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    Hi there all , I would love to do breastfeeding , but to be honest i not sure about doing it infront of people . Has anyone felt this way or any advice . I am only 10 weeks yet so . Thanks



    Thanks EllasMommy & ama-llama. I’m willing to try anything, I feel like I’m going insane. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.


    Babybean you can do both its called tandum (sp?) Nursing my brother and are a year and a half apart my mom nursed us both at the same time.



    Just wanted to pop in before bed and hope you all had great fathers day! Gonna-Congrats on baby throw the clock out of the window and go with the flow 🙂 As long as your getting 6-8 wet/poopy your great! Lilma-WOHOO for your strike ending lol! Sorry if I forgot anyone I am exhausted I cooked dinner for 10 with minimal help while taking care of the kids boy lol off to bed for me 🙂



    balsamfir-maybe not allergic to your milk but something you are eating that is showing up in your milk. try an elimination diet. some of the ladies on here do it so they can probably direct you on how to start.



    netters – When my daughter was around your son’s age she had the same symptoms and one of the 3 pediatricians we went to had us put her on reflux meds as well. She threw them up too, it was awful. And I know exactly what you mean about not knowing where one feed ends or begins due to the spitting up and the vicious cycle. I’m not sure if this is your problem, but come to find out for me, after doing much research and dealing with a few different lactation consultants, I had an oversupply issue and an overactive letdown. This caused my daughter to take in more than she could handle and hence throw it up. It also caused a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance and lactose overload that caused her tummy to be hard and distended and to be very gassy and fussy from the pain. Her belly aches made her think that she was hungry and she would just root like crazy all the time for more milk. I ended up taking measures to lower my supply by block feeding, drinking peppermint tea (not too much though because it can lower it too much) and I stopped all unnecessary pumping. I also fed her while in a reclined position so that my letdown wasn’t quite as bad. The problem went away within a couple of weeks. Is it possible that you could have an oversupply or overactive letdown? Anyway, just wanted to let you know my story just in case this could pertain to your problem. Here are a couple of links that may be helpful: :



    question.. I am about 6-7 weeks pregnant and my son is 11 months. My milk supply has definately dropped- is this normal?? and is there anything i can do about it? I dont want to stop feeding him yet. also, usually when u get pregnant your boobs are sore and tingle, but mine dont- is this normal since im breastfeeding?



    mere-and-girl, Braeden does the same to me, actually today he was grabbing whole fistfuls of boob and twisting! Ouch! I tend to grab his hand and hold it while he nurses. He fights it, but only for a minute usually, and then he calms down. I think he just likes to hold on to something while he nurses. Now if only I could solve his biting problem so easily… he is only 5 months old, so doesn’t understand yet. When he bites, first I pull him into the breast, which according to my inlaws makes them relax their jaw, and gives them negative reinforcement (but Braeden really doesn’t seem to care) and then I say NO, and put him down, the nursing session is over for now. But again, he really doesn’t care! Even if he wasn’t finished nursing, he’d had enough that he can wait an hour or so before wanting more. I’m so frustrated, I know he’s teething which is why he’s biting so much, but really, I wish he would stop!



    seuban0 ~ Thanks. It turns out that HE is the one that wants to wait until I go to my doctor in 2 weeks for a final postpartum check-up. Guess he just wants to make sure everything is ok and we get the go ahead.



    To whomever recommended the Flip! Diapers, I love them! Thanks for the advice. I love cloth diapering my lo, and have actually done a little bit of ec as well.


    I think its the law in the UK you have to be provided with somewhere to pump and store milk regardless of company size, not sure though. Should probably look it up. With James I returned to work when he was 11 months just 2 days a week, but he was no longer feeding during the day. I will have to return after Ollie when he is 9 months and I imagine he will still need milk during the day.


    5.25oz!!! 😀 that’s almost double what I pumped yesterday, even though yesterday was a fluke (i think). still 5.25 is almost 1oz more than what I normally get during my afternoon pump. still, I plan to pump tonight and that just means extra for storage. 🙂


    jeffswife – Congrats to you too! And I totally understand! I do the same thing. Although I say my long term goal is 1yr+. In my head I’m thinking… ‘ok, it’s almost been 3 months, just hold out a little while longer’ then it’s 4, then 5, and now 6 months! My new short term goal is now 9 months as well. 🙂



    so got a question. I know foremilk can be to much in quantity ..can hidemilk? and if it was would it lead to a dehydrated baby? I’ve read/heard they should be pretty equal parts when separated(left out). I have barely any foremilk and ounces of hidemilk. …wonder if this could be the prob w/ our guy. lactose in the formula makes him happy and I know foremilk holds the most lactose.

    ….just wondering. ….still hoping to get him back to mommy milk one day



    jessicalynn21 – I would have been upset too. I think most of us that just had babies may not be as confident as normal with out bodies not yet back like they should be 🙂 He was definately trying to be sweet on facebook and I wouldn’t mention that to him. What is important is that you let him know that what he did bothered you and he was trying to make up for it… 🙂

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