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    I feel human Ollie went down at 9 woke at 1.30, woke at 4. Got up with his daddy and big brother to play at 6.15. Then he has come and got some milk now!


    hi everyone. My name is Jamie and this is my first time posting on IAP. I have been comming here reading and following this site since i was pregnant with my 2 year old DD. I just had my second DD 7 weeks ago. I have a question for you guys. I know some of you guys are useing furmented oatmeal to increase you supply. i was wondering what all you have to do to make it fermented and what kind of oatmeal should i get. i have been having problems with pumping and think it is my supply. i bought fenugreek and have been using that but seem to be waking up fuller yet i still cant get more then 1 or 2 oz at a time frm both breast. with my first i only BF for 3 weeks and now with my second i have been BF for 7 weeks now and plann on making 3 month goals. i am BF her when i am at home but 3 days a week i am at school for 4 hours then go straight to work after that so i am gone basically 10 hours a day. i am trying to increase my supply so i can have a storage of BM in the deep freeze for while i am away but cant seem to keep it stored. i currently have a medela hospital grade electric pump and a medela harmony manual pump and seem to only beable to get not even a half ounce out of the hospital grade pump but anywhere from 1-2 ounces from my manul. any of you seem to have this problem?


    OMG they grow so fast. I have a 6 year and ican’t remember anytnig before his 1st bday and I don’t know why. breaks my heart. He has a different father and asked today if we have pictures. 6yrs ago they were just starting what they have now. I felt so bad when I said not really. his grandparents took a few but nothing like what we have of John Jr.



    also, when should I start pumping to have a good supply for when I go back to work (i dont go back till after september 10th).. The ped said they start recommending it around 4 weeks.. is that too late?? sorry for being a nag!



    seuban0 – We go to the beach all the time. But it isn’t too hot outside. Be sure to bring an umbrella and a blanket. She’ll want to eat the sand. HAHA! I have plenty of pictures with both boys at young ages playing with the sand but you need to watch out cause it’ll end up in the mouth if you aren’t careful.



    sydneemay2009 – It’s also probably the most expensive but it’s well worth it. There are some things that I don’t care how much they are I will get the best. The carseat is one. All have been impact tested but only the britax has ‘true’ side impact protection. Others say they do but if you’ve looked at the study they really aren’t being hit on the side.



    So I read this page everyday, but I don’t comment too much… usually only when I have a question! lol I am going to try to stop doing that and perhaps participate a lil more. I don’t look on the month to month pages anymore, but there was a time when I was scared off of this one too! lol That being said it was just after I gave birth, and I was really sensitive! But you all seemed what I thought at the time was ferocious… now I see it as passion.. I am glad I stuck it out 🙂 I have learned alot from visiting daily, and I wanted to thank you all for that… breastfeeding is very difficult for me alot of the time, but I am sure it will only get easier.. My hats off to all of you ladies experiencing actual problems with BF, cause mine are really just emotional…I thouhg I would get inot the nickname game, my 1st son was Mr Moo, although my hubby calls him Trevor, Tony, Sucka, Nigs….really anything but his real name which is Jack! I think it is really special though, I love their relationship. My 2nd I have yet to come up with a nickname that sticks.. I think I am having troubles bonding with him… 🙁 Hope you are all having a great day!



    Im a teacher and just back to work, trying to EBF and coming home toa 4 months old ( waking in the night) a 24 month old and a husband who works late. These are very trying times for me. I dont have very well spread out times to pump at work and very little time to do when I can, The only two times I can pump I will be either bursting or will have pumped 1.5 hours ago. Im worried about my supply as well as getting my work done . Teachers arent known for having a lot of spare time on thier hands. Any tips from other working/pumping Moms? I need to get an electric pump too any suggestions for that ? Should I rent or buy? And whoever said BFing was like a religion , I totally agree.


    I think it is a Seattle thing. People from Seattle or close to it just don’t put up wit hthat stuff. I had a neighbor use the N word towards me the other day…not sure if I shared that on here.. but it was shocking .I live closer to the base so a lot of people aren’t from here. I was walking the baby to the mailbox and this man was outside his garage with some friends and a dog. The dog started to bark and he said ‘ What boy,you see a n***er…you see a n***er!’ as I was walking by. I was shocked and heartbroken. I didn’t know what to say so I just came home and cried a little bit. More for my childs, it scares me to know someone like that lives down the street where my son plays with his friends. I’ve never seen this man outside until that day. I have not seen him since. With that still on my mind and then that girl comes in here and says something to Lawson. Got my blodd boiling again. Things like that I do not forgive or forget!….. ANYWAYS… Meredith, I can’t believe she said those things. I hope after seeing Levi she is eating her words. What a witch! You are the sweetest person I know.


    Lilmam– This time I know better to leave him on the couch but iwth my first he had a few falls! lol once off the couch when he was about 4 months. Once before that he was probably only 2 months and I set him i nthe carseat with out strapping him in, went to pick it up and the handle wasn’t locked so it fell back and he fell face forward on the ground! I was pretty scared but we were still inside and I hadsn’t lifted it that far off the ground!



    emilee…how bout a non-hormone iud like paragard? thats that i have and the only side effect i had was a small dip in supply for 2 days. it wasnt even as big of a dip as the one a period would cause. its been great so far….it also ends up being cheaper than the money you’d spend on condoms or birth control lol………………bri, i thought that comment was weird too. i think some of the women in that month are on their 1st kid so they might not realize what exactly multiple kids entail and that it takes some planning and spacing.


    Mamadear- I’m going for 1 year. I plan on getting pregnant again soon so thats 1 reason.



    that is very sad and it makes me very sad. this is a pregnancy breastfeeding site, i just don’t get it! this is why people are so squimish about bf! our society has made it seem like a bad thing when in fact it is a very good thing.



    May- There are NO disadvantages in breastfeeding. If you’re educated and prepared before you start, things should go smoothly.


    mommyofmm- it is totally normal. I usually pump a total of 6-7oz… 4 oz from one breast and 2 or 3 from the other.

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