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    Peruana – I had the same problem with my girl, till my midwife who is luckily a lactation consultant told me to wake her during feeds. I usually feed one side, then nappy change, then feed the other side. If she is still falling asleep, I sit her up to burp her, or take her off the breast and relatch her, or even swap breasts again. I have found this to work really well – it’s only been a couple of days since changing the way she feeds, and I am sure she is drinking more than before. As I wasn’t feeding her enough I now have to hand express some milk after she feeds, and feed her via a syringe to supplement the initial loss (about 10ml, for daily feeds) – and this should only be needed for about a week for her to catch up on her birth weight. Hope these ideas help you. Cass



    Noah- I use fitting rooms at places like that so I don’t have to cover. I have actually gotten pretty good without a cover and nothing being seen but Danny is almost 4 months I know Noah is a little younger



    Now that Zachy is over a year, I am done with my pump! WooHoo! I still have TONS of milk in the freezer to use up (it could very well take us a full year to use it up!) so he is still getting breast milk while I am at work, and he is still nursing constantly when I am home, but NO MORE PUMP!!! So much easier washing 2 bottles a night than it is to wash the two bottles and the pump horns and the four pump bottles every night! I feel like a free woman! 😛



    illy2…..what a tender and sweet moment of bonding. That is so precious.


    marli – I assume the only way to tell is by observing your LO. Are they satisfied after nursing? Producing enough wet/dirty diapers? Depending on their age – can they go 3-4 hours between feedings? Do they wake up frequently during the night at diff. times? You could also do a weigh-feed-weigh. I know I talk about those often. But it’s a good way to know how many oz your LO is consuming in one meal, since pumping isn’t a good indicator. You can look up BF stores in your area and see if any offer this service or you can do it at your pedi’s dr’s office. Weigh your bub, feed them, then weigh them again. Just make sure you weigh them with the exact same outfit (or in the buff) and if they have a diaper on, do not take it off if they’ve soiled it. HTH! 🙂


    When he was about 3 months they were a dark blue Photobucket

    Now at 6 months lighter blue



    Bouza – Good Luck tonight! Let’s hope it blow past you and you don’t lose your power.



    DulcianasMom – Colostrom is very high in calories. They are also not hungry when they are first born. Colostrom is all they need for a week and sometimes even more. I would suggest NO formula or water! Put the baby to the breast every hour or more. I actually slept with my babies in the hospital. They were attached to the breast the entire time. The more stimulation the faster your milk will come it.



    nicelynicole, the more you pump or express, the more your body will make. If you just let baby drink what he wants, and don’t pump any extra (unless you need to, to store it for when you go back to work) it will settle down faster on it’s own. With my first I recall it lasting a week or two, with my second it wasn’t as bad to begin with, and it only lasted a couple of days. Good luck



    veronikalg , I always start off with a huge supply. While nursing full time, I usually end up pumping a good 40oz a day off just to relieve pain. I only pump 10oz at a time when I HAVE to, and when I am done, I am still engorged, just not so painfully so that I feel like I am going to burst! I then start to wean myself down from 40oz a day to 30, to 20 to 10. That way when I return to work I don’t have issues, but have a good supply for pumping and since pumping isn’t as good as nursing, my supply dips even lower, so it gets me to a good spot where I am pumping 10oz a day while at work and since baby only needs 1-1.5oz per hour it ends up being the perfect amount! I would suggest that when you pump the other side that you slowly decrease the amount you are pumping so that your body doesn’t think that it needs to continue producing that large amount of milk!


    I have been working very hard to wean my 9 month old off the brest and now i pump and feed.. My real question is i while i was ebf she tend to eat a lot more on one side then the other. now they are noticeable different. I read something to day that said the will stay this way even when fully weaned and only option is breast reduction on other side. well that isn’t going to happen. The one side is rather small but the other side does still have alot of milk as i still pump right now. i have been trying to pump more on the smaller side. I just need to know if what i read is true or when i am completly done if they will be the saame size or if its always going to be this horrible… Ugh



    Hi mommys! I need a little help, this is my third baby but first time breast feeding,my baby is almost two weeks and everything is going great, but i notice my boobs aren’t hurting like they were before when they are full, could it be that I’m not getting enough milk production or just that you get used to the feeling or what? I’m just worried things are going so well i don’t want to do anything wrong.she nurses about every two hours and about every for at night so i think she’s nursing enough to keep up my supply but I’m not sure :/



    i wonder if you guys can help my baby is now 3 months and is 100% breastfed but he moans when the milk comes out too fast,what can i do about it,i have expressed alil before feeding him and it helps,he will latch on and drink happily,but if im out and about,shopping or what not,what am i supposed to do about it comming out so quick,i cant really express a lil out at that point,and he wont take a bottle at all he wont even put the thing in his mouth ,any advice would be great thanks xx



    im still breastfeeding my 16 month old girl, i’ve just found out i am pregnant, i know you can still breastfeed when pregnant but i think its about time she is weaned off. She loves her daddy to bits you can tell they have so much fun together but when it comes to him giving me a hug she wont have it! she gets very jealous and will try so hard to sit herself in between us and push him away! i can imagine feeding her and a new baby and her being very jealous which i dont want, i want her to welcome the new baby not push or feel pushed away! has anyone else had a similar experience? did you stop breastfeeding or find jealousy a issue? thanks x




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