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    My son is 4.5 months and I am just now getting the hang of nursing in public – not because I didn’t want to, but I was tied to a pump for a long time due to several BF issues (including low supply). Anyway, I’ve found that the using the ‘hooter hider’ draws more attention and is so clumsy for me that just nursing descretely is better (for me). I’ve started wearing a tanktop under my shirts so that when I pull my shirt up I’m not flashing my stomach to everyone. Honestly most ppl don’t even notice, they just think I am cuddling my baby.



    I am 13 wks. and really want to BF with this baby. I am wondering if it is possible to only brestfeed for 6 weeks? After that I will be working 45 mniles away. I would really like to experience this since I used formula with my first, but I do not want to start something if that is not enough time for him. How do you handle that? Pumping or formula supplement? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



    amy – have you tried a nipple shield? Those worked great for me and after a bit of time i was able to ween my son off of the shield and never needed it again. I used it or inverted nipples but it still might help you. It will have the form of a bottle nipple so that might help too. The other thing just keep trying. At every feed. Wait until he is VERY hungry and then try. hand express the milk onto the nipple and then try to get him to latch. I found that i had the best latch after a warm/hot shower, before a bra, before getting dressed. Good luck!


    My 11-week old is ebf and getting a tooth (I know!). When he nurses he gets really antsy (arms and legs going crazy) and is constantly pulling off or pushing the breast away from his mouth. He also likes to grab the skin and squeeze or pull (ouch!). Is this normal teething behavior or do you think it’s something else? I have heard that babies can shy away from nursing when they’re teething because of the pain. Should I give him a teething tablet before feeding or put some orajel on there?



    I agree that Reglan is awful. I tried it once and couldn’t sit still. I was so antsy that I wanted to cry. I haven’t tried motilitumn (domperidone) because it’s expensive online and I haven’t gotten that desprite. Now that Kekoa is older I don’t care that my supply is shrinking. I suppose it’s just a push for him to self wean. I would loveto self wean but I’m scared of having a 3year old still wanting to nurse. I think I’ll self wean if he wants to before 2 but urge it along when he gets closer to 2.


    Hello everyone,
    I am 29 weeks along and planning on breast feeding. I have read soo much and have signed up for all the classes and even joing our local LLL, but I still feel unprepared. Is there any advice that you can give me or websites that are helpful?
    Thank you!!!



    Also.. my son started sleeping through the night at 5 weeks, but I ALWAYS set my alarm for 1:30am to get in an extra pump. That pump is usually the biggest one I get too and sets him up for the day. I believe that contributed to my not losing supply especially during the transition to solids because there was never that long of a stretch between feeding/pumping even at night. It does suck though since I havent slept through an entire night since becoming pregnant!



    Bri- With the soaked oats, after your milk increase plateaus does it stay at that level as long as you continue to eat the oats or will it drop if you stop eating the soaked oats?



    My baby is two months old. I had trrouble breastfeeding the first month and a half so i pumped and gave him a bottle. Suddenly he decided to breastfeed but I am wondering how long you all breastfeed, whats normal at his age. i feel like all I have done today is breastfeed. He has plenty of dirty diapers and so i believe he is getting enough but it’s like every hour he wants to eat and he eats for about a half hour each time! Advice please!



    hello all, im am right at 4 weeks from having my 3 child and as bad as this embarrasses me this is the only child i am seriously considering breastfeeding, i want to express the milk and use disposable bottles but have no clue on how or where to start…any advice would be appriciated…


    natesmamma, i know you were asking caminmama, but i thought id answer. alcohol leaves your milk at the same rate it leaves your blood. so, if you drink a beer right after feeding/pumping your baby, and they sleep a stretch, it will be out of your system by their next feed. i personally dont drink at all, but only because my son is so unpredictable. he’ll go weeks of sleeping good 8 hour stretches, then out of no where, its up every 2 hours.



    horseygal- pumps are less efficient at emptying the breast. As long as baby seems satisfied when she’s done nursing, and she’s growing, don’t worry about how much you are pumping.
    jlevine- It could be AF….sorry to tell you. Some women get it back right away, even with bf. It varies for person to person since every body is different. I still haven’t gotten mine back and Riley is 9 months old but it’s not uncommon for some to start back right away. Bummer!


    I often pump and feed at the same time. DH thinks it’s hilarious! So far Raegan is not distracted….she’s 4 months old TODAY!!! YAY for 4 months of BF I’m sooo proud of myself and so far no signs of having to quit…



    My little girl was born a week ago today (on 7/20). She is nursing great but I am anxious to start pumping so that Dad can help more with the feedings and I can get some rest. That said, I have two questions: When should I start pumping? and how should I do it? (as in – after each feeding, between feedings, etc…)



    wow felicia! i wish i’d known that. i ended up buying some from amazon.

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