tummy is bothering her or uncomfortable. Happy bf 🙂



    I have to say that I stopped nursing when my son was 1. Although Bri said it is not weird it was weird for me. I was drying my son off after our shower and he just crouched in front of me and started nursing TOTALLY freaked me out! All I can say is give it your best and if you cannot do it then you cannot and it doesn’t make you less of a mom or a bad mother because you cannot nurse your child. Alyssa as long as your milk is in now and he is feeding normally and you have no concerns about how much milk he is getting I’d say it should be fine. Don’t let your doctor pressure you into anything.


    Hi ladies. My wee one will be 6 months next week. I am wondering when you started cereal and baby food with your babies. We haven’t started yet. I was thinking about postponing a couple of more weeks until May 18th for the baby’s 6 month old check up, but my hubby wants to go ahead. I realize it won’t hurt anything, I just kinda don’t want to. What do y’all think?



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    I got my peroid 3 months post partum. I sure wasn’t looking forward to it either. LOL



    My Mum smoked 3 cigs a day when pregnant with me (in those days, they advised you to cut down as opposed to quitting), and I’m hardly ever sick and have no alergies. I got a cold a few months back. First time I’d been ill in years. I stopped smoking when I was pregnant, and haven’t smoked since (she’s now 5-weeks-old). I gotta say, though — I miss it (no cravings, urges, etc, just miss the habit)… Does it get easier?? Lol.



    sounds like the beginning of a blocked duct.. massage it when you feed to empty that part of the breast and use hot flannels to ease the pain.. can quickly move to mastitus so start massaging at the next feed xx



    I need some advise PLEASE!!! My 8 week old daughter had a couple little spots of blood in her stool probably the size of a pencil tip so I called the dr and they said to check her rectum and if it wasnt irritated then to take her to an urgent care b/c they were all booked. Well her rectum was not irritated and she had blood in her poop a second time( it was more than the first time and mixed in with her stool) and so we took her to an urgent care. The dr said that b/c she was having frequent loose stools that it was probably irritating her bowels and there really isnt anything you can do but maybe put some vasoline inside her rectum(he did see the blood in her bm). In my opinion her bowels are less frequent now then ever before but it does seem like she strains a little after her first big ‘explosion’, but when I see her straining I dont hear anything coming out. So I dont know. She is breastfed and I do NOT suppliment with formula. I thought it was normal for babies her age to have loose stools when they are only breast fed, is that not right? Also has anyone had this happen to their baby or heard of this before. The dr was not a pediatrician so I kinda question what he said. It just makes me feel bad to think that because I am choosing to bf her that she is going to have some blood in her poop. Plus he said it isnt hurting her but she seems a LOT fussier than normal. Thanks a ton ladies!



    Jen- I have read that it takes about 3 hrs for what you eat to influence your breast milk. I was also told that a lot of the food you eat don’t give baby colic here is a link that explains it My son is 12 weeks today and seems to eat every 1.5-2 hrs too and I think it is pretty normal.
    Ally- Do you know if your LO has a good latch. If she is just getting the nipple that can cause some bruising. You can take some tylenol or motrin for the pain if you need and you might want to try your pump on a lower setting. Some pumps can be quite harsh on the nipple. Here is a site that is good for latching.
    18andpregnant- nursing while you are sick is perfectly fine. In fact you are probably helping him with all the antibodies in your milk. Only reason you wouldn’t be able to bf while sick is if you are on a medication that will enter your milk and harm baby in which case there are usually alternate ones that are fine.
    adlde- I went to a lll meeting and she said as long as baby is gaining 4 oz a week that they are gaining good and that seems to be how my little is gaining. at birth he was 7.15 and at 2 months he was 10.4

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