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    Jepica- I’ve heard of people mixing them together.



    when is a good time to try to start EASY routine?? Mine is 10 days old… and Im sure this is too early because she doesnt do much besides sleep poop and eat. Also around when to they start to be more awake and when is it appropriate to start ‘tummy time’?.. she doesnt do her tummy too well yet because she keeps her legs all curled up still. Sorry to ask here… but you ladies are SUPER HELPFUL, and I have NO idea what I am doing!! LOL



    seuban, I took Braeden camping last week, and we are going again tomorrow. It was 30 degrees plus at the time (I think that’s around 95 F) I kept him in the shade as much as possible, and took him into the water whenever I felt he was getting too hot. At 6 months Zoey is old enough for sunscreen now, so slather her in that, I found that Braeden’s cheeks still burnt one day even though he’d been in the shade most of the day, so I decided that 5.5 months was old enough (they recommend 6 months). Make sure she wears a hat all day, and let her nurse whenever she wants. I’d also bring a sippy cup with a couple oz of water. You shoiuld be f ine! Good luck!



    That makes more sense. The boulevard is their largest one and it doesn’t convert. I love it though. I may go up to 80lbs but I think it’s 65lbs. Either way kids need to be in boosters until 8 here. It’s so strange cause I remember when I was young. They had carseats for little ones but no one every used boosters. I have no memory of riding in a carseat or booster. I think I was riding with a lab belt at like 3 or so. It just wasn’t a law nor had there been studies showing that little ones needed carseats. It makes me shutter about how many children have lost their lives in cars that could have been prevented by a carseat. Ugh! As for screaming children. Chris always knocked out. No matter if he’d just napped or not. HAHA! Alex is a different story. He won’t sleep unless he’s tired so I go for longer trips at nap time so both boys will sleep. We also drove to CA last summer and left at 8pm so Chris would sleep the entire trip down. It worked although my husband didn’t do a great job about staying awake. I’m the one that drove most of it and I was pregnant. HAHA! Alex does scream when he’s not wanting to be in it. I usually talk to him. I have the luxery of not having to take the boys in the car if they’re cranky. It’s usually when he’s tired and we’re trying to get home is when he screams. Then I just reassure him that we’re ‘almost there’. We have stopped to feed him when he was much younger though. Done plenty of pulling over and nursing him on the side of the road. When heading to the tri-cities that’s what Yakima is good for. Head to Miner’s for food and nurse Alex. HAHA! Hmmm Miner’s! yum! I know it’s only in Yakima so those out of state or those that’s never been are missing out! Crazy good food. Better then Burger Master. HAHA!



    There is a FB group called ‘Sorry but I won’t let my baby cry it out’ ( they had a couple of good articles about CIO in there, and I added another one a while ago.


    one the bonding with your baby more by bfing… I have to say since I’ve done FF with one child and EBF with my other, its ture. You do have a different kind of bond with them. Your giving them something no one else can. It’s something you don’t realize until you’ve become successful in Bfing. Its like not knowing the love you can have for your baby until you have one. FOr all the FF mothers who say its the same, it isn’t.



    And I am still furious that someone would have the balls to be that … I don’t even know the word… vile.


    So Clementine fell off the couch today. She’s five months old and she knows how to roll but hardly ever does… so anyway I lay her down walk into the kitchen come back and she’s on the floor on her stomach just smiling ans laughing away like nothing happened. Im so lucky she was fine



    i was kind wondering that to bri, you have clearly stated multiple times you dont want to get pregnant again this soon…i even read back thinking i missed something haha. its funny cause i didnt think dan wanted anymore children, but last night we were talking about the new house we bought (which we move into this weekend, whoop, whoop) it has 2 bedrooms up stairs and one down, and he says ‘well when we have another one, and it comes time to move them into their own bed Delaney will have to share a room because she will be way to young to be downstairs by herself.’ i i told him he was getting ahead of himself lol. i would like to wait until Laney is close to 2 to try for another, but yeah i guess they would be sharing rooms haha.


    acissej7382 – good luck & feel better soon! 🙁



    laur-it does sound like a blocked duct to me. if you can tell where it is most sensitive try and point babies chin in that direction at next nurse and try to do a little compression while nursing. in the meantime you can take some ibuprofen to help with the inflamation and soreness.



