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    AUUUUGGHHHH!!! I am suffering from MAJOR allergies and can’t take any medicine while breastfeeding! I am soooo miserable! My car literally has an inch of pollen on it and every thing in sight is yellow! Do any of you ladies know of any natural things that may help? I am seriously about to lose my mind! My eyes are permanently red and swollen, my throat is itchy and I am sneezing 24/7! I REALLY need to move out of VA!



    my son is now one should I stop breastfeeding? what kinds of food should or could he et now?



    Natesmomma – you actually don’t even need to drink the beer!! You can buy ‘Brewers yeast’ supplement, which is what is in the beer that causes your supply to increase.

    I don’t drink at all so I thought I would recommend that to you!



    hey ladies, my dd is 7 1/2 months old and has just recently started being really interested in solids, we started at 6 months. She gets breastfed or breastmilk in bottle ( i work fulltime) 4-5 times a day. She seems like she isn’t eating much the middle of the day feeds. She drinks good at the first and last feed. Is this normal, okay??? i am a bit worried because i know that breastmilk is supposed to be the main source of nutrition at this age.



    kirra- i think the best thing you can do next time around is feed very often to build up your supply in the first few weeks. Feed on demand as your lo will want to which will be every 2-3 hours. My dd would sleep for about 6 hours at night when she was aobut 2 weeks old and I would get up and pump at night to start to stockpile for when i went back to work. I’ve tried the fermented oats, brewers yeast, and malted milk to keep my supply up after going back to work. In the beginning just feed, feed, feed! good luck and congrats!



    jacquecmsu – Milk really depends on you. My milk won’t last longer then 4days in the fridge. Past that it spoils and is nasty tasting. It typically lasts up to a week in the fridge but make sure you know before you use it. Six months is normal in the freezer but I heard nine months was the longest you should deep freeze it. Really, it ends up being trial and error to figure out how your milk lasts. You’ll get to know how your milk lasts quickly enough.



    megan sounds like you are diong everything right. And the amount of diapers is perfect too. Just keep it up. These things have a way of working themselves out. My son was born 8.3 and in that first week dropped to 7.2 and hung out there for awhile. Always had the right amount of wet diapers though so I knew he was drinking enough. It worked itself out and he ended up hanging around the 75th percentile for the first year. Hes 11 months old now.



    Woohooo my 18month old girl Elia has now gone 10 days without b/f..She has been ebf the whole time never would even take a bottle…She was so attached to nursing I thought she would never stop…She did!! All on her own..She stoped asking for it..She started going 1 or two days without it, then wanting it like 20 times a day , then she would go a nother 2 or 3 days ,then wanting again like crazy and I would just give it to her..Finaly she has not asked for it for 10 days…I guess I can say she is done…If she ask for it anytime soon now , even though I dont think she will i will not give it to her..How easy she weined her self….I’m so happy!!!



    I have a whiteish thing on my nipple, it almost looks like a pimple (obviously its not) I though maybe it was a clogged duct and was squeezing at it to see if it would come out and nothing happened (other than milk coming out). The only time it hurts is when I am feeding my daughter and I have had it for a few weeks now I never noticed it hurting until these last few days. Any suggestions as to what it could be? Not sure if its relevant but I pump and b/f. Thanks!!



    angela, I know it is teething, he has gotten all 4 of his top teeth at the same time. I am so sore though. He got a bottle this afternoon and we actually nursed before his bedtime. I was so relieved, I teared up. I think during the day, he may just get the bottle. I can’t keep getting bit. Thank you for responding. I really appreciate it. there is nothing worse then putting something on here and being ignored. Again, thanks a bunch. I will try the teething gel. all 4 are just barely poking thru so I am sure he is still hurting and he is really fussy.



    If you’re experincing issues with your supply try fenugreek tablets…you can geb them at a health store…I took 3tablets 4x a day when my milk supply suddenly started to decrease…it really helped things…though it has a odd side effect of causing your urine and sweat to smell like maple joke…but that’s also how you know you’re taking enough fenugreek!


    Will ovulation make my boobs hurt? I never experienced this before becoming pregnant with my cycles.



    Felicia; a few things…your body produces more when the baby feeds from you than what you actually get from the pump, so you may not have low supply, just uncooperative pumping boobies. Also, as your body regulates over time, you may no longer feel “full” & hard like you did at the beginning of your breastfeeding relationship;. Maybe try to get up an hour before your child to pump since that is when you supply is at its largest, then when she gets up in the morning, she can still nurse, since your body will produce while she is actively sucking. Also, try pumping right before you go to bed, this way you can build up your freezer supply. Fortunatally, your child is getting closer to eating solids. I found that by 9/10 months old, my daughter went from drinking about 30 oz of BM down to about 20 to 25 oz. as her solid food intake increase so that omitted my need for one bottle. Congratulations on EBF! I know how hard it is to face the possibility of needing formula suppliments; we went through the same thing! Kids are pretty resilient, so if you do end up needing to suppliment don’t beat yourself up over it, you are doing the best you can!

    That being said, try compression pumping, manual expression, fenugreek, or old fashioned oatmeal. I also know women who swear by one dark beer a night to increase supply, but only if you know your baby is asleep for good few hours, and you won’t be pumping or nursing so the alcohol has time to metabolize out of your system. Good luck!!



    my lil girl is barely a week old and i think i’m done with breastfeeding! my boobs hurt terribly, my nipples are cracked and bleeding, she just doesnt latch properly no matter how hard I try she just grabs the nipples and now they’re suffering!
    My son never latched, not even for 10secs so I never even breastfed him, i wanted to give her a chance but I cant keep up with her. My nipples arent allowed enough time to heal with her wanting them every half hour! I just cant do it anymore.



    Cjg2010 – Most women will leak until around 3months. Then once baby has gone through all the first major growth spurts your milk will level off. I wish I was leaking right now. Never even made it through the first box of pads. I got sick when Alex was only three weeks old and poof! I’ve been working to get my supply back up. Now it is and I’m still not leaking. I guess it’s good but because I had supply issues with my first I worry when I have a three week old and my breasts don’t feel full. Alex is officially 1 month old today. I know I should worry. We go in tomorrow for his check up. I assume from my own scale that he weighs around 13lbs so my worrying is stupid. He’ just big and growing. He pees out of diapers too (size 2) so I know he’s drinking enough.

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