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    I have horrible allergies at the moment and am BF my 5 week old. Does anyone know what allergy meds i can take that are safe while breastfeeding?



    Sticky rice works the best for me. I can get an extra 2 oz when I pump after I’ve eaten sticky rice. I was really surprised because I’ve taken fenugreek, brewers yeast, marshmallow, alfalfa and fermented oatmeal to increase my supply. It’s just called Sticky Rice on the package and you should be able to find it in a local Asian store. I haven’t been able to find it in regular supermarkets. It has to be cooked a certain way so make sure you look it up. 🙂 Happy breastfeeding!



    luvbeingamom, omg i saw your post i totally AGREE!!! so funny! i thought i bet i am the only one that does this! lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just don’t use bath and body works cream soaps, it leaves an oily stain!!! ugh poop was gone but the soap stained the pj’s!!!!!!



    ok i need some advice, i cant get enough milk out of my right breast, i let my baby feed from it for like 1hr+ to try and stimulate it but she just keeps coming off crying,so i started pumping it and got out 1/2 ounce in more than an hour. i know the milk is there because it comes out when i squeeze it, but nothing comes out when i pump or when she suckles, i have tried everything, massage, hot flannels, skin to skin, i cant take fenugreek because im allergic to nuts and they say its from the peanut family, i cant produce enough from one breast to keep up with her so have had to start supplementing with formula, any advice would be GREATLY appreciated, im worried my milk will dry up if it doesnt come out soon. its been 4 weeks now, should i give up trying?



    Wow I missed a lot. Brie, congrats!!
    I am jealous. Due to thyroid I had to stop bfing and can forget about number 2 till I take care of thyroid. All, if you are overtired and loosing weight like crazy… have your Dr check you thyroid. This can get pretty serious (it got me doen from 167 at delivery to 98 lbs 8 months later).



    i am going back to work full time this week and have been exclusively breastfeeding my son for four months, any tips from working mothers on how they pulled off breastfeeding and working full time? I am worried that I might loss my supply, he won’t have enough during the day and I will have to supplement.



    I take iron and my milk always looked a bit green. I never though much of it until i just saw that post 🙂



    Emerson is almost 10 months and i have had no sign of AF yet. Even with the trouble ive had feeding it hasnt returned. She is on solids as well. Whats the longest its taken for someone to get it back?



    The only side effect ive had is occasional headaches. If i increase my water intake though they go away. It doesnt have the same effects as Reglan. Here i pay about $28 for 175 tablets. Worth every cent and then some. I think its crazy you US ladies cant get it.



    I took fenugreek and had no troubles. Fermented Oatmeal helped me and my sister double our supply in a couple days. As for the taste of Mother’s milk tea…yuk!!! I hated it but I love tea. Get that one? HAHA!



    oh and if you have a deep freezer chest style breast milk is good for up to a year!!! so pump away.



    manda21: I couldnt stand it either and the formula was unsettling anyway so i have gone back to feeding. The minute i decided to go back i was not as upset and within 12 hours i was fine. I think it is the drop in hormones when you stop that makes you feel down. Isnt it the worst feeling ever?
    Feels like a huge loss. Sounds silly unless youve been through it i know but it is an awful feeling. I hope to get to 12 months and then VERY SLOWLY wean so it gives us both a chance to get used to it. Your probably over the worst part but niggling in the back of your head is the time limit you have to start again before its too late. If you want to concieve then i would probably not go back to it especially if Dominic is doing well on milk.



    Nikki37- Aaa, that’s so cute! Aren’t they just adorable and all snuggly and warm in bed? Although my 16 month old daughter sleeps in her own room, I still get her to sleep at night in my bed breastfeeding her, and when she wakes in the morning, I take her into my bed for a nurse and sleepy snuggle! I just love it!



    carlaz – definitely invest in a double electric pump. Also read up on solely expressing because I heard it is very hard to keep up your supply. Breastmilk is good however you give it to your baby so you definitely shouldnt be embarrassed. Out of curiosity, is there any reason in particular you dont want to nurse or do you plan to?



    Parkers- thanks i just saw she said she drank a beer so i thought id ask but anyones help is appreciated! Im still not sure yet, i guess i would have to stop the reglan if i decided to have a beer, not sure i non alcoholic would be okay to have with the reglan. I dont know a thing about alcohol i swear the last time i had a drink was probably about 5 years ago

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