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    HELP fellow breastfeeding moms!!! My son will be 4 months in a week. Three days ago his first two bottom teeth broke through and now he’s biting me! What do I do? Yesterday he bit me so hard I bled. I was crying, he was crying, we were just a mess. The hardest part is that he won’t take a bottle. I have been pumping and storing this whole time. Ive been pumping to keep my supply high, and storing just because I hate to throw my milk away, lol. Please help mommies!! Any advice….



    Hi Ladies! Hope everyone is doing well! I feel like I ask a million questions lately…. Bryce went last week to get circumsized and they said he is not gaining enough weight. The doctor told me to make sure he is feeding 20 minutes off of each breast at every feeding so we have been doing that. Yesterday was his re-check (with a diff. doctor in the same office) and he is still not gaining enough weight. This doctor said to feed him off of one side only for the whole time and to start with other breast the next feeding. She didn’t think he is getting enough hind milk with the switching of sides. He was 8 lbs 7oz at birth and is not 8 lbs 4 oz – he will be 3 weeks old tomorrow. Which method of feeding works best for everyone? Thank you!!


    got a question for everyone. After you had your babies, did anyone notice having bad breath. My husband just came up to me today and told me that ever since I gave birth to our baby that hes noticed my breath being bad. Lovely, huh? If its not one thing, its another. Story of my life…..



    nikki37 – OMG! What BS! Ok, so the American Ped. Asso. recommends breastfeeding unti 12months and then how ever long after that is up to Mom and Baby. The World Health Org. recommends breastfeeding for 2 years! Where is this chick getting her information. No you do not need to get formula. I would actually avoid it like the plague. I know it’s needed and helps some babies but for those that have thrived off of breastfeeding for 10months do not need formula. He thought it was gross so don’t bother with it. If she says anything about it again ask her why the APA says a year and the WHO says 2? Why is it that all studies have shown that extended breastfeeding (which is over a year) is considered healthy for both Mom and Baby. That the milk changes for toddlers and is healthier for them then cow’s milk.



    venting time— I had a rough night lastnight. I went to lie down on my stomach and I yelled out because my boob hurt really badly. There was a sore to the touch area that was kind of hard but not red or swollen. I’ve never had a blocked duct but I assumed thats what it was. So baby and I were up until 1am nursing on that side and massaging it out. Thank goodness today the area doesn’t hurt and we haven’t had any more problems. I think I would like to EBF for a year. I think its the best thing (and cheap too its crazy how much formula costs I don’t understand why more women don’t bf) but Im worried about having to explain my choices once she gets closer to 1yr, it seems like a lot of people don’t understand or think its weird. It takes a dedicated woman to breastfeed and not give up!


    my let down isn’t great either…it kind of burns



    hchina- Never judge your supply by the amount of milk you pump out. The baby is always more effective than any pump. Yes I believe your breast are always making milk. I have not had a issue with my lo not having enough milk when I pump b4 feeding him. I just found that I could get more milk that way. There is less milk there after he is done nursing.


    Your baby will increase your milk flow as they need it. My baby is a projectile vomiter and can over eat, then vomit a lot of milk, but she’s always hungry again right after. One time she vomited after emptying both breast and was hungry again. I let her suckle away even though there wasn’t anything left. My milk supply increased a lot after that. My breasts became hugely engorged.



    Hello Ladies, I need some help. I just am getting over a bout of the stomach flu, and altough I quarantined myself in our basement for the last 48hrs and had my pump and DID use it as frequently as I could supply has signifiacantly dropped 🙁 I am slowly trying to eat more and take in more fluids. I started taking my Fenugreek capsules again but was wondering if you could offer any other advice? thanks 🙂



    well i’m glad it’s all apart of the show . . . i was getting a bit concerned! Thanks ladies



    cherrydarling06–I have heard that taking REGLAN (metoclopramide) available by prescription and renting a hospital grade pump as well as using a supplemental nursing system has helped adoptive mothers lactate, so it may work for her also, but her milk supply may not be enough to breastfeed exclusively, but any breast milk is better than none.



    rickey – Some moms dry up within weeks of weaning but some other moms will leak a year later. You can try cabbage leaves on your breasts or you can call your doctor and see if there is a med they can give you. I don’t know the name but I know it’s given to moms after birth that aren’t breastfeeding to help relieve them of engorgement.



    Thx Dominique. Krystal- he just likes to be held and wakes up. He’s a mommas boy for sure. But it breaks my heart to have him cry for the 20 minutes while I pump. Hoping I can get through this tough part and as he gets bigger he’ll be better at being entertained while I do it. I think I’m going to call his speech therapist and see if I can try nursing now or if it’s too late. Wish me luck!!



    I’m small chested – B, on a lucky day, and Zoey sleeps on the bend of my arm, with me on my side. We’ve mastered feeding on both sides in a position so her nose isn’t touching my breast. BUT…I think lately, she’s not eating at night…just using me as a pacifier to get back to sleep. My supply is pretty low and I think this may be why. I’d wake up to pump but then she wakes up and wants me to pacify her again… it’s like she’s so content to just be with me at night that she doesn’t care about food.



    Lawsons Mom – Which comment is gone? You made sense to me!

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