    Several Items: Pros/Cons of BF vs Formula…BF is the BEST, if not for the NUMEROUS health/bonding benefits to mom and baby, it is WAY more cost effective! As we heard, babies can be allergic to formula where they are VERY rarely allergic to their own mother’s milk. Sure, they may react to stuff we eat, but you figure that out and work through it. BFing is hard work, and you may have constantly sore nipples (at least mine are 7 months into it), but it really is a great thing we can do for our kids. SOLID FOOD: “Super Baby Food” book is great! I don’t follow it specifically either, but it has great information on total nutrition for your little one and your family. My daughter skipped the rice cereal completely and instead munches on nutritious fruits and veggies. I did find a GREAT biter biscuit (teething biscuit) made by “Healthy Times”. It is the ONLY thing she can’t bit off and choke on in seconds. In fact one of these hard biscuits can last her several days (until she drops it and the dogs eat it). They are all organic and keep her entertained while I defrost her food cubes. RE-ESTABLISHING/INCREASING SUPPLY: Yes you can re-establish your supply…remember supply/demand! Baby nursing is the best way to stimulate the production, but you can also add pumping to the equation. The more you pump and have your little one nurse, the more you will produce. It will take a while to get there, but don’t give up! Aside from nursing and pumping every 2-3 hours (for 15-20 min), try Fenugreek (3-4 capsules 3 times per day); you can get it fairly cheap at You can also use it with blessed thistle (this helps letdown). The fermented oatmeal works for tons of women. Drink LOTS of water. Drink almond milk and eat almonds. If none of these help, you can try prescription Regland, but as mentioned it has side effects. I just started Domperidoneâ€not FDA Approved in the states, but the American Pediatrics Association/Society considers this MORE safe than Reglandâ€it doesn’t get into breastmilk, AND it doesn’t have depression as a side effect. You still need a prescription, but many OB’s are willing to give it. I noticed a big improvement with this in 4 days. You have to go to a compounding pharmacy, and since it isn’t FDA approved Insurance won’t cover it, but it is working for us. Also to stimulate your breasts, you can try the Medela SNS…it is a tube system that you attach to your nipple and then it goes into a bottle of breast milk/formula. The baby nurses like normal and gets the food out of the tube while your supply is low, but the whole time the baby is stimulating your body…eventually you will have built back up your supply. Lastly, my pediatrician’s wife, and several others I know swear drinking 1 dark beer each night after babies go to bed (and you know they won’t be eating for a few hours) increased their supply. GOOD LUCK! Hang in there all you mommies; you’re doing a great job!



    Is it normal to pump more milk out one side then the other?



    Thank you ladies for the encouraging words 🙂 that makes me feel a lot better. I actually took him to the doctor and had him weighed, and he had gained 3 ounces…WITHOUT formula. So I was very happy. It is indeed very hard right now, and I can see why many women do not want to do it. And it can be very discouraging when you’re in a ‘baby blues’ type of mood. It helps to have someone to talk to 🙂 I do feel confident that my milk has come in, but it hasn’t actually leaked out on its own yet. Is that normal? I always hear women talking about it leaking for no reason and I was just wondering if sometimes that doesn’t happen. Lol, sorry I have so many questions! I have literally a zero support network for BF. My MIL acts like I’m a crazy person for doing it and she has been up my butt all weekend about his weight loss. Ok…end of ramble!



    SunshineMaria – I didn’t do cereal with either of my boys. It’s empty calories. I did Baby Led Weaning. At six months I offered proper foods. With my second this was chicken, rice and brocolli. They learn to pick the food up and eat it. Much easier then purees.

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