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    i went to the peds office today they told me to try fenugrek and mothers milk tea can you do both together? where can u find it i looked at super target and what section is it in? Im on day 4 of malted milk i dont notice a difference.



    Parkersmommy- don’t answer questions that are posed to me…lol 😛 I’m sooo kidding! There hasn’t been a fight on here today, thought I’d start something…lol



    Hi I thought I’d weigh in on the pumping. I pump 3 times at work which produces about a 4oz bottle at each session. My LO still only takes 4oz bottles at daycare. He gets 3 of them at daycare and it seems to fill him up. I nurse him before work and when we get home…but, my husband gives him a 4oz bottle for bedtime. He’s 6mths and weighed 18lbs 11oz at his 6mth appt. I’ve noticed lately that when he does nurse its only for about 5mins on each side…At first I didn’t think he was getting enough but figured he knows what he needs.

    I do have one question. I take my pre-natal but wonder if I should take some additional Calcium. I know my dr did mention before but I can’t remember what mg I should get. I know someone who nursed for 13mths and it pulled so much calcium from her body that her teeth became weaker. Any suggestions?



    I am really hoping to bf my 2nd, I had problems with my milk supply with my 1st, I know some peoples believe that all women can bf I honestly didnt have enough milk, I only ever got engorged once in one boob and never leaked or used breast pads, my daughter was extremely fussy and wanting to feed for up to an hour and a half at a time….. Does anyone have any advise for increasing my supply when I have my lil boy so I can successfully feed him. All help would be appreciated 🙂



    i had major bottle issues, we just tried several bottles and tried them again until maddy would take one…we tried everything–cold bmilk, warm bmilk, daddy giving bottle, different positions…..i could go on & on.
    as for biting, whenever maddy bit me, i would say no and stop the feeding, wait a minute or so and then start feeding again. my girl only seems to bite when she’s teething too. she hasn’t bitten in a while now. watch your baby very carefully–now i’m able to see her mouth move before she bites. maybe that would help….good luck…..



    During the day he eats every 2 hours. At night I have to wake him up to feed and I wake him up every 3-4 hours. I believe I am eating enough – I eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks throughout the day. I drink a ton of water. I am producing 2 ounces per breast. He has at least 4 poopy diapers a day (yellow/seedy) and at least 8-10 wet diapers per day. He has another appt. in 10 days and if he still isn’t gaining enough then we’ll see a lactation specialist. Do you feed from one breast per feeding? Or both breasts at every feeding? Since yesterday, I am making sure he empties out the first breast (by pumping afterwards and making sure I don’t get anything out of it). Then if he is still hungry I put him on the other side. If not, I pump the other side.


    Luv2Bamama – The first few nights I stopped pumping completely at night (so I eliminated my 11pm and 2am pumping session). And I figured if Alyssa wakes up, I’ll nurse her, if not then she won’t eat until breakfast. It was nice, but I realized if Alyssa isn’t waking up (which she wasn’t) that’s 5oz total that I’m not storing so I decided to add my 11pm session back in…. so 2.5 to 3oz is stored at least. Either way, I am feeling better. Sleep hasn’t really improved as Alyssa has been teething like crazy for the past week. Last night I could finally see the break in her gums but no tooth yet. Poor baby. I feel so bad for her. She tosses and turns all night and wakes up so often. She can’t eat too well throughout the day so now I’m back to giving her a feeding at night as well – so now I have to figure out if I want to pump or nurse at night. Sounds easy enough but if she doesn’t wake up and I don’t pump it’s 3oz I don’t get. Then again, if I do pump and store it and she wakes up, then I have to scramble around to get a bottle ready & warmed up for her while she cries in her crib – which I hate doing. I like being prepared… Ah well.. it’ll work out somehow. I hope we get through this rough patch soon for all our sakes! As far as supplementing… as it stands it appears as though I won’t have to do it as much as I thought. I have a very well stocked freezer so for now I think we’ll use it only here and there and feed her mainly BM. And as luck would have it, I think AF is about to be here any day so my supply has taken an extreme dip! I had some oats this morning and I will be eating them the rest of the week and hope it helps. It’s all in a days work! At least life isn’t boring eh? Who needs that! haha!! 🙂


    That video was too cute! Loved it!



    Any women who want to breastfeed for a year please do! Emmalouliz – EBF for a year is a great choice but when my daughter turned 7 months it just seemed that nursing was all she was doing all day, my mom told me that she was still hungry and that I should give her baby food more often. Well then she was BF and eating baby food, and a few more months went by and then she was BF, eating baby food and table food. And we did that til she was 13 months old. I stopped BF her at 13 months old, I wouldn’t have but then I was about 4 months pregnant again. If you can go longer than a year thats great too but do what you can and don’t let other ppl get you down about how long your BF, its none of their business!



    my nipples were the same way around week 2 no matter how much lanolin i used. they bled and it would sometimes get in the milk and i would have to discard it. This got better by week 3 so hopefully they’ll toughen up for you! Anyone have advice on that leaking issue?



    i would really like a list of bcs that r ok for bfing moms b/c i take the pill thats hormone free and that works and is ok for us but i am a HORRIBLE pill taker! im always forgetting and this pill has to b taken at the same exact time every day. my dh hates condoms and refuses to wear them. no af for me yet. dd is 14 weeks. what r u ladies getting hubby for fathers day? idk what to get mine



    babybean3 – here’s a good guide for weaning from supplements



    I got pregnant at 7 and a half post baby #1. Never had a period. They are 16 and 1/2 months apart.



    Tannersmommy – thanks for the tip… I used to use the lanolin but had stopped for really no reason at all. I will start up again as it can only help and not hurt.


    where is this 2 month forum. i want to see the fight between breastfeeders and formula. i think people who formula feed are lazy! i pumped for my son for 14 months and with my second i was determined to bf exclusivly! So far mission accomplished!

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